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Matt Hardy Took “Impairing Substance” Prior To DWI Arrest

August 23, 2011   ·   0 Comments

North Carolina’s Fayetteville Observer has released new information regarding Matt Hardy’s car crash and subsequent DWI arrest on Saturday afternoon.

According to a North Carolina police officer who was at the scene, Matt Hardy was not drunk, but “appeared to have taken some type of impairing substance” at the time of his car crash.

Hardy was said to be “traveling more than 55 mph but less than 70 mph” when he crashed his Corvette into a a tree.

Hardy was not injured from the crash. Hardy submitted to a blood test (with results currently pending), was arrested, and charged with driving while intoxicated and “exceeding safe speed.”

The “impairing substance” that Hardy was under the influence of is not known at this time, but should be made public once the results of the post-arrest blood test he took are made public.


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