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NEW COLUMN! The Top Ten, by Adam

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My favorite film/book is ‘High Fidelty’ and in it the main lead spends his life making lists of his top five favourite things. For example the top five songs about a woman. I am going to go one better by doing top tens. So welcome to the first week to Addy’s Top Ten… Since this is my debut column this will be the top ten wrestling debuts of all time.




Honorable Mentions


If you don’t know who Shock Master is then you probably aren’t a huge wrestling fan as the legend of Shock Master debut video has probably been passed around more times than a groupie at a rock concert. Anyway the story goes, Sting needed a tag team partner to fight off his foes so he went out and found the guy that was going to help him, and his new friend the SHOCKMASTER. All well and good so far [if you don’t count Davey Boy Smith blocking the camera shot of Sting’s announcement.] Anyway the pyro went out and the Shockmaster came from behind the wall and fell over. He stood up and put on his glitter Storm Trooper mask back on and from that moment on the video became infamous for all the wrong reasons. Now it might not be the best debut but it is memorable none the less.

The Nexus

We all settled down to watch the main event of John Cena and CM Punk but by the end of the show it was neither man who was mentioned. The show was stolen by the eight NXT rookies who invaded Raw and attacked everyone ,and I mean EVERYONE! Including Daniel Bryan using Justin Roberts’ own necktie to choke him out, and he also spat in Cena’s face [probably the thing that got him fired tbh]. The next day I remember being excited about wrestling for the first time in a while and it didn’t take WWE spending loads of money on a celebrity it took 8 guys from FCW. Maybe WWE should look at this debut and use it more often. It truly looked like NXT were taking over at one point.





Number Ten: Eric Bischoff

This whole debut comes down to one moment and that is the hug between Vince and Eric. It was perfect for the moment, Vince finally had the man who nearly ruined him onside, and Eric looked smug because he came out of WCW still with a job. The fact this was kept a secret from news sites made this debut even more special. Eric walking and saying hello to Booker T was also an amazing moment during his debut, it worked on so many levels. Eric then produced a quality promo to set himself up as the Raw GM. His run as Raw GM was probably the best by a big margin.

Number Nine:  Umaga

How do you make an average tag team wrestler into a unstoppable monster? By giving him a mouthpiece and have him destroy the sixteen time world champion, Ric Flair, leaving him prone in the middle of the ring the night after Wrestlemania. This was an outstanding moment as it instantly created a superstar. No longer was he simply Jamal from Three Minute Warning he was Umaga the mute destroyer and it worked for him up until his death.



Number Eight: The Radicalz 

The debut of the Radicalz happened on the 31st January 2000 and what made this special was that just two weeks prior Beniot won the WCW World Heavyweight Champion and instead of staying he decided to jump ship with his friends to the WWF. Their debut was special because it had shades of the Luger/Hall debuts in WCW but now it was happening on WWF television. No surprises that just over a year later WCW closed its doors. The Radicalz debut was also special because I was genuinely excited when it cut to front row and showed my favorite WCW wrestlers! Then add on the fact that they attacked Road Dogg and really made a statement of ‘we are here and we are not taking any shit’.

Number Seven: Brock Lesner

Earlier I asked how to make an unstoppable monster? Here is the same answer. Give him a good mouthpiece and have him destroy someone on his debut. Now the difference between Brock and Umaga is that Umaga beatdown and injured Ric Flair. While Brock came down during a hardcore three way and destroyed three men. First spinebusting Al Snow onto a trash can, F-5’ing Maven and then finally Triple Powerbombing poor Spike Dudley. The reason that this is higher in the list than Umaga is because of what followed. Not only did he debut with some force, he also became King of the Ring not long after.


Number Six: Lex Luger/Scott hall

These two go together because both are famous debuts for WCW. The first one was Lex Luger’s re-debut in WCW which happened during the premiere episode of Nitro. Sure he didn’t do anything but watch Sting vs. Ric Flair outside the ring but the fact that only eight days after Lex Luger was featured saving WWF Champion Diesel from an attack by Men on a Mission at Summerslam. It truly made shock waves as he was one of the first main event stars to jump ship to WCW. He was followed by another WWF main event star a year later as Scott Hall turned up randomly during an episode of Nitro. He came from the crowd like an outsider, even puttin on his Ramon accent so it truly looked like a WWF superstar had really came to fight WCW. This would all end with the hottest angle of ’96 and ’97. It was a debut that nearly destroyed WWF and may have if it wasn’t for the likes of The Rock and Stone Cold.


