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TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results 15/12/11

December 16, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Report by Mike Johnson @ PWInsider.com

TNA iMPACT Wrestling Results December 15, 2011

Impact Wrestling opened up with a look at Jeff Hardy becoming the number one contender for the TNA title and the controversial ending to the TNA title bout at Final Resolution.

Mike Tenay noted that Sting ordered they deal with the TNA title situation to kick off this week.

TNA Champion Bobby Roode vs. AJ Styles – Five Minutes Overtime from Final Resolution

Roode mocked Styles, holding the belt up in his face before the bell.    Styles decked Roode and took him down.  Styles hit a springboard into a high cross bodyblock for a near fall.  He nailed a dropkick for another.    Styles grabbed in a side headlock takedown and cranked it around Roode’s neck.  Roode reversed but Styles took him down again for a two count. Roode grabbed head scissors but Styles fights out of it.  Roode launched Styles up, trying to slam him knees down but Styles rolled through and nearly pinned the champion again.  Styles chopped Roode in the corner and stomped him.   Roode kicked Styles in the leg and tried to slam it into the ringpost but Styles kicked Roode off.  He went for a dive but Roode took his legs out and Styles crashed hard.

Back in the ring, Roode began working over Styles knees.  Roode set Styles on the top but was kicked off.  Styles dove on him and covered the champ but Roode got his foot on the ropes with under a minute left.  Roode cut him off with 30 seconds left and decided to run out the clock.  Styles nailed him with a Pele Kick, then nailed a springboard into a 450 kneedrop as the bell rang.
Sting came out and said that we can do it all night long and re-started another five minutes.
As the bell rang, Roode drilled Styles from behind with a chop block and locked in a single leg crab in the center.  Styles was trapped and tried to fight it off, but had no choice but to tap.

Your winner and still TNA champion, Bobby Roode!

Backstage, Bobby Roode said that it didn’t matter how long it took, as long as he got the jobdone.  They interspersed comments from Styles, saying he had Roode’s number.  Roode said that he spits in the face of authority and if Jeff Hardy wants a shot, good, he can have one.

Tag Team Title Shot Tournament: Scott Steiner & Abyss vs. Robby T & Hernandez (with Rosita and Sarita)

This is the tournament where they do Battlebowl style teams with weird combinations.

Backstage, Steiner said that he owes Abyss one but he’s under orders from Eric Bischoff to make this work.  He said they are a team, right?  Abyss didn’t really respond.  Mike Tenay reminded everyone that Immortal has been trying to get Abyss back into the fold.

Steiner and Hernandez started off.   Steiner kicked him in the gut and ran him into the corner.  He worked over Hernandez with several punches and chops.   He whipped Hernandez hard into the buckles and Hernandez went down. Hernandez placed him on the top and nailed the top rope Fall Away Slam.  T tried to interfere so Steiner nailed an overhead belly to bell release suplex.
Steiner offered a tag to Abyss, who just stood there miserable. This allowed T to attack Steiner from behind.  Hernandez and T worked over Steiner.  The announcers asked fans to go on Twitter and give their opinions on Sting having the overtime tonight. Hernandez and T double teamed Steiner.
T picked up Hernandez for a suplex, dropping him down over Steiner.  T covered Steiner for a two count.   They nailed a double shoulderblock.  Abyss finally entered the ring behind them and nailed a double clothesline and an Avalanche in the corner.  He chokeslammed Hernandez but was jumped by T.  Abyss shook him off and nailed the Black Hole Slam.  He got into Steiner’s face and reluctantly tagged Steiner.  Steiner covered T and scored the pin.

Your winners, Abyss and Scott Steiner!

Steiner went to leave but Abyss grabbed him and raised his arm.  He left, smiling and pointing to his head, as if he was getting into Steiner’s.

Backstage, Kurt Angle said he was sick of Sting.   He said it was time for him to do something about it.

When we returned from commercial, Angle came to the ring and called out Sting.  Angle told him that for the first time in his life, Sting was going to shut up and listen.  He complained that he was thrown into a title bout with James Storm with 90 minutes to prepare and claimed he lost due to a loaded boot.  He said that he then got a rematch and the same loaded boot caused his loss.  Angle threatened Sting and demanded a rematch with Storm.  Sting said that Storm beat him fair and square and needs to move upward and onward towards Booby Roode.  Angle said that Sting had it out for Roode and Angle.  Angle said that Sting wants to be a Cowboy like James Storm (Sting was wearing a fringed jacket) so Angle was going to go to Storm’s hometown and kick everyone’s ass there. He said that once he does that, maybe Storm will grant him his rematch.

Zema Ion vs. Tony Nese: Best of Three Series – Match One

The winner gets a X-Division title bout at Genesis. Nese took Ion down with a waistlock but Ion gets to his feet.  They trade armdrags and reversals.  Nese drilled him with a running knee and started working over his arm.  They are going back and forth really fast. Nese drilled him with an elbow to the neck but Nese took his legs out as Ion rebounded off the ropes and hit a springboard moonsault.  He followed up with a running knee that sent Ion to the floor.  Nese hit a great forward flip dive to the floor.

