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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News – April 23, 2011 (The WWE Draft – Part 1)

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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News
April 23, 2011
Doug Maynard
“The Draft – Part I”

Greetings, my little Saltines. I’m Doug and guess what we’re going to do? We’re going to shake up the WWE, figuratively speaking of course, as it’s never been done before. As you might be aware, Monday night is the 2011 WWE Draft, where Raw stars go to Smackdown, Smackdown stars go to RAW, and no one is safe.
And what I want to do, in this four-part series, is go down the list, first for the entire RAW roster and then the entire Smackdown roster, and analyze each and every WWE Superstar. Who needs to be moved? Who needs to stay exactly where they are? And who are we unfortunately stuck with on both shows (Michael Cole).
Doesn’t that sound like loads and loads of fun? Of course it does. We’re going to do RAW in two parts and then Smackdown in two parts and hopefully, have it all complete before the actual draft takes place on RAW Monday night. I love a challenge. So grab your seat and hang on because it’s going to be a bumpy ride. This is…

Tossing Salt Is The WWE Draft – Part 1: WWE RAW…

And there’s no reason to delay. Let’s go down the roster, as listed by WWE.com, and decide who should stay and who should go.

Alex Riley

I love the role that Alex plays as the Miz’s assistant and would love to see him continue in that role for the time being. That being said, Riley has really come a long way in the past year and could be a solid mid-card player for either roster, should the WWE choose to use him that way. I’d like to see him eventually break loose on his own, but now, in my opinion, is not the right time for it. Smackdown needs some major talent injections to beef up their roster, but I don’t think Riley is quite the right person yet for that role. He stays on RAW.

Alicia Fox

No matter where Alicia goes, she’s going to be an afterthought for the WWE Creative team and the fans. That’s the price of being a WWE Diva these days, unless you just happen to be married to the Undertaker or named Hart. I can see her making the move. It won’t help her standing in the company, but might freshen up the stale Diva division on the Smackdown side of things. Drafted to Smackdown.

Brie Bella

So which one is the Diva’s champion and which one is just the helpful twin? It doesn’t matter much because, despite their recent small push, the Bella Twins are a unit and where one goes, so does the other. I can see them teasing a Bella split, but in the end, both will stay on RAW and keep dishing out that Twin Magic. They stay on RAW.

CM Punk

Smackdown needs some major talent, but Punk and Orton still have miles to go with their feud. And who wouldn’t like to see a Punk feud with the Miz? Punk is one of those performers who seems to really thrive on live TV and produces some great matches and promos. I think it may be teased, but Punk has already feuded with everyone of note on the Smackdown roster. There is just too much potential left on RAW to move him at this point. Punk stays on RAW.

Daniel Bryan

As good as Bryan is, his character is getting stale pretty quickly. He’s squashed by Sheamus on a weekly basis and the WWE won’t let him work with anyone that might result in show-stealing matches (Punk). So let him move to Smackdown and rebuild the character and image. It would add some fresh blood to the mix and be a good move for Bryan as well. Bryan gets drafted to Smackdown.

David Hart Smith

Is he even still a part of the WWE? I looked and he’s still listed on the roster, even though he hasn’t been seen in months. Does he have an injury? I don’t know. But he’s on RAW and not being used. So why not move him to Smackdown where he can not be used as well. I don’t think it matters at this point. But Hart Smith still has some name value so they’ll use him to make the claim that Smackdown is getting a strong build, even though, if past drafts are any indication, we all know better. David Hart Smith gets moved to Smackdown.

David Otunga

He’s married to Jennifer Hudson. That’s his plus side, even though the WWE hasn’t really capitalized much on that as of late. He’s a fair talker, but still a bit sloppy in the ring. Otunga’s major role thus far has been as a member of Nexus, first with Wade Barrett and then with CM Punk. We haven’t really had a chance to see what he’s capable of as a singles character yet. So why not take the plunge and give him that chance to sink or swim with a move to Smackdown. He can resume his “A-List” character and play up his Hollywood connections. There is potential waiting to be exploited and now might just be the right time to do it. Otunga gets drafted to Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler

Dolph just came to RAW a short time ago and even though I hate the new look (makes him too cookie-cutter and generic), he’s just only started to make the impact that we all know he’s capable of. To move him back to Smackdown this soon would be a travesty. Dolph stays on RAW.

Evan Bourne

He has some great moves and a great look, but he’s so small and just wasted on RAW, except to be the number one jobber. A move to Smackdown would be great for Bourne and would open him up for some great matches against Christian, Rey Mysterio, etc., which would reek of awesomeness. He moves,via the DRAFT.


Doesn’t matter where she goes because the Diva’s switch brands regularly and are pretty much ignored on both. But I’d like to see her stay on RAW for the time being, if only to slap the taste out of Michael Cole’s mouth and play up a feud with him once the Lawler thing dies out. She stays on RAW.