Number Five: John Cena

John Cena truly is the Marmite of pro-wrestling, you either like the guy or you don’t. I remember liking Cena before he was forced upon me. Hell I liked him enough to buy his rap album [I know….don’t judge haha.] One thing I do like about the guy is the way he introduced himself to the world of wrestling. It all started with Kurt Angle issuing an open challenge to anyone in the back he hadn’t already defeated, and out stepped a jobber. I remember watching on Sky One and thinking ‘Wow he looks bland he won’t win.’ Angle then asked the jobber what his name was and what set him apart from other wrestlers? And Cena said Ruthless Aggression and slapped Angle in the face. The two then went onto produce an excellent match up. The thing that made this special was that Cena never won the match but all credit to Angle for making Cena look like a star in the making.

Number Four: Age Of The Fall

The debut of The Age of the Fall has to be the coolest yet most shocking debut of a team, ever. The build was simple, messages were posted on the ROH website discussing a new stable that was coming into the promotion called ‘Project 161.’ ROH are the masters of using the internet to add fuel to fire and had the booker at the time announce on the message board that Project 161 was just fans messing about. Anyway after the brutal ladder match for the ROH Tag Team Championship the Age of the Fall [Jimmy Jacobs, Tyler Black, Necro Butcher and Lacey] came down to the ring and destoryed the Briscoe Brothers and proceeded to hang Jay Briscoe in the air by his ankles. Then Jimmy Jacobs cut a promo announcing the birth of the Age of the Fall. I bet you are thinking ‘Adam, that wasn’t shocking.’ Well let me finish. While Jimmy was cutting a promo a bleeding Jay Briscoe was dripping on top of Jacobs [who was dressed in white btw] then by the end of the promo Jimmy was completely covered in blood and the Age of the Fall was born.


Number Three: Kane

The build was outstanding Paul Bearer tried to reconnect with Undertaker after turning on him to manage Mankind. Undertaker was like ‘Oh hell no….hold my urn why I slap a bitch.’ So Paul Bearer said that he was going to reveal Undertakers biggest secret. Taker didnt care so Bearer told him that his long lost brother Kane was alive and he was coming to the WWF to challenge the him. Then  after months of hype and speculation Kane finally debuted at Badd Blood: In Your House. He ended up attacking his brother, The Undertaker and giving the victory to Shawn Michaels. Now what was cool about that? It wouldn’t be if not for the fact that for the first time ever Undertaker looked weaker than his opponent. Sure he has been beaten before but no one has ever came in and nailed a finisher and not have him recover. It was the first time that we ever saw Undertaker looked freaked out. Plus ripping off the cell door is always a good way to introduce yourself.

Number Two: The Undertaker

From one Brother of Destruction to another and the WWF debut of the legendary Undertaker. I am cheating a little as I am talking about his ppv debut as he debuted a few weeks earlier on Superstars. But no one can deny that his debut was an important part of wrestling history. Everything just worked from that very moment. From the slow walk in to his finisher. It was just perfect. I will admit that the ginger mullet wasn’t really working but at the time it was no doubt fashionable. The Undertaker’s success after this match is another reason why this debut is so high up on the list.


Number One: Chris Jericho

And number one on my first top ten list ever is the debut of WWE’s millennium man. During the summer of 1999, a millennium countdown appeared on WWF T.V. People noticed it really didn’t countdown to the Millennium, but instead August 9th, 1999 at 10:00 PM. At that hour during a promo by The Rock, Chris Jericho made his debut in WWF, and the WWF was never…..EVER the same again! [sorry couldn’t help it]. This was a major move as Jericho was one of the first of many wrestlers to make the jump from WCW to WWF, unlike Scott Hall who went the other way as mentioned earlier. Jericho not only came out during The Rock’s promo time but he also out did The Rock, which is something not many people can say. WWF had took a WCW television champion and did more with him in ten minutes than WCW ever did with him.


That’s a wrap for this week, Folks. Next week is top ten wrestling theme music’s. PEACE!













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