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Tossing Salt Presents Wrestling Fact Or Fiction: December 14, 2011

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Tossing Salt Presents Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
December 14, 2011
Doug Maynard

Here we are and I am excited. It’s “Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact Or Fiction”. I’m your humble and favorite salt-tosser, Doug and this week, I’m joined by the man, the myth, the legend… the one and only Russell Jackson.

For the past two weeks, you’ve only been able to hear my opinions, but now, the mood is about to change and in the words of Chris Jericho, things will never. eeeevvveeerrr be the same again!! There’s two of us here now and the energy is out of this world! Let’s just jump right to it. The questions were written late Sunday night, before RAW or “Tribute To The Troops”, so keep that in mind. They are mostly WWE related, but we do have a few TNA ones as well. Let’s do this…

You Are Excited About The TLC PPV Coming Up On Sunday?

Doug: FICTION… It looks, on paper, as if it might be a good show, but there are just so many shows these days that they all seem to just run together. And I’m not a big fan of shows where every match involves a gimmick. Things like a tables match or ladder match or the Elimination Chamber, etc… should be special and mean something on the rare occasions that they’re used.

To stick someone in a gimmick match just because it’s the theme of a pay per view is just lazy booking and cheapens the whole comcept. There are matches that should be fun to see, such as Ryder versus Ziggler and Booker versus Cody, but if you’ll notice, they’re just regular title matches with no stipulations involved. This is a B-Show for the WWE anyhow and only two weeks before Christmas, with a three hour RAW (the Slammy’s) and the Tribute To The Troops having aired this week already, no one is going to pay to see this PPV. Most people will do like I am and just read the results at their favorite website or else wait for RAW on Monday night.

Russell: FACT…Considering there are 6 matches with 4 of the matches being for Championships, it will be interesting to see how this PPV plays out (I’m hoping)…You have Cody Rhodes vs Booker T. for the Intercontinental Championship. The only thing that Cody Rhodes has done worth while since being the I.C. Champion is that he brought back the classic I.C. Championship…other than that, in my mind, he hasn’t done anything exciting in his matches. His promos are annoyiny / boring. On one side, the fan in me wants Booker T. to win the I.C. Championship & end Cody’s reign as champ, but have a vibe that it isn’t gonna happen. More on Booker T. a lil later.

Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett in a Tables Match? The “Barrett Barrage”has been a thorn in the side of Randy Orton for roughly a month now, interfering in Orton’s matches every chance he gets. The goof, “Wedgie Boy” Michael Cole has stated that Barrett has “been in the head” of Orton, using mind games to keep Orton off balanced. In reality, all Barrett is doing is pissing Orton off. Conclusion – the time & place with “The Apex Predator”/”The Viper” slithering in TLC, putting Barrett through a table & finally stopping “The Barrett Barrage” dead in it’s tracks.

Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder for the U.S. Championship. Ziggler thinks he’s all that & a bag of chips, cause he’s a show off, cause he’s wrestled twice at the Survivor Series PPV last month. BIG DEAL! .He’s another guy that bores the hell outta me and makes me wish I was blind while he wrestles & wish i was deaf with his manager screaming out “EXCUSE ME !!!!!!!!!” everytime there’s a microphone that she can get her grubby lil paws on & just plains out screams bloody murder when one of her 2 associates (Jack Swagger bein the other) is on the losing end of a match. In the words of Walter, or Jeff Dunham using Walter’s voice, “Someone Kill Me Please”. More on Zack Ryder a lil later.

Triple H vs Kevin Nash in a Ladder Match to retrieve a Sledgehammer hanging above…This whole rivalry between “The Game” & “Big Sexy” in my mind, is only starting to get good & will not end at the TLC PPV. With them throwing “The Kliq” scenario in the mix, I would have thought we’d be seein at least HBK & X-Pac in the storyline feud between Trips & Nash & maybe we can still see the other 2 outta the 3 Kliq members (Shawn Michaels & Sean Waltman) if they still keep the feud going after the TLC PPV which could/would/should be very interesting. It’s a toss up on who wins that match.

Mark Henry vs Big Show for the World Heavyweight Championship. On one side, you have a wounded World Heavyweight Champion with a “wheel” heavily taped up, limping along, spouting off “This World Heavyweight isn’t leaving my shoulder any time soon” and on the other side, you have a pissed off giant, the largest man in sports entertainment, that’s almost came within reaches, of taking possession the World Heavyweight Championship. And with the match, being a “Chairs Match”, all hell is gonna break loose. I’ve never known a one legged man in an ass kickin contest to come out victorious in the end. Unless Big Show doesn’t do anything majorly stupid, we could see a new World Heavyweight Champion crowned at the TLC PPV.

