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NEWS Show – Peterlee 23rd September 2011

September 26, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Full Pack controversially beat The Dragon Ryders when Iain Robinson drilled both opponents with a chair away from the ref’s sight

Tony Spitifre beat Chad Collyer in an excellent technical bout

Dead Reckoning beat a resilient but outnumbered AJ Anderson to become the new NEWS Tag Team Champions in a handicap match (due to Max Heat’s injury)

Lowthian took things to a new extreme. His open challenge wasnt answered so he targeted Iceman again. He said Iceman wouldnt come out of retirement to face him so he would draw him out and JWC came out with Iceman’s 14 year old son, Jack, who had been watching the show backstage with his dad. Jack had his hands tied behind his back as Lowthian hit him with two of his sick pump kicks and punched hell out of the kid. Iceman charged the ring and security, referees, roster members and even the MC had to get in between Lowthian and Iceman. Lowthian eventually marched off and Iceman got on the mic saying some some heart felt words. He got security to prop Jack up, saying they would lie down for nobody. He said Jack was still standing and if Lowthian wanted the real Iceman, he had got him and challenged Lowthian to a Last Man Standing match on the next NEWS show on 25th November.

Highlander beat Scott Maverick

El Ligero bested Martin Kirby (I think it was 6 falls to 4) in the 30 minute Iron Man match for the NEWS British Championship. It was 4-4 (I think) with a minute to go but Kirby was DQ’d for using a chair then rolled up by Ligero. The score may be wrong as I saw hardly any of the main event due to being busy with other duties.

After the match, JWC, who has accompanied Kirby but been ejected by referee, Phil Robinson, challenged Ligero to a match there and then. JWC, still suited and booted, said he would put his career on the line to make things fair as Ligero has just gone half an hour with Kirby. Ligero quickly hit a superkick but pulled JWC up on 2. He locked in a cross face, JWC tapped out immediately and security carried JWC off kicking and screaming. JWC escaped but Ligero cut him off and threw him through the fire exit as the crowd lapped up JWC’s tenure in NEWS coming to an end.

NEWS management have already confirmed that JWC made the call and NEWS will make JWC honour his stipulation. NEWS would like to thank JWC for his brief time with NEWS – Feb 2011 to September 2011 – but Julian Werther Chambers will no longer be appearing in the North East Wrestling Society.

Tomorrow El Ligero is scheduled to face Lowthian at Southside Wrestling Entertainment. NEWS management had agreed in principle for the match to be for the NEWS British Championship if Ligero successfully defended the title tonight and I can confirm tomorrow’s match will be for the NEWS British Championship, making it technically 3 title defences for El Ligero in 24 hours!


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