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TNA Hardcore Justice PPV Results 8/7/11

August 8, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– Tonight’s TNA Hardcore Justice pay-per-view opens with a video package for the Sting vs. Kurt Angle World Heavyweight Title match.

– Mike Tenay welcomes us to Hardcore Justice from Orlando as the pyro goes off in the Impact Wrestling Zone. Tenay calls it a night of champions as we go to the ring.

TNA X Division Title Match: Alex Shelley vs. Austin Aries vs. Brian Kendrick

We go to the ring and out first comes Alex Shelley followed by Austin Aries. Out next comes the TNA X Division Champion Brian Kendrick with a new theme song and pants.

The bell rings and here we go. Aries attacks first and goes back and forth between Kendrick and Shelley. They come back on him and Shelley dropkicks Aries. Kendrick clotheslines him to the floor. Shelley and Kendrick lock up now and go to the mat with Shelley in control. They lock up again and go back to the mat. Back to their feet and Shelley with another takedown. Aries comes in now and goes at it but gets dropped by Shelley and sent back to the floor.

Shelley and Kendrick lock up again and trade holds as Aries looks on. Aries holds Kendrick and tells Shelley to hit him. Shelley flips Aries off and drops him down on the apron. Kendrick and Shelley go back to it now. Aries comes in but gets atomic dropped by Shelley and dropkicked by Kendrick. Shelley rolls Kendrick up for 2. Another lock up. Aries breaks up a suplex, rakes Shelley’s back and goes down for some reason. Kendrick and Shelley go back at it while Aries sits in the corner. Kendrick goes for a dive but Aries cuts him off. Aries unloads on Kendrick and gets a 2 count. Aries wraps Kendrick up in a submission but breaks it to drop Shelley on the apron. Kendrick fights back on Aries now. Aries blocks a shot and dumps Kendrick out on the floor.

Shelley and Aries go at it now. Aries takes control and shows off. Aries runs over and knocks Kendrick off the apron. Aries tosses Shelley out onto Kendrick now. Aries runs the ropes and dives through, taking out Kendrick and Shelley. Aries comes in off the ropes for a 2 count on Shelley. Aries goes for a moonsault but Shelley blocks it. Kendrick dropkicks Aries. Shelley throws an armbar on Kendrick. Kendrick makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Shelley goes for Sliced Bread but it’s blocked. Shelley hits a nasty leg whip on Kendrick and he goes down. Shelley goes up top but Aries knocks him down. Aries with elbows to the head. Shelley superkicks Aries on the apron and he falls out to the floor. Shelley goes back up top but Kendrick stops him. Kendrick climbs up and they go at it. Shelley shoves him back to the mat and hits a big splash to the legs from up high. Shelley hits a spinning figure four and locks it in until Aries stomps on his face and breaks the hold. Aries throws Kendrick and Shelley into opposite corners, keeping in control. Aries with a bulldog on Shelley and a bridge chinlock. Kendrick comes in to break the hold. Aries with a knee breaker and a back suplex on Kendrick. Aries charges in the corner but Kendrick kicks him mid-air. Kendrick with a big knee to the jaw and a 2 count.

Aries and Kendrick go up top but Shelley attacks from behind. Aries ends up on Shelley’s shoulders. Kendrick looks to go for a big Sliced Bread but he just falls off the top. Aries with another knee breaker to a back suplex, this time on Shelley. Aries dropkicks Kendrick off the apron. Aries with a running dropkick on Shelley in the corner now. Aries with a brainbuster on Shelley but Kendrick breaks the pin up. Kendrick hits Sliced Bread on Aries on top of Shelley. Kendrick covers Shelley for the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Kendrick

– We go to Tenay and Taz who plug the main event.

