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Rebellion/Insurrextion tagged Classis DVD Review

February 7, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Insurrextion 2001tagclassicRebInsur

Rebellion 2000

Fatal Four-Way WWE Championship Match
Kurt Angle vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock vs. Rikishi

Undertaker vs. Chris Benoit

Tag Team Championship Match
The Hardy Boyz vs. Bull Buchanan & The Godfather with Val Venis

Chris Jericho vs. Kane

“The One” Billy Gun & Chyna vs. Eddie Guerrero & Dean Malenko

European Championship Match
William Regal vs. Crash (with Molly Holly)

Hardcore Championship Match
Steve Blackman vs. Perry Saturn

Womens Championship Match
Ivory vs. Lita

Three-Team Elimination Tables Match
Dudley Boyz vs. T&A with Trish vs. Edge & Christian


WWE Championship Handicap Match
Undertaker vs. Triple H & Stone Cold Steve Austin

First-Ever Queens Cup Match
Chris Jericho vs. Commissioner William Regal

Two-Out-of-Three Falls Match
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

Four Team Elimination Tag Team Match
Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. X-Factor vs. Edge & Christian

Big Show vs. Bradshaw (with Test)

Six Person Intergender Tag Team Match
Hardcore Holly, Crash & Molly Holly vs. Dean Malenko, Perry Saturn & Terri

Eddie Guerrero vs. Grandmaster Sexay


Mark out moments galore in this the latest ‘Tagged Classics’ release from wwe & Silvervision uk. Insurrextion and Rebellion from the UK way back in 2000/2001; exactly my era! William Regal is comisioner, that alone is awesome to re-live but when you look at the list of wrestlers on this two disc DVD and you were a fan in the early noughties then you’re gonna LOVE this trip down memory lane! Some of it good (Eddie Guerrero & the golden days of Hardys/E&C Tag Teams!) some of it bad (Grand Master Sexay & X-Factor’s ridiculous theme tune!) but most of it fan-flipping-tastic!! I’ve said before I think these Tagged Classics are one of the best ideas the WWE has had!
Back when BIg Show had a full head of hair, The Dudleys could still see their feet & The Undertaker’s wife still held a special place around his neck; Insurrextion hails from London’s Earls Court and is full of gems like Regal’s homecoming (Seeing the British fans outside the signing is hillarious!), Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. X-Factor vs. Edge & Christian YOWZA! And Jericho Vs Regal for the ‘Queen’s Cup’, hell even Bradshaw was cool back in those days! This PPV is so full of sentimental memories for me I love it! (Infact a couple of years after this one I attended Insurrextion which was only my second ever live WWE show and I remember that very fondly!) There are some slightly sad moments such as seeing Test, Eddie and Crash Holly who are unfortunately no longer with us; but at least we have DVD’s like these to remember how bloody good these guys were at their peak!
I love how rough this is, how it looks so un-polished compared to todays standards and I really do believe this is how it should have stayed! I know I may be looking back with the rose tinted glasses of sentiment and a lot of the changes made were for the benefit of these guys working their butts off for us but damn it was so good back then!!

Taking a look at Rebellion I see guys like Steve Blackman on the card! The Rock and Rikishi are on there and there are some fabulous matches like Ivory vs. Lita! Women’s wrestling back when it was good to watch! I can’t praise these DVD’s enough! Not only is it awesome to look back on this era but it’s also pretty cool to think these pay per views happened right here in the UK tooes and a lo

Definate buy for Uk’ers and ANY fan from back then will have a blast watchinng this set!



Available from SILVERVISION

Available from SilverVision??


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