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Tagged Classics – Action! Hardcore DVD Review

October 19, 2011   ·   0 Comments

When I opened up the package and saw the DVDs titled Hardcore and Action, I automatically thought that my package was meant for the strange man at the end of the street. It turns out that Hardcore and Action is the new Tagged Classic series DVDs. I do love these releases as it usually makes me nostalgic about the days when I was a Stone Cold fan boy drinking two cans of Fanta on the school field. I say drink I mean basically waste 80 pence pouring it down the front of my t-shirt. Anyway this is a good set in a weird way because neither are really linked like past Tagged Classic Series have been, such as Wrestlefest ’91 & ’92. Action is the best of the WWE in 2001 and Hardcore is a look at the hardcore division.


We kick off with Action and have to live through three terrible matches. We also see Perry Saturn in a bra and panties, something that I never want to see again as long as I live. We get a whole lot of the Trish Stratus and Vince McMahon storyline. In this set we also get to see Stone Cold and Kurt Angle at their best in backstage segments. We all know Austin singing ‘kumbaya’ is a personal highlight of 2001. We then move on to the worst booking in history [excluding the Summer of Punk II] the WCW/ECW invasion. Luckily this ends before we see the worst of the booking decision. It then closes on Angle as WCW Champion and Austin as WWF Champion. We also get plenty of matches with the set, as extras including the fantastic Angle versus Stone Cold match which go well with the main feature and alone really makes this a buyable DVD. The only problem I have was it was only about six months of 2001 and I would have liked to maybe see the full year with some invasion matches added such as RVD against Jeff Hardy. This set also lacked the established tag teams at the time with the Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian which is a real shame.


Hardcore is hosted by the former ECW and Hardcore champion himself Tazz. It was a smart decision choosing Tazz at the time because he was just transitioning from wrestler to commentator. Is it wrong that Bradshaw is wearing an ‘Always Pounding Ass’ t-shirt Hmm. We kick off with one of the first proper matches I watched with the Boiler Room Match between Undertaker and Mankind. Mick Foley should have been the host of this DVD set in my opinion because he did such a good job hosting other dvds like his own three faces of Foley. We also get the birth of Hardcore championship with Mankind calling Vince his dad.


We get a mint hardcore match between Ivory and Tori which leads to an Iron spot which looked pretty impressive. The rest of the DVD covers the majority of the big players in the hardcore division. People like The APA, Al Snow, Hardcore Holly and of course little Crash Holly. This then naturally leads to the 24/7 rule which I actually miss. We then highlight the TLC matches as well as the infamous Hell in a Cell with Foley and Undertaker. We finally see blood from the match up between Sgt. Slaughter and Pat Patterson, with Slaughter pouring with blood. We close with Shane McMahon falling off the scaffolding against Steve Blackman. Now if you were looking for ECW/CZW hardcore then this is not for you but if your bloodlust in a little tamer then this could be a nice little set. It highlights the better matches of the WWE Hardcore Championship. The extras on this disk are highlights of the 24/7 rule featuring Crash Holly and a number of matches including a personal favourite of mine with Raven versus Kane vs Big Show.


Overall WWE Tagged Classics: Action! and Hardcore are a good set and do have similarities. If you loved the Attitude era and want a trip down memory lane then this DVD set is for you. I personally enjoyed re watching the good old days and I am sure other fans of that era would as well.


Review by Adam Peacock


Action! & Hardcore DVD (2 Discs)


Our Price: £11.99
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Region: 2
Languages: English

Approx running time 6 hrs 47 mins

Rating –  18



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