– Jeremy Borash is backstage with the Knockout Tag Team Champions Miss Tessmacher and Tara. Tessmacher takes her glasses off and says the fight between Sarita and Rosita has become personal. Tessmacher says she disfigured Sarita’s face because she was protecting herself. Tara tells them to bring Mexican America or anyone, it doesn’t matter – they will still be champions.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: Sarita and Rosita vs. Tara and Miss Tessmacher

We go to the ring and out comes Sarita and Rosita. Mexican America members Hernandez and Anarquia. Tara and Miss Tessmacher come riding in on Tara’s motorcycle as we get ready to go.

Earl Hebner orders Hernandez and Anarquia to the back. Tara and Rosita start things out, talking trash to each other. Tara throws Rosita to the corner and overpowers her. Rosita tags in Sarita, who is still wearing her mask. Sarita gets hit with a big back body drop. Tessmacher is tagged in now and continues the assault on Sarita. Sarita turns things around or a second and tags in Rosita. Rosita runs in but gets clotheslined and taken down with a headlock. Tara comes back in and tosses Rosita back into the turnbuckles. They go to the top but Rosita with a big hurricanrana from the top. Rosita runs but gets dropped by Tara’s boot. Rosita throws Tara out to the floor and runs her mouth to Tessmacher, distracting the referee. Sarita takes advantage and hits Tara on the floor. 2 count by Rosita.

Tessmacher comes back in and dropkicks Rosita, followed by a back drop. Sarita is tagged in and Tessmacher ends up getting double teamed in the corner. Rosita comes back in on a tag and continues beating Tessmacher up in the corner. Another tag to Sarita. A “Tessmacher” chant breaks out as they continue to beat her up and double team her. Another 2 count by Rosita. Tessmacher blocks a slam by Sarita and rolls her up for 2. Tessmacher tags in Tara. Tara drops Sarita with right hands and hits Rosita with one. Tara with kicks to Sarita and an enziguri. Tara goes for a Widow’s Peak but Rosita hits her from behind. The champs throw the challengers into each other. Sarita counters Tara and slams her hard on the mat from a double underhook. A “Tara” chant breaks out now. Rosita runs around and stops the tag. Sarita with a 2 count on Tara. Sarita tosses Tara by her hair and tags Rosita back in. Tara blocks the double team and clotheslines them both. Rosita blocks Widow’s Peak and gets a 2 count. Tara picks Rosita up off the top, holds her high in the air and just drops her on the mat. Tessmacher takes Sarita out on the apron. Tara hits Widow’s Peak on Rosita for the pin and the win.

Winners: Tara and Miss Tessmacher

– We go backstage with The Pope. He’s tried reaching out to Brother Devon and his kids but they haven’t responded in a way he was hoping for. Pope says his family respects Pope just like he respects Devon. Pope says his purpose for this match is simple – go out and do the right thing.

– We get a look at the Bound For Glory Series points standings.

Bound For Glory Series Match: The Pope vs. Brother Devon

We go to the ring and out comes the injured Matt Morgan. Christy Hemme introduces him as our BFG Series analyst. Morgan joins Tenay and Taz on commentary. Out next comes The Pope. Brother Devon is out next and we see his kids sitting at ringside.

The Pope takes the mic before the match and says his friendship with Devon means more than them getting in here and beating each others brains out. The Pope lays down and wants Devon to pin him. Devon says he’s going to get the points but is going to take it out of Pope’s ass. Devon tells Pope to get up. They lock up and Devon takes Pope down first with a big shoulder and then a hip toss. Pope tries to pull Devon on him for a pin. Devon pushes Pope and then slaps him. They lock up and go to the corners. Back and forth action with them trading holds now. Devon with another big shoulder. Pope leap frogs and hits a forearm, taking Devon down. Pope goes to work on the arm now.

More back and forth. Devon with a flying elbow for a 2 count. Devon with a headbutt now for another 2. They end up on the floor and Pope runs Devon into the ringpost, right in front of his kids. Pope talks to them, allowing Devon to hit a right hand and bring it back in the ring. Devon with a 2 count. Pope finally comes back with clotheslines and an atomic drop. Pope hits several elbows to the head and a big backhand, knocking Devon on the ropes. Pope runs and slides down Devon to the floor. Pope with a crossbody from the top for another 2 count. Devon comes back with a big shoulder block. Devon charges but misses in the corner. Elijah goes for the Express but stops and gets speared by Devon. Pope counters a chokeslam and rolls Devon up for the win and 7 points.