Nese nailed a flying clothesline off the top for another near fall but was kicked off while charging into the corner.  Ion went for a tornado DDT out of the corner but Nese blocked it.  Nese went for a top rope rana but it was blocked when Ion held on.  Ion hit an awesome missile dropkick for a two count.  Ion drilled Nese’s chin into his knees and covered him, then pulled him up.  He nailed it again and pulled Nese up again.

Ion went to the top and hit a 450 splash, scoring the pin.

Your winner, Zema Ion!

The Jarretts entered the building backstage.  Jeff and Karen both tried to tell the other one that they should be the one fired, trying to sacrifice themselves for the other.  They both said they were going to talk to Sting.

Backstage, Zema Ion said he’s got the prettiest great, boots and is the prettiest wrestler in thecompany.  He said he was tired of waiting for his opportunities, so he took one.  He said, “It’s all about me, myself and Ion.”

Backstage, Ric Flair told Gunner to forget Garrett Bischoff because he’s done.  He said that tonight, Gunner has Jesse Neal.  He said Jesse was a good wrestler but compared to Gunner, he doesn’t exist.  He told Gunner to get the job done.

Jesse Neal vs. Gunner (with Ric Flair)

Gunner slammed Neal down to the mat and just wrecked him with punches.  He shoulderblocked Neal into the corner and worked him over viciously.     Flair looked on approvingly.   Gunner drilled Neal in the corner again and he went down.   Neal went to the floor.  Gunner went after him but the referee tried to stop him.  Gunner shoved the referee off and got DQ’d.

Your winner, Jesse Neal by DQ.

Flair attacked Neal and stomped him low.  Flair removed the mats from ringside and Gunner DDT’d Neal on the exposed concrete.  They showed EMTs working over Neal.

Backstage, Karen Jarrett was trying to charm Sting by complimenting him. He cut to the chase and asked her what she wanted.  Karen said that she knew Sting was going to send one of them home and immediately threw Jeff Jarrett under the bus!  She told Sting that he can’t fire her.  She admitted that Jeff was a great wrestler but there’s 100 Jarretts out there who can take his spot on the roster.  She said God broke the mold when he created Karen Jarrett.  She said that Jeff can watch the kids while she helps Sting run the show.  Sting said that he’s known Jeff since Jeff was a little kid and he can’t make a decision until he hears Jeff out too.  She asked him if he saw where she was coming from and Sting said that he did.  She excitedly hugged Sting and ran off.  Sting looked at her leaving and muttered “Poor Jeff.”

Jeff Hardy came to the ring and took the mic.  He said that his neck hurts and his body is sore from Sunday, but he’s the number one contender and will face the champion at Genesis.  He said he’s going to do everything in his power to make 2012 the most memorable year of his career….and Bully Ray’s music played.  Ray came to the ring.  He said that Hardy is in a really good mood for someone who has no clue who he has to fight tonight.  Ray said they are fighting tonight and mocked Hardy for interacting with his fans instead of having a life and doing something creative.   Ray said he was the most feared guy in the company and he’s been kicking Jeff’s head in for 15 years.  Usual good Ray delivery.  He said that he’s not really that pissed off at Jeff and said that he really has to thank Jeff.  He said that at the PPV Jeff screwed up, Ray stepped into Hardy’s shoes the next day and took Hardy’s spot in Immortal.  He said that he’s better than Hardy and won’t be a stepping stone.  Ray said he’s a freight train and Hardy is standing on his tracks.

Backstage, Samoa Joe told Magnus that he doesn’t know him and he doesn’t care to know him.  Joe said he doesn’t play politics, he just wants to fight his way to get what he earned.  He said Magnus is an achor to get his opportunity at the belts.  Magnus said he didn’t care about friendship or about Joe.  He said he never gets a chance and he just wants to go out there and win the tag tournament.

Tag Team Tournament: Robbie E & Douglas Williams vs. Samoa Joe & Magnus

Magnus and Williams, usually partners, started off as opponents.   Williams took him down to the mat with headscissors and a headlock takedown.  Magnus escaped and they faced off.   E tagged in and scored with a kick but started grandstanding and ate a clothesline.    Williams kicked Magnus from behind, setting up the chance for E to stomp away at Williams.  Williams nailed a running knee in the corner and snapped a suplex over.  E nailed a fistdrop for a two count but Samoa Joe hit the ring to break up the pin with a kick.

E continued to work over Magnus.  Magnus came out of the corner with a clothesline and tagged Joe.  Joe nailed an inverted atomic drop, a kick to the face and a back senton splash for a two count.  Joe nailed a powerslam but E tried to interfere.  Joe moved and E nailed his partner.  Joe destroyed E and snapmared him over.   Magnus came off the top with a big elbow.  He drilled Williams, setting him up for a muscle buster.  Joe scored the pin on Williams.

Your winners, Samoa Joe & Magnus!