The Triple Threat between defending WWE Champion, CM Punk, the Ricky Ricardo look alike, Alberto Del Rio & “IIIIII’MMMMMMM AAAAWWWWWEEEEEESOME” sounding but in reality, “IIIIIII’MMMMMMMMM AAAAAAWWWWWFFFFFFUUUUULLLLLLLLLLL” that he is, The Miz. I’m looking for Punk to retain the WWE Championship & looking to hold it for a while longer, even holding til or maybe even past WrestleMania XXVIII. He’s on a hot streak in my eyes, even in with winning 2 Slammys & 1 of the Slammys being “Superstar of the Year”. Only WWE Creative & Vinnie Mac would be that stupid / crazy enough to take the WWE Championship away from CM Punk. Punk is on a major role & he retains the WWE Championship.

So all in all, I’d say I’m excited for the TLC PPV this Sunday…

John Cena Should Be The WWE Champion Headed Into His Match Against The Rock At Wrestlemania?

Doug: FICTION… John Cena should be kept as far away from the WWE Championship as possible. He doesn’t need the title and the Rock – Cena main event is certainly big enough already without a title being involved. Let CM Punk enjoy the glory and honor of being the Champ and defending the title at the WWE’s biggest show. Cena has had his day as Champion. Now it’s someone else’s turn.

Russell: FICTION… Let’s be honest. John Cena is the face of the WWE, like it or not. On one side, you have the lil’ kids & the women who adore the hell out of him. On the other side, you have the extreme wrestling fans that can’t stand him (myself included).

In my opinion, to be the face of the WWE, doesn’t necessarily mean that he HAS to be the WWE Champion. Let some other WWE Superstar hold the WWE Championship & give “Mr. Face of the WWE” a break from the WWE Title. He could always go after the U.S. Championship or be drafted to Smackdown & go after the I.C. Championship instead.

Launching The WWE Network The Same Day As Wrestlemania Is A Smart Move?

Doug: FACT… It’s the biggest day of the year for the WWE and all eyes from all around the world will be on Wrestlemania and the company anyhow so why not take advantage of the hoopla and attempt to get the people hooked early on. I just hope that DirecTV carries the Network or else I’m going to be a very sad panda.

Russell: FACT… I would say it’s a smart move, especially if WrestleMania is on the WWE Network in its entirety. You’d have people who can’t make the PPV (even people who can) upgrade their cable service plan just to include The WWE Network to their service. Hell I’d do it. Let’s just hope that The Network doesn’t end up like The XFL & fizzle away like a bad fart.

John Morrison Will Be Successful Outside The WWE?

Doug: FICTION… John Morrison might have some limited success in ROH or TNA, but he’s only good and not great. He doesn’t have the personality or charisma to draw without the power and backing of the WWE machine behind him. He’ll enjoy some freedom, but it’ll come at a cost in marketability and income. I expect that we’ll see Morrison back in the WWE within two years.

Russell: FACT… Is this a trick question here? Here you have one of those cases where it all depends if he has Melina with him. Say if he went to TNA & he brings the drama queen with him, he won’t last very long in the orginization. He’d be better off striking out on his own & leave Melina in the dust. In that regard, I’d say Fact.

You Are Excited About Seeing Booker T Return To The Ring?

Doug: FACT… It gets Booker away from the Announcer’s table, where he is terrible and puts him back into the ring, where he can truly be at his best. Besides, I love to see Booker do the Spineroonie in the middle of matches. What can I say? Now can you dig that, SUCKA!!

Russell: FACT… We have a rare opportunity this Sunday at TLC PPV to see Booker T. in the ring & hopefully win the I.C. Championship, but the real treat to all us fans is…WE DON’T HAVE TO HEAR HIM ON COMMENTARY!!!!!

Booker T. is a good wrestler. Back when he was in Harlem Heat beside his brother in the old WCW, winning multiple Tag Team Championships, then striking out on his own. He has won the WCW World Television Championship, the United States Heavyweight Championship, before being crowned the WCW World Heavyweight Champion on 5 different occasions. His commentary on Smackdown though, is like Michael Cole’s. It plain out sucks and stinks like an unflushed… I’ll go on record to say that he’ll give Cody Rhodes a run for his money in the I.C. Title match & hopefully win the I.C. Championship at the TLC PPV.


The WWE Should Induct The Entire Poffo Family (Randy Savage, Angelo Poffo, Leaping Lanny Poffo, Miss Elizabeth) Into The WWE Hall of Fame As A Group?

Russell: FACT… Although 4 outta 5 members would be inducted posthumously, it would be a nice way of showing what all members of the group have done & therefore, should be inducted in the Hall of Fame. So WWE Brass & Upper Management, spread the word, do whatcha have to do & MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!

Doug: FACT… Randy and Miss Elizabeth certainly deserve it. Angelo Poffo was a good wrestler in his time and made a great impact as a promoter so he’s arguably deserving as well. And “The Genius” Lanny Poffo, for the short time he worked in the WWF, was certainly talented in the ring. If Koko B. Ware can be there, so can The Genius. So induct the whole family as a unit. They all are deserving and it makes everyone happy. Lanny can accept for his family and maybe even do a poem. Everybody wins.

