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New Report on the Future of Sin Cara and WWE Concerns

August 13, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– Super Luchas is reporting that Mistico has left WWE and Hunico was told he would be working as Sin Cara at the WWE Mexico tapings in October.

Sources are claiming two different stories. One, that Hunico will play Sin Cara until the original Cara can return and then they will feud. The other is that Mistico is not being brought back after all and Hunico will remain as Sin Cara.

There are people within WWE, and that work with WWE on promotions, that are waiting for a final word from company officials on the future of the Sin Cara character going forward. They are worried that the new person playing Sin Cara will be pushed and not get over like Mistico. If they merchandise him for big plans down the line, it could turn out that they have backed a dud.

Within Mexico, people are worried that fans will see the new Sin Cara as a fraud. Many of WWE’s licensees saw huge money in Sin Cara merchandise aimed at the Mexican market.


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