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Royal Rumble 2011 DVD Review

June 8, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Royal Rumble 2011royalrumble

This is a single disc presentation featuring the full PPV and two short special features which have been added for the sole reason of stating that special features have been included. The 40 man Royal Rumble match was really good with some well thought out spots, but the matches before it left a lot to be desired.

Ive never been a fan of typical heavyweight title matches, they feel too predictable, slowly and blandly building up to the planned high spots, which are only interesting because the rest of the match has been so dull. Wrestlers that really stand out for their originality, like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold, Ric Flair, The Rock and Cactus Jack to name but a few, managed to bring something interesting to a title match, something unexpected. It seems like some wrestlers get lazy once they are over with the fans, using what works and giving nothing more. The reason for this rant is because of the two heavyweight title matches that preceded the forty man main event; I actually almost fell asleep during the Randy Orton vs. The Miz match.

Edge was a fantastic wrestler and has been part of some of my all time favorite matches, but this one was nothing special. Maybe its because Im not emotionally attached to the master of the Zig Zag Dirk Ziggler, maybe its because Edge knew he was injured and was taking it easy, or maybe it was just a mediocre match which failed to tell an interesting story.

Vickie and the referee managed to get momentarily knocked unconscious, which allowed Edge to use his banned spear. After the referee had regained consciousness, Edge continued his assault on Ziggler using Christians finishing move the Killswitch, before pinning Dirk for the 1, 2, 3.


The Miz and Orton match was terrible; the only interesting aspect worth noting was CM Punks involvement which led to a Miz victory.


Just before the Diva fatal four way, Jerry Lawler summed the match up by saying You know I havent really been looking forward to this. Although, there was actually more action in this Diva championship match than in both of the heavyweight title bouts. It just shows what a state the WWE is in at the minute. Eve regains the WWE Diva championship belt.


However, the Royal Rumble match was really good; there were a few too many gimmicky sections though, especially when Hornswoggle teamed with Cena and beat the crap out Tyson Kidd and Heath Slater – good luck building any credible story lines around those two again.

Im focusing on the negatives a bit too much, there was a lot of creativity and effort put into some of the spots during this main event. John Morrison for instance; that guy must have balls the size of grapefruits to put his reputation on the line with such a daring stunt. Morrison was left standing on the apron of the ring, on the wrong side of the ropes, he then got drop kicked onto the outside; hes been eliminated Im thinking, but no, not this crafty character. I dont know too much about parkour and so Im guessing it was a cat leap, but whatever it was, he managed to grip the padded rail and prevented himself from touching the ground. He then climbed up onto the top of the rail and jumped onto the metal ring entrance steps, then casually climbed back in the ring, and carried on wrestling. Fantastic, definitely the high point of the Royal Rumble for me.

Other points worth noting are, CM Punk and Daniel Bryan going at it being entrants one and two, Chavo Guerreo making good use of his Uncles patented three amigos series of suplexes, JTG being shit, William Regal bringing some good old fashioned Brit fury, Santino Marella pulling a Doink, a slow and sluggish business minded Diesel making a brief appearance, and Alberto Del Rio winning – which was a nice surprise although he made it quite obvious with regards to his elaborate ring entrance.

A really good Royal Rumble 8.5/10

Overall Rating 7/10 it should probably be lower because of the shit matches before the main event, but the Royal Rumble was really impressive and is the match people want to see at this PPV.




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