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Tossing Salt Presents: Wrestling Fact Or Fiction – December 7, 2011

December 11, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Tossing Salt presents…
Wrestling Fact Or Fiction
December 7, 2011
Doug Maynard

This was so much fun a few days ago that I’ve decided to do it again. The way this works is that I have a number of topics, wrestling related of course, and I just go down the list with each topic and state if I agree with the statement (fact) or disagree (fiction) and explain why. It’s simple, to the point and a great way to adress a number of topics in a short amount of time.

This week, I’ll be doing another solo edition, but eventually, I’d like to do this at least once a week, and have at least one other, but possibly even two or three other people also playing along and giving their thoughts and comments on numerous wrestling topics. So if you’d like to be a part of this column, just let me know and we can do it. Either contact me here on the blog or else at my e-mail at Doug28352@yahoo.com. Or just come to my Facebook and drop me a message. This is okay to do alone, but with one or two others pitching it and offering opinions, it could be just like the Miz thinks he is… AWESOME! (That guy is so delusional… lol) So hit me up, Peeps! And let’s do this…

Triple H versus Kevin Nash in a Ladder Match at TLC will be a good match?

FICTION: If it was a street fight, there’s a slight chance that it could be watchable, but a ladder match involving Kevin Nash, he of the multiple knee surgeries, is not going to be a pretty sight. Kevin can barely walk half the time and he’s slow and lumbering and the WWE has decided to involve him in a match that involves scaling a ladder to reach a sledge hammer? What the hell are they thinking? Triple H is a talented performer and one of the best of today’s generation, but he’s going to have his work cut out for him with this match. Hunter hasn’t wrestled a regular schedule in quite a while and has his own ring rust to worry about, but the WWE expects him to carry Nash through a ladder match as well? Triple H is good, but even he’s not that good. This match is going to blow major chunks if we’re lucky. Otherwise, it’s really going to be bad.

Zack Ryder Will Benefit From His Association With John Cena?

FICTION: Being associated with John Cena is a double-edged sword. It helps Ryder with the WWE management that Cena (and CM Punk and Steve Austin) have all come out in support of Ryder and are putting their considerable muscle behind his push, but I can’t see how being Cena’s sidekick will help him with fan support. Cena is a polarizing figure with the WWE Universe and just as many people hate him as like him. Ryder, for the most part, is looked upon favorably by the fans, due to his own outgoing personality and his “Long Island Iced Z” show on YouTube, but if his character starts pandering too much to Cena on TV, the fans can and will quickly turn on him as well. Wrestling fans are a fickle bunch and it’d be better for the long run of Ryder and his character if he’s shown to be more of his own man instead of a Cena flunkie or stooge.

You will watch the upcoming movie, “Crossface”, about Chris Benoit when it comes out?

FACT: I think it’s going to be a disgusting movie and really drag wrestling through the mud once more, opening up old wounds and creativing a lot of negativity for those of us who are wrestling fans, as well as the world of pro wrestling itself. Just when the memories of Benoit and the insanity of his actions that final weekend are beginning to fade, this movie will bring it all right back to the forefront of our minds again. And it’s going to be bad. And it’s going to hurt. BUT if the chance comes to see it, I probably will. Maybe it’s just the masochistic streak in me or maybe it’s the morbid fascination, similar to when you drive by a car wreck and slow down to survey the damage and look to see if anyone has been hurt. I will not go see it in the movie theatre or pay to see it, but if the chance arises to watch this movie for free, I’ll kick myself in the ass for doing so, but I’ll still watch it anyhow.

John Morrison and Melina will be a good fit for TNA Impact Wrestling?

FICTION: John Morrison will do fine in TNA. He’s a good wrestler and already knows the majority of the TNA talents. Being a former WWE star, he’ll be moved quickly into the X-Division, be pushed to the moon at first and then find a nice, comfortable place in the TNA upper mid-card. But then we have Melina. If she decides to be respectful and place nice with the other women of TNA, she can be a nice addition to the TNA Knockouts Division. But what are the chances of her minding her P’s and Q’s and being a positive influence? Slim and not likely. Melina is one of those people who like to stir the pot and create drama. The powers that be at TNA might put up with it for a while, but if she acts like she did the last couple of years in the WWE and alienates everyone, she’ll be driven out soon enough and Morrison will be gone right along with her.

