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Tossing Salt Is Smackdown: April 29, 2011

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Tossing Salt Is Smackdown
April 29, 2011
Doug Maynard

I’m Doug. Let’s do this…
Last Monday was the WWE 2011 Draft… and the landscape has changed. We see highlights from Monday night to start off the show. John Cena with the first ever “Dusty finish” in WWE Draft History as he goes back to RAW and plays “Super-Cena”.
Time to layeth the smack down with “Tossing Salt Is Smackdown!”
It’s Josh Matthews, Booker T and Michael Cole calling the action in Greensboro, NC and the vacant World Title Belt is hanging above the ring. Later tonight, Big Show and Kane defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel, plus Rey Mysterio takes on Mark Henry later tonight.
Here comes Randy Orton to the ring.
Randy gets a great response from the crowd and seems happy. Boy needs a shave though. Randy introduces himself to the one or two fans who might not know him. He’s Randy Orton and for the first time in almost five years, he’s back on Smackdown. He’s looking forward to the challenges ahead, but this Sunday, he has unfinished business to attend to involving CM Punk.
Here comes Drew McIntyre, wearing a brand new RAW t-shirt. He mocks the fans. Randy is on Smackdown and he (Drew) is moving to RAW. Drew says it’s a shame that the WWE Universe will have to wait for Drew versus Randy. Drew is just here to say helo and goodbye and walks into an RKO by the “Viper” as he tries an ambush, but it backfires.
Randy talks again… and music hits. Here comes Alex Riley to the ring. He’s been drafted to Smackdown too. Alex never gets to speak as Randy hits an RKO on the Miz’s former assistant.
Randy gets the mic to talk again. And here comes Alberto Del Rio, along with Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez. Alberto introduces himself and he comments on Randy making a great first impression. Alberto feels bad for the people because they’re losing him from Smackdown and will lose the World Title too when he takes it to RAW. Alberto is there to make a lasting impression. Randy is surrounded. And Christian comes out so it’s two on three.
Here comes Teddy Long. Holla holla holla! It’s a new era on Smackdown, but it’s his rules. Tonight will be Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay versus Christian and Randy Orton in the main event. Holla! Alberto and Brodus smile, but Christian and Orton clear the ring.
Monday night on RAW, it’s the Rock’s birthday and the WWE is celebrating, live from Miami.
Kofi Kingston comes out and here comes Sheamus with a sneak-attack and ambush. Sheamus puts a major beatdown on the Green Jumping Bean and puts a major whooping on the guy both outside and inside the ring. Boom! Boom! Boom! Sheamus stands tall in the end.
Later tonight, Rey Mysterio takes on Mark Henry.
Smack Of The Night: Michael Cole versus Jim Ross from Monday night – Jim Ross pounds Michael Cole and Jerry gives him a whipping!
Michael Cole is in the ring and looks rough. A black eye and busted mouth… wow! He talks about how he’ll destroy Lawler and Ross and mocks Jim Ross while bringing out Jack Swagger. Swagger wearing new RAW t-shirt and does some push-ups on the way to the ring. He hugs Cole – how sweet. It’s match time.

Jack Swagger vs. Sin Cara

Good editing as Cara flies into the ring. Swagger starts off by taking Cara down with legit wrestling moves, but Cara escapes with kicks. A big clothesline by Swagger to take back control. Swagger with hard whip into corner and Cara is down. A big slam by Swagger, but misses the splash off the ropes as Cara gets up the knees. It’s Sin Cara in control now with a head scissors and a kick. Swagger with a big boot to the face. Cole slips Swagger a foreign object. Cara with a roll-up for the pin.

Winner: Sin Cara

Cole is livid and tells Swagger to do something. He tries, but Sin Cara sends him to the floor and flattens the All-American American with a big squash splash outside the ring.
We see Cole talking junk and gving a pep talk to Swagger. Kane and The Big Show are heading towards the ring and their tag team title defense is next.
Sunday night is Extreme Rules on PPV. Christian versus Del Rio for the vacated World Championship in a ladder match. Should be fun.
Another great video with “Kharma” ripping the head off more dolls. She laughs and is just awesome (Kong).

WWE World Tag Team Championship
The Big Show & Kane (champions) versus Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater – The Corre

Heath starts off against The Show and takes a beating, but Heath clips the leg. Gabriel in and he’s using the feet and some kicks to score the advantage for a two. Show kicks out and we go to a commercial.
We come back and Slater with a DDT and cover on the Show for two. Gabriel is in for another two count and some stomps. Sleeper by Gabriel. Show gets up and a side-slam for Gabriel. Both down. Kane and Slater both in. Kane with clotheslines and a kick for two. It’s all Kane for another two. Kane goes up top for the big fist and it’s chokeslam time. Show in and both Slater and Gabriel get chokeslammed. Kane pins Slater and gets the win.

Winners and STILL CHAMPIONS: Kane and Big Show

In the back, Great Khali and his human voice-box, Rahjin Singh, talk to Rey Mysterio and wish him great luck on RAW. A new guy comes in and talks to Khali and the manager for a moment before walking off.
Rey comes to the ring and he’s got the mic. We see a replay from last week where Cody Rhodes bagged the luchadore legend. Rey says it’s hard to be leaving Smackdown and he’s enjoyed every single minute of his Smackdown career. The journey continues at Extreme Rules when he defeats Cody Rhodes and he and the fans can celebrate together. The WWE fans will always be a part of the “619”.
We see video from MOnday night where Mark Henry turns on Cena and Christian in the six-man tag match. Mark Henry talks. It’s unfortuate for Rey that his farewell is Rey’s debut.

