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Melina Writes About Her Television Character – Says She’s Not Bad In Real Life

July 25, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Melina has posted a blog on her official website explaining her television character’s motives, which she feels WWE hasn’t suitably developed since she’s sparingly featured on Monday Night Raw.

“It is a mystery on why I turned heel,” Melina wrote. “You have no idea how many people dont even know if I’m good or bad because they really can’t tell. Without explanation or a story, how is a person to know?”

She continued, “Wrestling is an art. To be able to create magic you gotta develop the character and tell the story through wrestling as well as in promo segments and backstage segments. Since I haven’t wrestled on Raw in months… (note – Melina wrote this days before her match with Kelly Kelly on Raw) I will write the story and see where we can go from there.”

The WWE Diva stresses that her character on television is merely that, as she’s not bad in real life.

“Now I am going to do these write ups in character. I can’t stress enough how this is a character. We are entertainers. I am the same Melina you talk to on Twitter, you see on the videos (except for the message to Gail video. which I thought would be great character development but everyone went nuts and took it too far) and the same Melina that talks to you in the web chats.”

She continued, “I’m labeling this DIVA Melina to emphasize that this is not the REAL Me. This is the WWE character. The “Diva.” I am going to write a good DIVA Melina Entry soon (in character) but for now let me tell you my view of the character for now.”

Melina goes on to explain why her character went from being bad to being good years ago, and then bad again late last year. She also predicts that her character will take a sinister turn in the ensuing months.

To read Melina’s “character section,” click here.


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