You’re looking forward to the WWE Network next year?

FACT: A chance to see the old wrestling that I grew up on from the Mid-Atlantic region, Georgia and Florida, not to mention the AWA and WCW all over again? How can I not be looking forward to that? For a die-hard fan like me, an all-wrestling network is a dream come true and I’m just hoping that DirectTV decides to carry this channel. They can dump that Oprah crap and actually show something good for a change. And if DirectTV doesn’t carry the WWE network, it might just be time to change cable service providers to find someone who does.

Daniel Bryan should wait until Wrestlemania 28 to cash in the Money In The Bank briefcase?

FACT: Keep teasing Daniel Bryan cashing in the MITB contract and being a thorn in Mark Henry’s side, proving that he belongs in the main events, but I don’t think that Bryan should actually cash in the contract until Wrestlemania. Bryan is the great “ultimate underdog” wrestler and if they keep him coming just so close but never winning, the WWE can really generate interest in this match and make the fans want to see Bryan succeed and win that World Championship. It worked for Tommy Dreamer and Raven in ECW and their feud lasted several years before the payoff with Dreamer finally defeating Raven. This is like a modern day version of that feud in my eyes and I want to see Bryan finally grab that golden ring and capture the title and Wrestlemania 28 is the best place for this to happen. And just picture having Daneil Bryan and CM Punk as the World and WWE Champions at the same time. It’d be another Benoit – Guerrero moment and that’s exactly what I want to see.

John Cena will turn heel before Wrestlemania?

FICTION: He’s stay just as he is – the ultimate tweener.

Brodus Clay will re-debut on RAW before the end of the year?

FICTION: December is essentially a slow month for the WWE. Ratings are down and house-show attendence is down and nothing ever happens, so why waste the debut of Clay during the time when no one is watching anyhow? I know the Tables, Ladders and Chairs (oh my) PPV is coming up and I guess that they could debut Clay there, but no one is going to be buying that show this close to Christmas and it’d be a wasted moment. Best to wait until right before the Royal Rumble, when the ratings pick up and people are starting to tune in for the Road To Wrestlemania where Brodus Clay can make a major impact with his debut rather than just throw it out there when nobody will notice.

You’re looking forward to the return of Kane?

FACT: Kane is a good worker and if the recent vignettes are any indication, he’ll be bringing the mask back and we’ll have vintage Kane terrorizing people and running amuck on our airways. The liklihood of The Undertaker making it back to the WWE ring before Wrestlemania 28 seems less and less of a possibility as time passes, so if we can’t have the “Dead Man”, I think his little brother would make an acceptable substitute.

The “It Begins” video is about Chris Jericho?

FICTION: Jericho keeps denying it, but all reports and indications, as well as Jericho’s usual M.O. say that this video preview of a prominent return on January 2, 2012 will be none other than the “Ayatollah of Rock & Rolla” himself, Chris Jericho. It’s so much his style and method that I don’t think it will be him. I have no doubts in my mind that Jericho will return to the WWE early in 2012 and position himself in a match for Wrestlemania, possibly against CM Punk. But this whole “It Begins” thing is just so blatantly Jericho that I feel a major swerve coming on. If everyone is expecting to see Chris Jericho on January 2nd, I think we’ll get maybe Batista or Carlito or even Goldust instead. Carlito has been making noise about wanting to come back and Goldust has been petitioning for a match against Cody Rhodes at Wrestlemania so they are possibilities. And I just think seeing Batista would be cool since he left to become an actor and well, that doesn’t seem to be working out too well for him, does it. So we’ll have this video playing until January 2nd and everyone will want Jericho, but end up with someone else. And THEN, Jericho arrives and the WWE goes crazy. Now that is how it should be done. ‘Nuff said!

And there you go. Another edition of “Wrestling Fact Or Fiction”, the second one, is in the books. If you’re interested in joining me here and participating in the “Fact or Fiction” column, let me know and I’ll hook you up. Contact me at Doug28352@yahoo.com or else at my Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/saltpalace). Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you on the flip side. I’m Doug and I am outta here. See ya!


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