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Robert Roode Talks Bound For Glory, Hogan-Sting, Beer Money, Team Canada

October 6, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Main Event Radio interview with Robert Roode
Host: Ryan Rider
Full interview available at MainEventRadio.com

How does it feel to be the No. 1 contender for the TNA Heavyweight Championship of the World? “It feels great. Its been a long time coming. For the past 13 years Ive been in this business sacrificing a lot. Paying my dues, honing my crafts. 9 years with Impact Wrestling has been a long time. Ive seen a lot of guys come and go. Theres nobody better to get in the ring with than Kurt Angle. My first opportunity for a world title shot in the ring with that guy, its going to be something special.”

What can we expect from the match itself? “Its going to be an amazing match. Kurt [Angle]s record speaks for himself. A lot of people recognize me as a tag team guy from Beer Money and my early Team Canada days. The past few months Ive made a name for myself. These past few weeks on Impact having solo matches against some of the best wrestlers in the company – Kazarian and this past week AJ Styles. My confidence level is at a high right now. Ive been studying a lot of Kurts matches. Im prepared for the best wrestling match of my career. Its going to be a very special night for me and Im really looking forward to it.”

Roode on coming a long way from your Team Canada days to where you are today: “Its been a long road. Its been fun at the same time. Nine years in TNA; through the ups and the downs. Coming in as Team Canada was a lot of fun. From representing my country to where I am today its been incredible. Im living my dream. And you never know if Ill bring back one of my old hockey sticks for Bound for Glory. Im a big hockey fan. Hockey was always my first love. Theres always a hockey stick around.”

Where do Beer Money and Fortune stand at this point with Roode becoming a singles wrestler? “Theres always going to be Beer Money. Beer Money will never die. James and I have invested too much time and weve invested our heart and soul into the team. We literally were thrown together four years ago in a situation where creatively there wasnt a lot for us. He and I made the team work. We got it over; we made it what it is. I dont think there will ever be a time where Beer Money will ever go away. Beer Money will always be remembered weve done a lot together. As far a Fortune, weve had our problems but Fortune is family. Sometimes family fights but Fortune will stick around.”

Memories of teaming with James Storm: “The Best of Five Series with the Motor City Machine Guns will probably go down in history as one of the best tag team matches of all time. What can you say about the Team 3D matches? What made Beer Money what it was was our ability to adapt to different styles and have great matches with the X division guys like MCMG or heavyweight guys like Team 3D. Our ability to adapt to different styles and to entertain the fans at the same time. Beer Money will never go away. No matter how successful Bobby Roode becomes on his own or James Storm becomes on his own, Beer Money will always live forever. Some day we will always get back together whether it be a month from now, a year from now, or 10 years from now – bring back Beer Money the way it should be.”

What happened with Chris Harris? “Honest to God, Im not sure how it was supposed to pan out. There were some ideas thrown around. They brought Chris in for one match. Whether it was a decision made before or after the match they decided to go a different route. They tried it and obviously didnt like it for whatever reason and they decided to go a different way. Thats all I can say about that situation.”

What was it like working for the Nature Boy Ric Flair? “Its a dream come true. Ive been a Nature Boy fan my whole life. To be managed by Ric, to be mentored by Ric both on and off the screen was a blessing. It was an incredible feeling to see him at ringside, in my corner, to do the backstage interviews and to get to know the guy backstage. It was a great learning experience and something I will never forget. Ric Flair is one of a kind and he can take a beating and he is still ticking. 60-something years old and he lives and breathes the business.”

Thoughts on his co-headliner, Hogan vs Sting: “Its going to be a big match, no doubt about it. Its been built up quite heavily. Its been quite documented how many back surgeries Hulk has had in the past year. Sting is still Sting; the guy has still got it. So its going to be an interesting match. Whether youre a wrestling fan of the 80s, 90s, or this era you will be interested in it. Two of the biggest names in wrestlings history for one more time, probably the final time. This may be the last time Hulk Hogan ever steps foot inside the ring.”


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