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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News: April 23, 2011 (The 2011 WWE Draft – Part 3

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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News
April 23, 2011
Doug Maynard
The 2011 WWE Draft – Part 3
Back one more time and after taking a look at the roster of RAW in parts one and two, it’s now time to focus my attentions to the roster of Smackdown. As we are all aware, this coming Monday night on RAW is the WWE 2011 Draft where RAW stars move to Smackdown, Smackdown stars move to RAW and no one is safe.
And what I’m doing now is going over the entire Smackdown roster, one by one and attempting to decide if they’re changing brands and travel schedules this upcoming week or will they be better suited to stay exactly where they already are, entertaining us on Friday nights on the SyFy network.
I’m Doug and this is (dramatic pause please)…

Tossing Salt is The WWE 2011 Draft – Smackdown…

Let’s just jump right to it.

Alberto Del Rio

Right now, Del Rio is the big heel on the Smackdown brand and it’s a really good place for him. He’s doing a great job in helping to fill the void left by Edge’s retirement and as often is said, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Del Rio is fine exactly where he is and should remain, for now, one of the top heels on Smackdown. He’s safe.

Beth Phoenix

She’s become a forgotten treasure on Smackdown. Beth needs to be brought back to RAW where she can regain her status as one of the top females in the WWE. I hope so anyhow. Drafted!

Big Show

He just became part of the tag team champions with Kane over on Smackdown, which means that technically, he can work on either show. That being said, it seems that Show is just a more natural fit for the Smackdown brand. I would leave him right exactly where he already is. Safe.

Booker T

Lawler is stale as an announcer on RAW. Booker is the new face in the announce booth and would add some new energy and life to the Raw announce position. I hope that he does come to RAW and gets paired with a returning Jim Ross. Yes, I said that! That would be a great combo and would be really good to listen to. Drafted.

Brodus Clay

The current role as the bodyguard / enforcer for Alberto Del Rio is perfect for this man-beast. Don’t screw it up. Leave him exactly in the role he’s currently performing. He should be safe.

Chavo Guerrero

I think Chavo has one more good run left in him and working the live, RAW show as a prominent mid-carder would be a great and positive move for the former ECW Champion. I’d like to see Chavo in matches against someone like Miz or Punk. And he could re-allign himself with Vickie. Excuse me! That would be great! Drafted!

Chris Masters

I remember when the “Masterpiece” was treated like a superstar and sucked big time in the ring. Now, he’s turned into a pretty solid performer in the ring, but treated like a jobber and an after thought. Send him to RAW and allow him to use that “Masterlock” as a weapon to be feared once more. He has the potential to be a solid mid-card performer, but he’ll need a change of enviroment to properly do it. Moving to RAW might just be that opportunity he’s looking for. Drafted.


He’s winning the World Championship (I hope) at the next PPV, so why would they want to move him? I’d love to see Christian as part of the RAW roster, but now is not the right time for that move. Leave him where he is and allow “Captain Charisma” to demonstrate to the WWE Universe, as well as the Peepulation just how good he really can be. He’s safe.

Cody Rhodes

I’m really starting to dig this “Phantom of the Opera” routine with Cody. He’s really starting to come into his own as a major star for the WWE. If he moves to RAW, there is a strong possibility that he may get lost in the shuffle, but I think he’s ready to go and hold his own. I think he’ll be moving to RAW. Drafted.

Curt Hawkins

Who? I remember a little push, but then nothing. And no matter where he goes at this point, I expect it will remain the same. Leave him alone. He’s not going to survive the next group of mass firings anyhow. Safe.

Drew McIntyre

Drew has been ready to break out for a while, but his push has been start and stop. He’s been kind of overshadowed at Smackdown by Cody and Del Rio and a change of atmosphere would probably serve him well. I think he’s getting drafted to RAW.

Ezekiel Jackson

Big Zeke is just starting to live up to his potential and I can’t see where a move at this point and time would be beneficial for the “leader” of the Corre. He stays put on Smackdown for the time being.

Heath Slater

I really like the way the the “One Man Rock Band” has developed since leaving NXT and becoming a part of the main roster for WWE. He’s a talented young man with a big future ahead of him. I don’t think it’s time to split him and Gabriel up yet though, since they are easily one of the most fluid and proficient teams in WWE since the days of “The World’s Greatest Tag Team” was around. For the time being, he should stay exactly where he is and continue to develop and get better without having to worry about being lost in the shuffle that is RAW. He’s safe.


How does he still even have a job? I like Horny, but the joke got old a long time ago. I can’t really see anything in the future for him, aside from the occasional comedy piece, regardless of what brand he’s on. But I suspect that he’ll be drafted to RAW, just to get his “reaction” on the live TV program. Drafted.

Jack Corpela

Who? One of the C-Level Announcers, I believe. He stays where he’s at because he’s just not important enough for anyone to notice or care about. Safe.

Jack Swagger

It looks as if the “All American American” is on the verge of another push and he well deserves it. The man has a great amateur background and a great look about him and can really perform in that ring. I think he’s good on Smackdown, but I could see him being shuffled around a bit and becoming part of the RAW mix for a while. He could take over the Sheamus role on RAW, while Sheamus goes to Smackdown. Sounds like a plan to me. He’s drafted.

Josh Matthews

Josh is already working both shows (just like Michael Cole – GROAN!) – so I don’t think there’s any way to really draft him. I’d love to see him become a permanent part of the RAW team (with JIm Ross and Booker T), so maybe it’ll happen. But for now, his status on both shows remains exactly what it already is. Safe.


Poor JTG has been lost in the shuffle since the demise of Cryme Tyme and I don’t see anything changing at any point in the near future. I had forgotten he was even on Smackdown, to be honest. I can see the WWE switching him, just to freshen up the undercard and make changes for the sake of making changes. He’s going to RAW. Drafted.

Justin Gabriel

This man is probably my favorite of all the original Nexus members and his tag team with Heath Slater is as polished and good as it gets these days. He has some great skills and seems to get better and better each and every week. I don’t think it’s time just yet to split the team up or move Gabriel to RAW, where he’d probably get lost in the shuffle and regulated to “Superstars Hell” every week. For the time being, he needs to stay exactly where he is. Safe.
So there you go. The first half of the Smackdown roster has been analyzed and evaluated and decisions have been made. In my opinion, the following WWE Smackdown Superstars should end up being drafted to RAW on Monday night: JTG, Jack Swagger, Hornswoggle, Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Chris Masters, Chavo Guerrero, Booker T and Beth Phoenix.
Staying safely and secure on Smackdown should be Alberto Del Rio, Brodus Clay, Big Show, Christian, Curt Hawkins, Ezekeil Jackson, Heath Slater, Jack Corpela, Josh Matthews and Justin Gabriel.
So what do you think? Am I right? Am I crazy? Let me know. And stick around because Part 4 of this series, with a look at the rest of the Smackdown roster, will be coming up very soon.
On that note, I’m closing this up. I’m Doug and “dat is all de’ people need to know!” Until the next time, have a great one and always stay a fan. Happy Easter.


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