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TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results 11/24/11

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They open with the search for James Storm’s attacker, and run through the various segments where Storm questions people like Mr. Anderson, Bobby Roode, and Samoa Joe. They close it with Angle revealing himself as the attacker.

Angle comes to the ring. Taz and Tenay talk about how shocked they are that it was Angle as the crowd lets him know how they feel. Angle says that as a man’s man he despises being accused of attacking from behind. Angle says he didn’t attack Storm from behind, Storm just didn’t see him coming. He did it so quickly Storm didn’t have time to worry about his damn luck. He tells Storm to never again accuse him of attacking from behind. Storm’s music hits and he walks to the ring with purpose.

Storm talks about the “personally” part of Angle’s promo and says he’s going to stick his size 12 boot up his ass. Storm recalls history between Angle and himself, including their kids playing together. He says Kurt mentioned looking a man in his eyes and whipping his ass. Storm tells him to try and he can take a whipping like no one else.

Angle mocks him and says Storm stole the title from him, so he got revenge by stealing Storm’s shot two weeks ago. Storm says the fans are tired of talking and tells Angle to not take the ass whipping he’s about to lay on him personally, and it’s business. Angle says he doesn’t want to fight and he’s a gentleman. Angle calls out the balance of Immortal to surround Storm. Angle mocks the fact that it’s now 4 on 1 and asks what Storm is going to do.


Storm says he told his daughter what Angle said about the concussion, and his daughter told him to deliver this message. Storm drops Angle with a right hand. RVD, Anderson, and AJ Styles show up to even the numbers and a brawl breaks out. The heels have had enough and retreat, and Tenay sells Team Angle vs. Team Storm later tonight.


Eric Young and former head official Rudy Charles are riding around on a pedal-powered cart. They have a cooler strapped to the front of the cart. They start to head in but they forgot something – the Turkey Suit. EY says it’ll look great on Robbie E.


We get a recap of the situation from last week involving Mexican America. They wanted the night off, but Sting booked them to face Matt Morgan and Crimson. The two big men beat Mexican America for the tag titles.


Match #1 – Matt Morgan and Crimson (c) vs. Mexican America (w/Sarita and Rosita); TNA Tag Team Championship


This is the rematch after last week’s title change, and the four men start it off with a brawl. The action settles down and Crimson hits a firemen’s carry slam on Anarquia. The champs take turns with big power moves on Anarquia.


The champs continue the assault on Mexican America, hitting Hernandez with a big boot and delivering a double choke slam to Anarquia. They pick up the win.


Winners: Crimson & Matt Morgan


Backstage, EY is telling Robbie E he wants a shot at him tonight. Robbie E says he’s never getting the TV title back. EY says he just talked to Sting and the match is on, it’s the Thanksgiving Challenge. Robbie E says Rudy Charles is not on the list and he needs to leave. EY tells Robbie E that if he doesn’t participate in the match, he’ll be stripped of the TV title. Robbie E and Robbie T head for someone to talk to, and EY admits Sting never said anything.


We get a quick recap of Mickie James taking the #1 Contender’s position for Gail Kim’s Knockouts title.


The Immortal Ladies (Karen Jarrett, Gail Kim, and Madison Rayne) head to the ring with Traci Brooks. Karen cuts right to the chase and calls out Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Winter, and Angelina Love.


Karen talks about her attempt to clean up the Knockouts Division but she’s been receiving a lot of complaints. She runs a bunch of insults on the men, calling them disgusting perverts. She tells them that tonight’s going to be the first “Lingerie Bowl” and it will become a holiday tradition. She starts flinging insults at Velvet in particular about them being trashy and puts over how Gail Kim is a role model and Gail looks down from her perch on all of them. She tells them to go to the back and start getting undressed.


Backstage, Christy Hemme is with Tara, Brooke and Velvet. Tara thought she left this behind and asks what’s next. Brooke is insulted by the proposition and she came here to be a great athlete and whip some ass. Velvet said she is sick of it and doesn’t understand the personal vendetta Karen has with her. She will keep her cool and brings the three of them together to go give a great wrestling match.


Mickie James storms into Gail Kim’s locker room and demands a word. Mickie says Gail took the division back 10 years instead of creating a positive impact on the division. Gail says if Mickie doesn’t like it she can go give her notice, but Mickie retorts with the point that Gail has her head 3 feet up Karen Jarrett’s backside. The two of them brawl into the break.


Match #2 – Winter, Angelina Love, and Madison Rayne vs. Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, and Velvet Sky; Thanksgiving Thong Thunder


The heels come out first, and Taz is all over himself with the women being scantily clad. The faces are next, and they don’t look too happy. Brooke actually doesn’t lose her man-tailored shirt. No posing from Velvet either.


They start with a pose-off. Brooke finally loses her shirt, as does Velvet. Taz mocks Earl Hebner for rigoramortis. We finally get the match started with the heels attacking from behind. Mercifully it goes to break.


Tara hits a double sledge off the ropes on Winter out of the break. She hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. Brooke hits the stinkface on Winter coupled with a couple arm drags.


Madison drops Brooke onto the mat in the corner then chokes her on the ropes. Winter hits a backbreaker for a near fall on Brooke. Taz can’t get rid of the innuendo commentary. Angelina gets a tag and also a near fall, and the heels keep the ring cut off so Brooke can’t get the tag.


Brooke tries a small package but only gets two. Angelina takes control again though until Brooke uses some sort of face plant that both end up laying on the mat over. Both get tags and Velvet hits a series of clotheslines on the heels. She tries her butterfly facebuster but Winter breaks it up. The match breaks down and there’s a scrum.


Madison hits an ugly looking move on Velvet then goes and gets her title belt. Mickie James hits the ring to drop Madison across the ropes, and Madison turns right into the Butterfly Facebuster for the win.