Backstage, Jeff Jarrett was buttering up Sting, reminding him that they’ve known each other 25 years.  Jeff said that he knows Karen has been talking to Jeff about this for days.  He tells Sting that he knows it would be publicly humiliating but then asked Sting to let Karen down easy, noting that it’s his wife and he cares about her!  Jeff reminded Sting that he’s the reigning Mexican heavyweight champion.  He said that Karen loves to be home with the kids and asked Sting to be gentle and nice.  Sting asked Jeff if he was sure and whether she was looking for a Nanny or really wanted to stay home with the kids.  Jeff said he was sure and asked him again to let her down easy.  Sting said that he needed a few minutes.

Backstage, Eric Young was cutting his usual promo when ODB showed up and told him that she was his partner tonight. Young was impressed with her strength when they locked up.

Devon cut a promo and called out Pope, who brought out Devon’s kids.  He said he’s the one who is their father, he was there for them, he raised them and he’s the one training them, not Pope.  He told Pope he was going to bring them up the way that he wants them brought up.  He told them it was time for them to leave.  As they tried to walk out, Pope cut a promo and said it was time for Devon to get with the times.  He put himself over, saying the boys were tired of living a boring lifestyle when Pope is giving them a chance to learn how to live the high life.  He said Devon will never be as fly or pimping as the Pope.  Devon tried to walk away and Pope told him not to walk away from him like his wife did to Devon.  Pope said those kids should have been his seed but he and Devon’s ex-wife are working on that.  Devon attacked him but the kids pulled him off trying to calm him down.  Devon hugged them and Pope kicked Devon low from behind.  Devon’s kids smiled at Pope and stood aside as Pope worked over Devon.. Pope screamed that the boys were his now.  They raised his hand.

Backstage, Karen and Jeff were trying to snow each other by saying they were sacrificing themselves.  A PA showed up and said that Sting wanted to see them both.  They were shocked that Sting wanted to see them together at the same time.

Traci Brooks vs. Madison Rayne

Brooks charged Rayne and tackled her on the stage. Brooks dragged her to the ring and slammed her into the apron.,  She dragged Rayne into the ring and choked her in he corner.  Rayne cut her off and choked her against the ropes.    Rayne choked her and stepped over Brooks’ back.  She nailed a neckbreaker through the ropes on Brooks, who fell to the floor.

Back in the ring, she slammed Brooks facefirst to the mat and covered her for a two count.  Rayne used her foot to choke Brooks in the corner.  Rayne was nailed with a jawbreaker to break it.  Brooks charged her and drill her knees into Rayn’e’s back.   Rayne used her legs to snap Brooks neck but Traci kicked up at two.  Rayne charged and kicked her in the head.  She covered Brooks for the pin.

Your winner, Madison Rayne!

Backstage, Sting was meeting with the Jarretts.  Now, the Jarretts were putting each other over and saying they should be the one to be sent home.  Sting said that it’s obvious neither of them have seen anything from the show tonight.  Jeff praised Sting for the way he was running it.  Sting then exposed them both for burying the other.   Karen accused Sting of lying, so he ran the footage from earlier.   Jeff lost it when he heard Karen burying him.  She then lost it when she saw the footage of Jeff burying her.  They went nuts.  Sting cut them off and said that they can’t have Jeff without Karen or Karen without Jeff and fired both of them.  The announcers put it over like the end of an era.

Jeff Hardy vs. Bully Ray

Jeremy Borash did the ring introductions.

Ray immediately went to work on Hardy in the corner with elbows and shoulderblocks.   He stalked Hardy and measured him with punches.  Bobby Roode was doing commentary, scouting Hardy.    Ray controlled the early portion.   Hardy was tied to the tree of woe and beaten with punches to the mid-section.  Ray held him overhead for a standing vertical suplex and dropped him down.
Ray locked in a bearhug and squeezed hard.    Hardy broke free but Ray backdropped him for a two count.   Ray slammed him and tried to come out of the corner with a Vader splash but Hardy rolled out of the ring.   Hardy made a comeback with a series of rights.  He whipped Ray and drilled him with a leaping forearm and a clothesline for a near fall.

Hardy nailed a head scissors out of the corner.  Ray went for the Bubba Bomb but Hardy slipped out and nailed the Twist of Fate for a two count.  Ray caught him with a sideslam for a two count.   He missed a splash and was caught with a Twist of Fate for the pin.

Your winner, Jeff Hardy!

Hardy turned to Roode and told him time was ticking on his title run.  Roode started heading to the ring, allowing Ray to attack Jeff from behind.  They double teamed Hardy and Ray brought a table into the ring.   Roode fed him to Ray, who powerbombed Hardy through the table.  I kept waiting for James Storm to make the save but instead it was Sting.  He faced off with Roode but Ray went to nail him.  Sting got in his face and nailed him.  Roode nailed Sting from behind, getting over his spit in authority’s face deal.  They put the boots to Sting and Hardy.  Roode shoved the belt in Hardy’s face and said he was the World champion.  We go off the air.

Report by Mike Johnson @ PWInsider.com


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