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The Big Show: A Giant’s World DVD Review (3 Discs)

June 28, 2011   ·   0 Comments


Big Show A Giants World

He came into the wrestling business being put in the same spotlight as Andre The Giant & for over the next 15 years, he’s definitely been one of the most dominate giants in the history of the business. From being “Andre’s son” to the “World’s Largest Athlete”, the story of Paul Wight is finally being told. Throughout the documentary, you’ll hear from his various family & friends along with fellow WWE talents such as William Regal, Triple H, Arn Anderson, Chavo Guerrero, Edge, John Cena, Pat Patterson.

The documentary begins with the story of how he was a small town boy (complete with footage from when he was a kid) to have health problems early & a heavy eating habit. How he played basketball with that ending up getting him suspended for 6 months is talked about before going into the story behind the issues with a tumor that caused his overgrowth & stories behind the job he had before going into wrestling. The documentary continues talking about how he was discovered by Hulk Hogan & trained at the WCW Power Plant with Triple H & William Regal commenting on his experiences there before going into how he got the spot that he did resulting in winning the World Championship in his very first match. His ability to be very athletic for his size as far as speed, coming off the top rope, and doing moves likes dropkicks were heavily discussed before going into the problems he had in WCW with Triple H having his own theory of what went wrong there. The story behind Show’s WWE debut at the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre PPV was talked about next before going into how he was miserable in his early WWE career before talking about how certain veterans like Undertaker helped mentor him. A big highlight of the documentary happened next as the real life story behind the storyline with Big Boss Man in regards to his father’s death was heavily discussed including why they had to take a more comedic approach as the storyline went along as opposed to keeping it serious. His first WWE Championship win, the concept behind his entertaining impressions, and his reasoning behind his time in the OVW developmental territory are discussed before talking about his dominance in the ring with such highlights as when him & Brock Lesnar broke the ring. We get a tour of his personal traveling bus along with the story behind why he got it & what he brought to the ECW brand was discussed before going into his new training methods that helped him lose weight & stay healthy with the feud with Floyd Mayweather (including getting his nose broken) & his acting roles (Knucklead, Waterboy, SNL) finish out the documentary.

In the end, the documentary only last around an hour which I found very disappointing as they didn’t cover most of his major feuds & moments throughout his career (we have time to see his bus but nothing on his feuds with Brock Lesnar & Undertaker that repackaged his career?). As for the match selection, again so many significant matches from his career were left out here as well. With the documentary only going an hour & extras around half an hour, they had more room to use to add additional matches such as his stretcher match against Brock or the actual match where they broke the ring, the tag team Buried Alive match with Taker vs. Rock & Mankind that for some reason WWE refuses to release to this day, one of his many matches against Undertaker (No Mercy ’08 where he knocked Taker out or No Way Out 03), the “Battle of the Giants” vs. Great Khali at Backlash ’08 (before you freak out, just watch it as Khali actually had to wrestle in that match & both men did well), the Singapore Cane match from One Night Stand 08, Steel Cage match vs. JBL, Last Man Standing vs. Shane McMahon, The Rock at No Way Out ’00…all of these to pick from not even tapping into his WCW matches he’s had past 1996. I enjoyed it overall but was disappointed about how much they left out in favour of what they left in (did we really need the Kofi & Mysterio squashes?) but I’ll give WWE credit in that we didn’t give us a heavy load of repeats from other sets it’s something I would recommend overall.

Joe Kirwin




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