The WWE Use of Twitter And Social Networking Is A Good Move?

Russell: FICTION… The WWE has been making a BIG DEAL of promoting “The WWE has more Facebook users than So & So” and “The WWE has so many Twitter follower and…”. I don’t give a rats… Stop showing me paid advertising about Twitter / Facebook followers. I hardly go on as it is.

Doug: FACT… I almost said fiction on this one because it’s annoying as hell to hear about this person or that person trending every three seconds, but the WWE has proven quite adept at putting Twitter and Facebook to work to keep the company and the WWE Superstars in the public eye. It’s great publicity and allows the fans to really connect to their heroes and favorite wrestlers. The bottom line is that it’s publicity and makes the WWE money. And that’s always a good thing.

Zack Ryder Should Win The United States Championship At TLC?

Russell: FACT… Woo Woo Woo…..YOU KNOW IT!!!!!…& while he’s at it, Ryder oughta have his fist/cocked/loaded & fist pump Dolgh Zizzger’s face in for good measure, given all things considered that Zack Ryder has worked his ass off to get where he’s at. I’ll go out on a major limb & say since John Cena gave up his title opportunity leading into the TLC PPV & helped Zack win his match against Mark Henry last Monday… THE NEW UNITED STATES HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION ZACK RYDER!!!!!!

Doug: FACT… The WWE has teased this long enough. It’s time to quit the stalling and give Zack the United States Championship. Dolph is ready to move out of the secondary title picture and into the WWE Championship picture instead. The fans want to see Ryder as the U.S. Champion. If the WWE really wants to do what the fans want, let’s see everyone’s favorite Broski win some gold. Woo Woo Woo! You know it!

Having The Robert Roode / AJ Styles Iron Man Match At TNA Final Resolution End In A Draw Was The Right Call?

Russell: FICTION… Let’s see here… You have a 30 minute Iron Man Match that was supposed to rock the show with it being the last match on the Final Resolution PPV & you end the match with Style & Roode bein tied 3 – 3? That’s highway robbery right there. It leaves no closure to AJ Styles in his bid for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, especially now that Jeff Hardy is the #1 Contender with his win over Jeff Jarrett at Final Resolution. At least have either AJ or Roode win the tie breaker where either one of them can concentrate on Hardy. Bad call in my opinion.

Doug: FICTION… Anytime a main event, especially for a pay per view, ends in a draw or no decision, it’s a bad call. People paid money to see the Iron Man match with Roode versus AJ Styles and by having the match end the show with a draw, the fans were cheated. It’s that simple.

If TNA wants to go this route, they could have and should have gone the HBK – Bret Hart Iron Man routine and had either Sting or Dixie Carter come down and order the match to re-start in a sudden death overtime. It’s not original, but it would have worked far better than what TNA offered. The fans were screwed and TNA was wrong. ‘Nuff said!

Gail Kim Is The Best Woman At TNA To Be Knockouts Champion?

Russell: FICTION… The women’s division on both WWE & TNA is a complete joke & wasted time. In TNA, to make matters worse, is that you have Karen Jarrett in charge of running the Knockouts Division. She has no business being in this business, much less, be running a Knockouts Division. You have Gail Kim come back to TNA from WWE & more or less be handed not only the Knockouts Championship but the Knockouts Tag Team Championship as well. Complete joke!

Doug: FACT… Right now, Gail is fresh from the WWE and is arguably the best female wrestler in the TNA Knockouts Division. While I personally would prefer to see Tara with the Knockouts Championship, Gail is capable of carrying anyone on the Knockout roster to a good match. She’s hot and new and fresh blood for TNA and adds energy and life to the Knockout’s Title. And she deserves the title.

And there you go. Ten topics discussed and at the end of it all, Russell and I are 6-4, agreeing on six subjects, but not quite being on the same page for the other four. Not too shabby. I have to admit that I love the enthusiasm and energy that Russell gives each answer. I tend to be a little more cynical with my thoughts and it’s good to hear someone with a different outlook on this great sport we both know and love so well.

So if you’re interested in joining Russell and myself in this weekly adventure, just drop me a line and let me know at Doug28352@yahoo.com. I’d love to turn this into a “Fact Or Fiction Roundtable”. That would be awesome so if you think you’d like to participate, the opportunity is here and we’re looking for you. Holla Holla Holla!

I guess that’s all for now. Thanks again to Russell for helping me out here and thanks also to Sue & Gary for giving us a forum to post our thoughts and show our love for the “King of Sports”, pro wrestling. As the Miz so often says, but in this case it’s actually true, you folks are AWESOME! I’m Doug and dat’ is all de’ people need to know. See you next Wednesday with more “Fact or Fiction”.



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