Winner: The Pope

– After the match, Devon won’t shake Pope’s hand. He leaves the ring, stops and looks at his sons, then goes back in shakes Pope’s hand. Pope is now #8 in the BFG Series with 17 points.

– We go backstage with Rob Van Dam and JB. RVD says he’s going to beat Crimson tonight and take the #1 spot in the BFG Series, showing Crimson he isn’t un-defeatable. Jerry Lynn walks up and is going to be in RVD’s corner to watch his back tonight. Lynn says he and RVD go way back and nothing can break their bond. RVD says cool, whatever, and follows Lynn off.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Winter vs. Mickie James

We go to the ring and out comes Winter and Angelina Love for tonight’s Knockouts Title match. Out next comes the Knockouts Champion Mickie James to a nice reaction. Mickie is distracted early and Winter rolls her up for 2.

Mickie ties Winter up in a submission after coming back. Mickie keeps in control for a while. Winter makes a comeback but Mickie dropkicks her in the face for a 2 count. Winter goes back to the floor to re-group and talk with Angelina again. Mickie comes out after Winter and chases her around the ring. Mickie ducks a clothesline from Angelina and fights her off. Winter throws Mickie’s face into the ringpost and throws her over the barrier, into a fan.

Mickie crawls back to the ring but Angelina kicks her in the gut. Winter brings Mickie back in the ring and covers her for 2. Winter with knee drops now and then a submission. Mickie fights to her feet and breaks the hold. Mickie with a jacknife pin for 2. Winter comes right back and clotheslines Mickie. Winter chokes Mickie now, right in front of the referee. Winter with a backbreaker now. Winter holds Mickie’s back over her knee. Mickie fights out with knees to the head. Winter beats Mickie down in the corner now. Mickie fights back and takes her down with a head scissors. Mickie with a series of clotheslines. Mickie now drops Winter on her face and hits a Thesz Press from the top. Angelina comes in while the referee is distracted and hits the Break-A-Bitch. Winter covers but Mickie kicks out at 2.

Mickie fights Winter off with elbows to the head and rolls her up for 2. Winter unloads in the corner with kicks and chokes her. Winter takes Mickie to the top but she fights her off. Mickie with a tornado DDT from the top. Winter rolls out to the floor and the referee checks on her. Angelina comes back in but Mickie blocks her and lays her out with a neckbreaker. Mickie brings Winter back in. Angelina distracts Hebner. Winter spits something in Mickie’s eye, pinning her for the win and the title.

Winner and New TNA Knockouts Champion: Winter

– After the match, Winter and Angelina celebrate. Hebner checks on Mickie, who is screaming that she can’t see. Her face is covered in something red. Trainers run down to check on Mickie as the new champion heads up the ramp.

– JB is backstage with Brian Kendrick. He talks about winning the match earlier tonight when Austin Aries walks up. Aries says it wasn’t a three-way out there earlier tonight. Aries says Kendrick beat Shelley tonight, not him. Aries says Kendrick can’t beat him and he will take a match any place and any time. Aries says until Kendrick beats him, he’s not the real X Division Champion.

Bound For Glory Series Match: Crimson vs. Rob Van Dam

We go to the ring and out first comes the undefeated Crimson, the #1 wrestler in the Bound For Glory Series. Out next is Rob Van Dam, the #2 in the points standings.

Jerry Lynn comes out with RVD and watches from ringside. The bell rings and they go to the corner before backing off. Crimson charges and RVD kicks his leg out. RVD with another kick to the head. Crimson gets right up with a big clothesline and a 2 count on RVD. Crimson with a big suplex and another 2 count. Crimson with more offense, a scoop slam and a 2 count. RVD hits Crimson with a spin kick and kicks him from the mid rope. RVD hits Rolling Thunder for a 2 count as Lynn looks on.

