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Top Ten; Entrance Themes By Adam

December 15, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Hey and welcome to The Top Ten by Adam Mac. This weeks top ten will look at my favourite entrances in professional wrestling history. A good theme and entrance are one of most important things to a wrestler. It gives the fans the first opportunity to see someone step through the curtain. The entrance should tell the back story of the wrestler. Over the years wrestlers have given us some of the greatest and some of the most truly awe inspiring entrances of all time, and here’s a look at my top ten wrestling entrances.




Number Ten


Triple H


One thing I love about Triple H is no matter what persona he is pulling off he always has a quality theme to go with it. I remember being obsessed with the ‘my time’ theme back in 2000 until it was used by Stephanie. Then I didn’t care about it anymore. The thing about Triple H’s theme is he took the prop that he was using during his DX run and incorporated it into his new persona. Plus we have all copied him, whether it was in the shower or just in the back garden, taking a mouthful of water and trying to spit it out like he does. Even the dark lighting adds to the entrance of The Game. I like this entrance so much I have used it on every Smackdown vs Raw game as the base of my entrance [I have Shawn Michaels’ old ring pyro going on the background when he spits the water out ;)]


Number Nine




At number nine we have the Big Red Monster entrance. Sure Triple H has the theme and the water but Kane has the kick ass pyro and nothing says hello like a big red bang at the beginning of his matches. Even the announcers put over his entrance saying how hot it suddenly got in the arena. Even when he  removed the mask and got the kick ass ‘Slow Chemical’ by Finger Eleven, his entrance was still awesome. Then when he finally gets into the ring we get to see him set all the turnbuckles alight bringing the house lights back on. The reason this is on the list is because it is instantly recognisable, as soon as you hear the bang and the lights go off you know that the Big Red Monster is on his way.


Number Eight


The Brood


Speaking of fire we have The Brood. Something about this entrance screams awesome sauce and it is probably the fact that all three rise from the stage in fire. Along with the gothic club red lighting flashing. No matter if you were a fan or not you couldn’t say that the entrance wasn’t cool. I mean these guys come up surrounded by fire for an eleven year old at the time it was freaking amazing. Then later on in the entrance Gangrel goes onto spit blood into the crowd, the eleven year old me was probably like ‘I don’t know what to think but looks hella good.’ Now if Robert Patterson came from the ground surrounded by flames and spitting blood all over people in Twlight then I might actually enjoy it. That or unless Blade showed up and destroyed people.


Number Seven


D-Generation X


From one stable to another in D-Generation X, just like The Brood this entrance is unique thanks to visual effects. D-X’s effects are splitting between the live action entrance to the entrance video. When you see it on paper you think it shouldn’t work but my god does it work. Then we would have the pyro green ‘X’ and the crotch chops. Then to finish it off Triple H would do his announcer impression of ‘Lets get ready to suck it’. Again I defy anyone not to admit at doing the DX crotch chop at least one point in their lives, which just proves that this is an amazing entrance. The beginning of the entrance builds up perfectly with the music and with the lighting it makes for the best ever stable/tag team entrance ever.


Number Six


Shawn Michaels


At number six we have the original leader of D-X, The Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Sure the watered down Shawn Michaels entrance is good but the old entrances were better. I miss the pose in the ring with the pyro behind him – much better then the pyro going off behind him on the stage. Added to the fact that he sings his own theme, something no one else on the top ten can say. With such an iconic song and charisma to burn it is hard not to enjoy a Shawn Michaels entrance. Sure Shawn’s best entrances are always at Mania but you can’t help but love The Showtopper.


Number Five


Ultimate Warrior


Many people in the past have commented saying that Ultimate Warrior would be so tired after his entrance that his matches were always horrible. That was Warrior though and as soon as the beat started to build up you knew that things were about to get intense. Warrior would come sprinting down to the ring with his bright colours and begin shaking the ropes as soon as he entered. This entrance makes it high on the list because despite Warrior the man coming across as a bit of a douche at times you can’t deny that Warrior the performer was one of the best showmen when it comes to entrances.


Number Four


Ric Flair

From one intense entrance to the most classy ever. Sure Ric Flair took his nickname, strut and finisher move from Buddy Rogers but I doubt the legend would be able to pull it off better than the limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun. From the ‘Dawn’ section of the tone poem ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ by Richard Strauss, to the pyro it all worked with the Nature Boy gimmick. Then add on top of that the flamboyant and expensive robes and the women on both arms you have one of the most classy entrances ever in wrestling.


Number Three


The Sandman


When you try to think of an entrance that defines a company attitude, ECW’s must be The Sandman entrance. From the fans singing along to Metallica’s ‘Enter the Sandman’ to the smoking and drinking with the fans. It made for the perfect ECW entrance. Sure the fact that Sandman would be bleeding before the match would be enough to amp up the blood thirsty ECW faithful. Sandman’s actually became second to his entrances so much so that during his WWE run he spent the majority of his time coming in from the crowd to a blatant rip off of his theme to attack people. Sure it might not be as classy as Ric Flair’s but it was unique and something other people weren’t doing at the time.


Number Two


The Undertaker


Sure they are longer then most matches on television but by god are they amazing. It is vintage now and everyone knows that when you hear the dong that The Deadman is coming to the ring. The music and the smoke adds the eery aspect of the entrance. Sure Taker has had other entrances as The American Badass but that isn’t a patch of the legendary dead march down to the ring. The lighting is perfect for the character, even the way that the ring announcers say his name sends chills down your spine. Add on top the special entrances at Wrestlemania with the Druids etc. and you have the second most iconic entrance ever.


Number One


Hulk Hogan


Inside of me their is a fanboy that only comes out at certain moments in life, it came out a little bit when I was doing my phone interview with Chris Jericho and it comes out when I listen to Real American. From the opening DUN DUN DUN to the rhythm it just makes me really happy. During his entrance, much like Ultimate Warrior he is a showmanship as soon as he goes through the curtain and it translates to the audience. As soon as he gets into the ring and rips off his t-shirt and proceeds to pull muscle poses you can’t help but be pumped up. Sure Hogan might of tarnished his legacy a bit in his private life but you can’t deny that when he was on form he was on form and knew what made an entrance work. It is a theme that instantly brings people back to childhood and the theme that is that famous it was recently used by a man called Barack Obama [If you have heard of him?] during a presidential dinner.


Cheap Plugs


Do you agree or disagree? Comment below and you could feature on next weeks column. Next week we will cover the Top Ten Moments of 2011. This weekend will see the debut of another new exciting column called The [Wrestling] Mat Pack Prediction Contest. So come back to check it out. Don’t forget to check Wrestlezone.co.uk daily for all your wrestling news and in the words of a great man…if I don’t see you through the week I’ll see you through a window. PEACE


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