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Matt Morgan Talks About A WWE Return, His TNA Contract, Karen Jarrett’s Response To Vickie Guerrero, Brooke Tessmacher’s Twitter Handle

December 3, 2011   ·   0 Comments

TNA tag champion Matt Morgan answered a few fan questions on Twitter on Thursday and shed some light on his future in TNA and a possible WWE return. Morgan revealed that he is under contract for two more years and replied to a fan who asked whether he’d return to WWE when he becomes a free agent. Regarding TNA, he said:

“Happy where I’m at. Biz changes so often though,that’s why u keep options open.”

When asked directly about whether he’d consider another WWE run, he said:

“Yes. But I’m ecstatic where I am now,so…I’m good.”

Morgan was also asked about John Morrison’s WWE departure:

“JoMo has been 1of my best friends so I’d be happy4him.”

Whether he watches WWE:

“I DVR EVERY SHOW from any co.”.

— Karen Jarrett has responded to Vickie Guerrero posting a fan’s tweet knocking the Knockouts VP as well as TNA Wrestling Thursday night, which read “@KarenJarrett = @ExcuseMeWWE #TNAAwful.”

Jarrett posted the following on her Twitter account Friday afternoon, which was written by a fan: “@ExcuseMeWWE How is @karenjarrett copying you when she was on tv way before you ever was?” The remark was then retweeted by Madison Rayne.

The Knockouts VP added, “Oh these twitter games…….”

Jarrett, however, is wrong, as Guerrero debuted as a character in 2005, two years before she did.

— Ric Flair appears at the Piggly Wiggly 100 Lionel St. Goldsboro, North Carolina next Tuesday from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

— Brooke Tessmacher has changed her Twitter handle to @BrookeIMPACT.


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