Crimson hits a series of knees on RVD and a swinging neckbreaker for another 2 count. RVD fights back but Crimson hits a t-bone suplex and covers him for another pin attempt. They go to the floor and RVD kicks Crimson from the apron. RVD goes to springboard to the floor but Crimson pulls him out and clotheslines him on the floor. Crimson brings it back in the ring for a 2 count. Crimson with big elbows in the corner now and a powerful whip into the other corner. Another 2 count by Crimson. Crimson with more offense and another pin attempt.

RVD makes a comeback with a kick to the head. RVD with a split legged moonsault in the corner for a 2 count. RVD goes for a kick from the top but lands wrong. Crimson counters and drops RVD for a 2 count. RVD counters a big move by Crimson and kicks him in the chest. RVD blocks a kick and takes Crimson down. RVD goes up top for the Five Star Frog Splash and nails it. RVD covers but Crimson kicks out at 2. RVD goes back to work but Crimson spears him hard. Crimson ducks a spin kick and hits RVD with a sitdown powerbomb. Jerry Lynn runs in and breaks Crimson’s pin. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner by DQ: Crimson

– RVD loses 10 points while Crimson only gains 3 on a DQ win in the Bound For Glory Series. Crimson gets up pissed and pushes Lynn, upset at the way he won. RVD gets in Lynn’s face and they have words now. Lynn apologizes and says he messed up, he was just trying to help. RVD leaves up the ramp and Lynn follows him, still apologizing. RVD falls from #2 to #5 in the BFG Series.

– JB is backstage with Mr. Anderson. He says everyone in Immortal is cool with him but one person. Anderson says there is two kinds of assholes – Bully Ray is the kind who blows nothing but hot air. Anderson says there isn’t enough room for two assholes in Immortal. Bully Ray gives asshole a bad name, Anderson says.

Abyss, Gunner and Scott Steiner vs. AJ Styles, Kazarian and Daniels

We go to the ring and out first comes the team of Gunner, Scott Steiner and Abyss, representing Immortal. Fortune is out next as AJ Styles, Kaz and Daniels make their way to the ring.

Gunner starts things out with Kaz. They lock up and Gunner goes behind Kaz with a hold. Kaz takes Gunner down witha flying head scissors. Gunner gets up and charges but gets taken back down to the mat by Kaz. Kaz with a headlock now. Gunner tries to break it but Kaz counters and dropkicks him for a 2 count. Gunner tags in Scott Steiner. Steiner overpowers Kaz and shoves him down. Kaz comes back with a 2 count and tags in Styles. AJ and Steiner go at it. AJ and Daniels double team as Daniels comes in or a 2 count on Steiner. Steiner overpowers Daniels now and slams him. Abyss comes in off the tag and continues the assault on Daniels.

Daniels fights back and Abyss runs into his boot int he corner. Gunner runs in but AJ leaps in off the ropes and takes him out. Steiner comes in but Kaz leaps in and takes him down. Fortune stands tall while Immortal is down. Daniels dropkicks Abyss’ leg and gets a 2 count. Daniels with a right hand on Gunner. Daniels charges in the corner but Abyss catches him in mid-move and slams him hard on the mat. Steiner goes to the floor and throws Daniels into the barricade. The ref stops things on the floor but when he turns around, Steiner throws Daniels back into the barrier.

Gunner comes back in and pins Daniels for 2. Gunner with a headlock now. Daniels fights out but Gunner backdrops him for a 2 count. Steiner comes back in to continue the assault on Daniels. Steiner with a belly-to-belly suplex for 2. Abyss is tagged back in. He lands a few right hands on Daniels and whips him into the corner. Abyss charges but Daniels moves. Abyss goes for a chokeslam but Daniels counters and tags in Kaz. Kaz comes off the top with a headscissors. Kaz with a dropkick and a right hand to Gunner. Kaz with a back elbow and a springboard leg drop on Abyss. 2 count as Gunner breaks the pin. Gunner gets dumped to the floor. Kaz springboards into a tornado DDT on Abyss. Kaz runs the ropes and lands on Abyss on the floor. Everyone goes at it on the floor now.