Winners: Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky


The faces celebrate in the ring and acknowledge Mickie as Taz and Tenay give us a recap.


We get a shot of Jeff Hardy walking around with a mask on, and he’s up next.


Backstage, Karen Jarrett isn’t real happy about the ladies. She said they wore more than they normally do in the match, so she’s going to provide the outfits next week. She’s out to take every shred of dignity from Velvet in particular.


Jeff Hardy comes to the ring, wearing the mask he wore at Turning Point. He makes his way to the ring and gets a mic. Well, we thought it was Hardy. Jeff Jarrett pulls off the mask and calls himself the Charismatic Enema and says he’s the hero so full of crap he has to have hot water flushed up his backside to get relief.


He mocks Hardy, asking why the fans love him – is it the makeup, is it the dynamic promos, or the chances he takes in the ring for the “morons” (the fans). Maybe it’s because everyone can relate to him for being pathetic, lowlife, and have no business being in the company. Jarrett continues on to say that the kids should grow up and applaud him because maybe just one day they too can grow up and embarrass the company they’d work for.


Hardy’s music hits again and he attacks Jarrett. Daniels and Bully Ray come out to bail out Jarrett and it’s a three on one beatdown. Anderson, AJ, and RVD hit the ring to help even the sides, and Bobby Roode hits the ring also. Security comes out to help break things up, and Jarrett gets a cheap shot in at the apron. Jarrett throws Hardy into the steps a couple times and yells at him as they go to break.


Tenay leads us through a video recap of what just happened before the break.


Taz and Tenay debate if Hardy can compete in the elimination main event. They send it to a video history of the turkey suit match.


Match #3 – Robbie E (TV Champion, w/ Robbie T) vs. Eric Young; Turkey Suit Match


EY still has the old TNA Championship, and Taz gets lost in his own words about the turkey suit video package. EY gets on the mic and introduces the second highest ranking official in TNA, Rudy Charles, the turkey man. Rudy brings the Turkey Suit out.


EY stuffs the turkey suit in Robbie E’s face but when EY celebrates Robbie attacks him from behind. The match officially starts and Robbie gets a one count off a slam. Robbie hits a fist drop that Rudy counts slow on. Rudy hangs the suit up in the corner.


The two men exchange blows, and EY gets an advantage with a clothesline. EY uses a belly-to-belly suplex that draws a Magnum TA reference from Taz and a near fall. Robbie hits EY with a foreign object, apparently, and gets the win. The official finds it and orders the match to be restarted.


Robbie argues with the official, and turns right into the jumping piledriver by EY for the win.


Winner: Eric Young


EY gets on the mic and says that he loves to give. Robbie E isn’t going to be able to wear the turkey suit tonight but they’re going to find a replacement. They eventually point out Robbie T and Rudy says by the power vested in him by the Stinger, Robbie T must wear the suit or Robbie E will lose the TV Title.


They put the suit on Robbie T – somehow, and laugh. EY mocks him, and runs to the back as Robbie T gives chase.


EY thanks Rudy for helping him win and being there tonight. They talk about training for next year and ride off. Rudy runs into a parked tractor trailer.


Match #4 – Team Storm (Mr. Anderson, AJ Styles, Rob Van Dam, and Jeff Hardy) vs. Team Angle (Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, and Jeff Jarrett)


Hardy doesn’t come out with the faces, and Roode doesn’t come out with the heels. Tenay tells us this is fought under elimination rules, where if one gets pinned, he is done and has to go to the back. Roode gets his own entrance, so it will be 4 on 3 advantage for Team Angle from go.


Roode heads to the announce position instead of the ring. Roode says he only cares about the World Title and Angle is more than capable of leading this team instead of him.


Daniels and AJ start off. AJ floats over Daniels and puts the boots to him in the corner. A flying knee drops Daniels and he gets the tag out to Jarrett. Bully Ray and Anderson go at it and Ray gets a near fall. Daniels gets in again and gets another near fall. Anderson hits a senton on Daniels for a near fall.


RVD gets in and goes to work on Daniels. Daniels traps him in the wrong corner and gets a tag to Jeff Jarrett. The heels work fast tags back and forth on RVD and keep him isolated.


Ray and Anderson work the match next, and a choke slam by Ray is met with a cover by Bobby Roode, who has left the announce position and tagged himself in. Anderson is first out.


AJ hits the offense on Roode, and Roode derails him with a low blow. Roode gets disqualified as they go to commercial.


Out of the break, AJ eats a delayed vertical suplex from both Jarrett and Ray. Daniels gets the tag to keep the pressure up on AJ. AJ counters Angel’s Wings and eats a Pele kick and AJ gets the tag to RVD. RVD unleashes offense on the heels, ending with Rolling Thunder on Daniels. He tries to go for Five Star but Angle pushes him off the ropes. Storm and Angle start to fight, and meanwhile Daniels rolls up RVD and pulls the trunks to get the elimination.


It’s three on one for AJ vs. Ray, Daniels, and Jarrett. Ray stands on AJ then Daniels drives AJ into both Ray and Jarrett’s boots. AJ starts to fire up on Ray but Ray stops the offense then calls for Daniels’ BME. AJ gets the feet up and Daniels eats a boot. Ray and Jarrett try to sandwich AJ with clotheslines but AJ ducks then hits Ray with the Pele. Jeff Hardy finally makes his way to the ring.


Hardy hits both Daniels and Jarrett with the Twist of Fate, eliminating them. Ray makes Hardy eat a big boot, and Jarrett won’t leave the ring. AJ flies off and hits Ray with a springboard forearm to pin him, picking up the win for Team Storm.


Winners: Team Storm



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