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Matt Hardy Says He Has Never Gotten Behind The Wheel After Drinking Alcohol

September 19, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Matt Hardy asked his Twitter followers Saturday to clarify Kurt Angle’s blood-alcohol concentration level during his recent arrest in Virginia on driving under the influence, who claimed he was not legally drunk at the time of the arrest.

Hardy wrote, “Please, help me out with this guys, I’m confused.. Did Kurt Angle at 1st release documented paperwork stating that his BAC was 0.06, & then the officers called him out and said he lied and that his actual BAC was 0.093 right after he got out from behind the wheel? Is this the truth??”

Following news of the arrest, Angle issued a statement claiming that he did not fail a breathalyzer test and had a 0.06 blood alcohol contentsafely below the 0.08 legal limit. Virginia state troopers fired back at Angle, saying he was legally drunk at the time of his arrest as he failed several field sobriety tests and had a blood alcohol content of 0.091. Angle was tested again when he arrived to the Front Royal police department, where he blew the 0.06.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Thursday that on the day prior to Hardys arrest on August 20, 2011 for driving while intoxicated in Moore County, North Carolina, he was involved in a car crash on U.S. 1 in Southern Pines. A North Carolina officer found that Hardy had run his 2006 Cadillac off the road and crashed into a guard rail near South Bennett Street. He claimed to the officer that a car ran him off the road, causing him to crash.

Hardy offered an explanation for his automobile accident, and subsequent arrest for driving under the influence.

“My BAC’s were both 0.00 and 0.00 -I was in a car accident the day before where a hit-and-run driver totaled my Cadillac CTS, flipping me over, and knocking me momentarily unconscious, giving me serious brain and head trauma. I was prescribed medication for my injuries to sleep, and that’s why I was charged with having a “small” amount of lingering traces of xanax in my blood the next day. I shouldn’t have been driving at all that day considering my injuries and the meds I was taken. Hence, the DWI.

“And of course, I’ve had vertigo ever since and completing the “road test” is pretty challenging my friends. Should i have been driving.. NO. And I accept that fact and whatever punishment may come with it.


“And that’s the truth-bottom line.”

Hardy was arrested again last Monday at Raleigh-Durham International Airport and charged with driving while impaired. A breathalyzer test was negative for the presence of alcohol. A North Carolina Highway Patrol drug recognition officer examined the former TNA Wrestling Superstar and determined that he was under the influence of drugs.


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