Kaz rolls Abyss back in the ring but Steiner pulls him to the floor. Gunner and Steiner set up a table on the floor now. Daniels runs over and makes the save for AJ. In the ring, Abyss stomps on Kaz’s neck. Steiner comes back in off a tag and hits Kaz with big chops. Steiner with a clothesline and a big elbow drop for a 1 count and then some push-ups. Gunner chokes Kaz while the referee is distracted. Gunner comes back in and suplexes Kaz for 2. Kaz fights back with right hands. Gunner drops him for another 2 count. Abyss is tagged back in.Abyss charges but runs into a big boot in the corner. Kaz slingshots in from the apron and DDT’s Abyss. AJ is finally tagged in. He takes out Steiner and Gunner. AJ with a big right hand on Abyss in the corner and more for Steiner. AJ ends up on the apron and fights back in on Abyss. AJ with a crossbody from the ropes and a 2 count.

Steiner comes in but Daniels takes him out. AJ goes for the Styles Clash but can’t get it. AJ counters a chokeslam for a roll-up and a 2 count. AJ and Abyss continue to go at it. Gunner comes back in and hits AJ with a knee. Daniels gets in the mix now and hits a moonsault on Gunner. Steiner comes over and takes out Daniels. AJ kicks Steiner in the head and goes back to work on Abyss. AJ goes up top but Gunner knocks him off. More action all over the place. Gunner drives Daniels through the table that’s on the outside. AJ hits a version of the pele kick on Abyss for the pin and the win.

Winners: AJ Styles, Daniels and Kazarian

– After the match, AJ and Kaz help Daniels off the floor and up the ramp. Steiner and Gunner start having words with Abyss in the ring, blaming him for their loss. Gunner and Steiner leave as Abyss looks on.

– JB is backstage with Bully Ray. Ray says tonight he is going to right a wrong and beat Mr. Anderson out of Immortal. We go to a promo video with highlights leading up to the match.

Mr. Anderson vs. Bully Ray

Out first comes Bully Ray. Mr. Anderson is out next and stops to do his introduction on the ramp. Bully Ray appears behind Anderson. Anderson acknowledges this and turns around to start beating Ray up. They brawl on the stage with Anderson mostly in control. The fight makes its way down to ringside. Ray rakes Anderson in the eyes and slams him into the apron. Anderson turns it around, still brawling at ringside. Anderson slams Ray hard into the apron and then face-first into the steel steps.

They make it into the ring and the bell finally rings. Ray begs Anderson from his knees in the corner but Anderson unloads with kicks and punches. Anderson splashes Ray in the corner and whips him into the other. This time Ray drops Anderson with a knee. Ray clotheslines Anderson for a 2 count. Ray rakes Anderson’s back now and continues the assault in the corner. Ray with headbutts into the chest now and a big chop. Ray continues and yells at Anderson to fight him. Ray with another chop and a big sideslam for a 2 count.

Ray with more offense and an elbow to the face for a 2 count. Another big chop and splash in the corner from Ray. Ray with a suplex and another 2 count. Anderson slaps Ray as he yells at him. Anderson and Ray trade shots on their knees now. Ray knocks Anderson back and goes for the Bubba Bomb. Anderson counters and DDT’s him. They go back to their knees and trade right hands again. Anderson fights back to his feet this time and they collide. Anderson with another attempt but he can’t knock Ray off his feet. Anderson ducks a clothesline and knocks Ray off his feet with a clothesline. Anderson with a running elbow and a swinging neckbreaker for a 2 count.

