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Melina Addresses WWE Departure In Heartfelt Podcast

August 7, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Melina, who was released from her contract with WWE on Friday, addressed her departure from the organization in a heartfelt podcast on her official website, RealMelina.com.

The five-time champion thanks her fans for their tremendous support and promises that she’ll always be around. She said, “Everybody’s been so wonderful, I… oh my goodness it’s overwhelming in a very good way. In a way where I feel so honored and so privileged and so lucky to be able to have people like you. And I consider you all my friends and my family because you have helped me through so much. We have been on a roller coaster ride together and through it all, you have been very supportive and inspiring and encouraging.

“You see me through my injuries, you’ve been around with me when people start rumors and just say the most awful stuff. I understand why people say the things they do, they’re only human. Through it all, I’ve become a stronger person and I like the person that I’ve become.

“I think everything happens for a reason and all of it happened just so then I can experience it and learn to overcome it. But like I said, you’ve seen me through all of that. And you’re going to see me get through this. And I am so thankful to have you guys say all the things that you’ve said. They’re so beautiful. That’s why I say I’m so lucky because you guys are such great people and the things that you’ve written are so encouraging and inspiring and I know that I repeat that a lot but it really is.

“You’re going to see me go through another chapter in my life and I know that it’s going be exciting and there’s going to be so much more. And you know me, I’m always up for adventures, always fighting to do something else and to overcome things. Expect a lot more in the future and expect a lot more from me. You guys will always find me here on RealMelina.com. Find me on Twitter at Realmelina. I will never change, I will not change for a second. I will still be the person you talked to online. I will still have live chats. I’ll probably end up doing more YouTube videos; it won’t be the Zack Long Island Story (laughs), but at least you’re going to see me.

“Everything that you get is always from the heart. So expect a lot more from me because I ain’t going anywhere.”

New Beginnings by RealMelinaCom


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