Rey Mysterio versus “The World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry

Rey with kicks. Henry with a choke. Rey fights back with speed and kicks. Henry with the shot to flatten Rey and just stands on him. Rey with fists, but Henry slams him to the mat. Mark throws Rey to the floor. Mark follows Rey out, but Rey fights back. Henry with a shot, but Rey fights back and Mark eats steel steps as we go to a commercial.
Back and Rey is throwing kicks at Henry in the corner.
Rey to the top rope, but Mark catches him and doubles Rey over. A big splash in the corner and Rey is down. Mark covers for two. Headbutts by Mark Henry and some kicks. Mark just tosses Rey around, but misses a butt-drop. Rey fights back and flies, getting a two count. Dropkick by Rey to the leg and he hits a “619”. And here is “Phantom of the Smackdown” Cody Rhodes with the attack on Rey.

Winner by DQ: Rey Mysterio

Cody just beats down on Rey as the fight goes into the audience. Kicking and clubbering by Cody as he takes Rey back into the ring where Mark Henry is waiting to deliver the “World’s Strongest Slam”. Mark just smiles as he walks off, headed back to the dressing room. Cody has a paper bag and puts it on Rey one more time, “bagging” his rival in preparation for their “Falls Count Anywhere” match at Extreme Rules.
Later tonight, it’s Christian and Randy Orton versus Alberto Del Rio and Brodus Clay in the main event.
We see a replay of Michelle McCool and Layla having problems during their counseling sessions and then Layla freaking out on Michelle on Monday night.

Michelle McCool versus Layla

Layla attacks and it’s a cat fight. Fist city by both Diva’s. They go to the floor and Michelle dominates with a hard whip to the ringside barrier. A kick by Michelle and the ref calls for the bell as the fight continues.

Double Count Out

Referees come down and pull the two Diva’s apart. Somewhere, I can hear Joey Styles yelling “Catfight!”. Layla gets the mic – she wants a match at Extreme Rules with no count outs or DQ’s. Michelle accepts the match at Extreme Rules under one condition – that the match is “Loser Leaves WWE!”. Layla says, “You’re On!”
We see a video highlighting the two-week tour of Europe that the WWE superstars just returned from. The song, “Justice” by Rev Theory is the official song for “Extreme Rules”.
Matt Striker talks to Christian backstage. Christian reminds us that Alberto Del Rio injured him and he talks about his own destiny. He’s been thinking and reflecting and does he really have what it takes. That changes this Sunday because it’s his destiny to become the World Champion.
The announcers run down the matches for the Extreme Rules pay per view on Sunday. Ricardo is in the ring to make the introduction.

Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay w/ Ricardo Rodriguez versus Christian & Randy Orton

Del Rio starts off against Christian, but quickly tags in Clay. Brodus uses the power to dominate and takes Christian down. Christian with fists and kicks. Clay uses the poweer to take control and tags to Alberto. Del Rio with kicks and goes after the arm, getting a two count. Del Rio with arm bar. Christian with fists and a kick. Orton tags in and kicks away at Del Rio. A big knee, followed by another for two. Alberto grabs the arm and tags in Clay. Clay takes control and we go to commercial time.
slam by Clay on Orton and a cover for two. Del Rio tags in with kicks and another two count. Punches by Del Rio and the chinlock. Orton fights up and tries to tag Christian, but can’t do it. Orton with suplex on Del Rio and both are down. Christian is as is Clay. Christian with kicks and the missle dropkick for two. Punch from the outside by Christian, but Clay with a fallaway slam for two. Clay stands on Christian as Del Rio gets in the cheap shots from outside. Clay covers for two.
Del Rio comes in with kicks and back to the arm. Christian with fists and Del Rio with a headbutt. Del Rio to the floor. Christian crawls, but Clay is in with headbutts from behind. Backbreaker by Clay and a big slam. Another big slam and Del Rio tags in to get a two count. Del Rio with kicks for another two. Del Rio is waiting and goes for the big kick in the corner and goes upstairs.
Christian is up with a hurracurana. Christian tags off to Randy who unloads with the clotheslines on everyone. A suplex for Del Rio and the second rope DDT. Randy punches Clay and sets up for the RKO. Clay trips Randy from the outside and Randy still manages to hit the RKO on Clay for the pin.

Winners: Randy Orton and Christian

Del Rio is not happy and Christian looks up towards the World Championship belt as the show comes to an end.
And there you go with another Friday Night Smackdown in the books. It wasn’t a bad show and did a good job of helping to build towards the “Extreme Rules” pay per view on Sunday.
And with that, I’m out of here for now. Had more to talk about, but it’s been a stressful day and I’m just not feeling it right now, so I’ll just wind it up and get back to what I need to get back to at a later time. Does that sound like a plan or what? Congrats to William and Kate! I’m Doug and I am outta here. Until the next time, Ubuntu!


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