More back and forth. Ray blocks Mic Check. Anderson with an enziguri and a clothesline for another 2 count. Ray blocks Anderson again with a big slam and another pin attempt. Ray with a big splash in the corner. Ray goes to the second rope for the big splash but Anderson moves. Anderson goes up top now and hits a swanton for 2 as Ray rolls him up for a 2 count of his own. Anderson comes down from the top but Ray catches him in mid-air with a cutter. 2 count by Ray. Ray grabs his chain and wraps it around his fist. Anderson grabs Ray on his shoulders but they fall into the ropes and it’s botched. Anderson with a 2 count. Anderson goes back to the top. Ray walks off and says “screw you!” Anderson runs up the ramp and brings Ray back into the ring. Anderson picks up the chain. The referee tells him to put it down. The referee grabs it, distracting Anderson. Ray comes up from behind, hits Anderson with a low blow and rolls him up for the win.

Winner: Bully Ray

– JB catches up with Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan backstage. Hogan is pissed about how Immortal has been performing. Abyss, Steiner and Gunner walk up. Bischoff lays into Abyss for dropping the ball lately. Bully Ray runs up and brags about how he just beat Anderson. Immortal walks off and Bischoff tells Abyss he can’t come with them. Abyss looks sad we we go back to the arena.

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Mexican America vs. Beer Money

We go to the ring and out comes Mexican America – Sarita, Rosita, Hernandez and Anarquia. Anarquia takes the mic and starts talking. He says they brought their own flag tonight. After they win the tag titles tonight, the Mexican flag will hang in every arena around the world. Out next come the TNA Tag Team Champions Beer Money.

Earl Hebner orders Rosita and Sarita to the back before the match starts. Robert Roode starts things out with Hernandez. Hernandez attacks from behind as Anarquia distracts Roode. Hernandez beats him down. Roode comes back with right hands and a forearm off the ropes. Roode with kicks, chops and a right hand in the corner. Roode comes out of the corner with a big clothesline on Hernandez. Storm is tagged in. Storm with a knee to the face and a neckbreaker for a 2 count on Hernandez. Hernandez drops Storm with a boot and makes the tag. Anarquia runs in but Storm hip tosses him and tags in Roode. Beer Money with some double team knee drops and a 2 count by Roode.

Roode blocks a clothesline and applies an armbar on Anarquia. Roode with a powerslam and tag to Storm for more double teaming. Hernandez runs in but gets clotheslined. More double teaming by Beer Money. Storm with a clothesline and a 2 count on Anarquia. Anarquia fights back with right hands and knocks Roode off the apron. Anarquia spits on Roode and goes back to work on Storm. Roode trips Anarquia and Beer Money with more double teaming as the crowd pops. Storm runs over and knocks Hernandez back with a knee to the face. Storm clotheslines Hernandez to the floor. Roode backdrops his own partner from the ring to the floor, taking out Anarquia.

More offense from Storm and another tag to Roode. Roode continues the assault on Anarquia. Hernandez clotheslines Roode while the ref is distracted. Anarquia takes advantage and works Roode over. More cheap shots from Hernandez while Hebner isn’t looking. Hernandez is tagged in for some double teaming. Hernandez chokes Roode on the ropes now. Roode fights back with chops and right hands. Roode runs the ropes but Hernandez just shoves him to the side and down to the mat. Hernandez tosses Roode from one side of the ring now and covers him for a 2 count. Anarquia is tagged back in and Hernandez splashes Roode in the corner on his way out. Anarquia with a butterfly suplex for a 2 count. Another tag to Hernandez and another choke from him on the ropes. Hernandez puts Roode in a backbreaker across his shoulders. Roode falls free but Hernandez stops him from tagging. Roode with chops but Hernandez chops him to the mat. Roode catches Hernandez with a big spinebuster and both are down.

