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Mick Foley Says He’ll Be Working For WWE Soon & Talks TNA’s Biggest Problem

September 13, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Wrestling legend Mick Foley was recently interviewed by Josh Stewart of AsTheWorldTurnsLeft.com spoke about his Here are some highlights of what Foley said about:

Whether TNA Is Really Profitable:

“I was never close enough to know anything more than you guys in the media would know. I do think they had a really profitable year in 2009, and then I heard they may have overspent. But Bob Carter said something very prophetic to Dusty Rhodes when I asked Dusty about the status of the company. He said, Until I close the doors, its not a loss, its an investment. So, Im glad theyre around, I really wish them the very best, it was a very good place for me to go for a few years. I didnt see eye-to-eye with them on a lot of things, but I certainly enjoyed most of my time there.”

His Main Complaint With TNA:

“My main criticism of theirs is one that I had all along and that I expressed freely with the company, that they tried to pack too many things in every show. And at the end of the show its really hard for fans to see anything as really important.”

When He’ll Be Working With WWE Again:

“Im almost sure that well be working in some respect fairly soon. Its a really good company with a really large infrastructure that offers ways for guys like me to help out that arent related to helping out on the TV shows.”

What His Role In WWE Will Be:

“There could be several roles. I have to do some thinking about how involved I want to get, how many days away I want to spend and whether I want my involvement to be completely off-screen. But Im excited about working with WWE in the near future.”

There’s much more to the interview, including video from one of Mick Foley’s recent stand-up comedy routines, which you can check out at AsTheWorldTurnsLeft.com.


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