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N.E.W.S. Report from Peterlee 22-07-11

July 23, 2011   ·   0 Comments


North East Wrestling Society once again filled Peterlee Leisure Centre as over 200 enthusiastic fans flocked to see an intense night of wrestling action.

The night started with NEWS Tag Team Champion, AJ Anderson, explaining to the crowd that despite the injury inflicted on partner, Max Heat, he would still defend the belts on his own against Full Pack and The Dead Reckoning in the scheduled triple threat match. After Full Pack (Micky Long & Iain Robinson) failed in an attack on the champ, The Dead Reckoning (Jack Norton & John Britain) blindsided AJ with (presumably) the same pool cue they had used recently to take out Max Heats knee. Britain then claimed there would only be two teams to challenge for the titles later on the night.

Popular young tag team partners Lewis The Dragon Chambers & Robbie Ryder aka Dragon Ryders almost upset their more experienced opponents in Fight Club (Liam Thomson & Kid Fite). After 20 minutes of back and forth action where the younger, quicker team put Fight Club on the back foot at times with their speed advantage, Fight Club picked up the win with a devastating powerbomb / top rope back cracker combination before Fite pinned Chambers.

Next up was The Tyneside Titan Lowthian. The ferocious geordie punked out Lionheart on the microphone following the Scots withdrawal from their scheduled match due to injury. Despite Lionhearts injury clearly being a serious one, Lowthian claimed the BCW Heavyweight Champion had faked the injury to avoid facing him. What came next was Lowthian facing six different competitors in a gauntlet match as he kicked, slammed and crossfaced his way to victory after victory. Dan West was first to fall following an F5, next Justin Jade was felled before Hotshot tapped out to a crossface. Chris Hawk was taken out quickly before Andy OSullivan was the penultimate victim before JD Bravo, the biggest man to face Lowthian, was impressively floored with an F5 to round off an impressive 10 minutes from The Geordie Juggernaut.

The first half main event saw Full Pack and The Dead Reckoning compete for the NEWS Tag Team Championship, despite neither defending champion initially being present. As Long and Norton brawled backstage, Long was suddenly thrown back through the curtain. Peoples assumption that Norton manhandled Long was short live as AJ Anderson then launched Norton through the curtain. Pool cue in hand, the defending champion had got a small measure of revenge, but now the hard work started. The rules of the contest was first fall wins the belts but only two men could be in the ring at any one time, and anyone could tag anyone. The rules confused Full Pack for a moment when they found themselves face to face being ordered to fight by the referee, their opponents and the fans in attendance. Full Pack, however, realised they could score the pinfall this way as Long laid down for Robinson to pin him but Norton, Britain and Anderson successfully scrambled to stop the attempt at a cheap and confusing win. As the match progressed the fans become more and more vocal in the support for AJ Anderson and as all five men brawled Britain, Robinson and Norton ended up on the outside as Anderson took out Micky Long with a GTS followed quickly by a spinebuster to retain the NEWS Tag Team Championship single handed.




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