Storm and Anarquia come in at the same time. Storm takes control and hits a big back drop. Hernandez comes in but Storm kicks him and DDT’s him. Storm grabs Anarquia and drops him with a cutter for 2. Roode comes in and cuts off Hernandez. Beer Money with a double suplex on Hernandez. They do the Beer Money taunt as the crowd pops. Storm rams Anarquia back into the corner and takes him to the top. Storm with a hurricanrana from the top. Roode leaps off the other corner for a big splash. Storm covers but Anarquia kicks out at 2. Hernandez pulls Roode to the floor and rams Storm. Hernandez shoulder blocks Storm into the ring and Anarquia covers for 2. Hernandez goes for a suplex but Storm slides out. Storm with double knees that sends Hernandez to the floor. Anarquia goes up top but Roode pushes him off. Anarquia runs right into the Last Call from Storm for the pin and the win.

Winners: Beer Money

– JB is backstage with Kurt Angle. Angle says it’s a very important night for him tonight. Angle says he won’t lose and that’s that. We go to a promo video for tonight’s main event showing the events leading up to it.

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle vs. Sting

Out first comes Kurt Angle followed by the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Sting. Jeremy Borash does formal ring introductions as we get ready to go.

The bell rings and they lock up. Sting goes to work on Angle’s arm. Angle turns it around and works on Sting’s arm now. They go to the corner and break. Another lock up. Angle with a headlock takedown this time. Back and forth off the ropes as the crowd chants for both men. Sting takes Angle down now and works on the arm. Sting with a shoulder block. Angle catches Sting with a hip toss and then an arm drag, taking him back to the mat. Angle continues to focus on Sting’s arm. Sting kicks Angle’s knee out from under him after a hard whip into the corner. Sting does the same thing again and this time stomps on Angle some more.

Angle catches Sting with an elbow and attempts to make a comeback. Sting catches Angle and backdrops him over the top, down to the floor. Sting comes to the floor and slams Angle into the barrier and then the steel steps, twice. Sting throws Angle into the barrier again and finally brings it back in the ring. Sting comes in but Angle catches him with a Samoan drop. Angle with a chinlock now. Angle keeps Sting grounded on the mat. Sting finally breaks out with elbows but Angle takes it to the corner. Angle whips Sting hard into both corners but Sting comes running out with a big clothesline. Angle goes for a suplex but Sting drops him with a back elbow. Sting kicks Angle and DDT’s him for another 2 count.

Sting boots Angle in the face but Angle hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Sting blocks it and hits the inverted DDT for a 2 count. Angle comes back and hits a series of German suplexes. 2 count by Angle. Angle goes up top but misses the moonsault. Sting hits an Angle Slam on Angle and covers him for a 2 count. Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock and locks it in. Angle makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. Sting hits a big splash in the corner. He goes for another but Angle moves. Angle hits an Angle Slam but Sting kicks out at 2. Angle charges in the corner but Sting moves and he hits the ringpost. Sting pulls Angle back and applies the ankle lock, using one of Angle’s moves again. Angle breaks the hold and tackles Sting. Angle applies the Deathlock on Sting and locks it in.

The hold is broken but Angle goes back to work on Sting’s back. Angle hits another series of German suplexes. Sting fights off the last one and scoops Angle on his shoulders. Sting for a slam but Angle rolls out and applies the ankle lock on Sting. Sting breaks the hold and rolls Angle up for a 2 count. Sting gets trapped between Angle and the ref. Angle goes for an enziguri but it misses Sting and knocks the referee out. Sting and Angle also both go down. Hulk Hogan comes walking out with a steel chair.

Hogan enters the ring and goes to hit Sting with the chair. Angle grabs it and Hogan flees the ring. Angle cracks Sting in the back with the chair and hits an Angle Slam. The referee gets up and counts to three to give Angle the win and the title.

Winner and New TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

– After the match, Hogan stares at the ring from the ramp looking pissed. Angle grabs his World Title belt and stares back at Hogan. Hardcore Justice goes off the air with Sting down on the mat and Hogan staring back down at the new World Heavyweight Champion.


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