Gail Kim

Wherever the former Amazing Kong ends up is where Gail needs to be. They had some great matches in TNA and stole the show repeatedly and if they’re matched up here in the WWE, they have the ability to do it again and totally reignite the WWE Divas Division. She’s on RAW right now, but I have a feeling that they’ll debut the former Kong on Smackdown, just to give her a chance to adapt to the WWE style before going on live TV. And with that in mind, Gail goes to Smackdown to welcome her old friend. Gail is drafted.


Goldust has been out with an injury and word is that he’s considering retirement and moving to an agent’s position in the WWE. That being the case, his spot on the roster won’t change unless it moves from active superstar to agent. He’s safe and stays on RAW.

Husky Harris

Husky is, according to the storylines, still recovering from the punt kick by Randy Orton, but in reality, has been back down in developmental working for FCW. So I’m not sure what the future holds for this talented third generation superstar. He’s got a unique, old-school look that I like and I can see some of his grandpa (Blackjack Mulligan) there when he steps into the ring. I hope he’s called back up to the main roster sooner rather than later. As for where to go, a place in a group, like Nexus, is probably the best role for him at this point. So I’d keep him on RAW.

Jerry Lawler

Raw is Lawler and Lawler is RAW, but unless they’re planning on bringing Jim Ross back full time to work with “The King” at the announce table, I think it’s time to switch things up a bit. Send Jerry to Smackdown to work with Michael Cole and Josh Matthews. It’d add something new to the Smackdown announce table and might give Jerry some new fire since he’d be calling matches for different wrestlers than he usually does. It’s time to teach an old dog some new tricks and that mght be the thing that would do it. Lawler gets drafted to Smackdown.

Jey Uso

Wasted on RAW, so move to Smackdown, where they at least regularly feature tag matches. It was a good move for his father, Rikishi, many years ago, and would be a good move for Jey and his brother as well and give them a chance to shine a little more often. Drafted to Smackdown.

Jimmy Uso

See what I said for Jey? The same applies here. Move to Smackdown and become a star. He’s drafted.

John Cena

This is the WWE’s go-to man and cash cow. There is no way that he’s off the flasgship show, even if it’s just temporary. I’d love to see him move (to Alaksa or China preferably), but that’s not going to happen. Cena stays put exactly where he’s at. Cena stays on RAW.

John Morrison

Morrison has been back and forth between brands so many times during his career, I don’t think it really matters which brand he’s on. Morrison is an up and down performer who just always seems to be on the brink of breaking that glass ceiling, bu tnever quite makes it. He’s been on RAW now for a while though and it just seems that he’s become kind of stagnate and stale. I’d move him. Drafted.

Justin Roberts

The ring announcer stays put. ‘Nuff said!

Mark Henry

It seems that as of late, The World’s Strongest Man has been more of the World’s Strongest Afterthought on RAW. He gets a great reaction from the live crowd when he performs and, in my opinion, could really be pushed as a big monster. Could you imagine a heel tag team of Mark Henry and Ezekiel Jackson, with someone like a Michael Cole or maybe Shawn Daivari (would love to see him back in the WWE) as their spokeperson or manager? Scary thought, isn’t it? Henry needs to be freshened up a bit with the character and a move to the Smackdown roster might be just what the doctor ordered. DRAFTED.


I don’t think the egos of Maryse and Michelle McCool could be on the same roster for too long. And their looks are far too similar. So Maryse stays on RAW. She’s safe.

Mason Ryan

Another young up and comer that is better as part of a group at this point than attempting to be a solo star. I like him in his current role as CM Punk’s enforcer and muscle and as I often hear, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. For the time being, until he can get some more experience under his belt, I’d leave him exactly where he is. Ryan stays on RAW.


It’s hard to really say anything about Melina because we all know what she’s capable of in that ring, but her character is just so stale these days. She’s been a face and she’s been a heel and right now, she’s at the point that no matter what she does, no one cares. When the next surge of firings and “wishing well in future endevours” happens, I expect her name will be at the top of the list. But for now, does she stay at RAW and be ignored or else go to Smackdown and be ignored? Doesn’t really matter, I guess. I expect she’ll stay at RAW for the time being.
And there you go, my friends. One half of the WWE Raw Roster, with twenty-three Superstars given the quick analysis in regards to where they belong in the upcoming months.
And to recap, I’m thinking that thus far, it will be Mark Henry, John Morrison, The Uso Brothers, Jerry “The King” Lawler, Gail Kim, Evan Bourne, David Otunga, David Hart Smith, Daniel Bryan and Alicia Fox are changing rosters and headed to the blue team. That’s eleven so far. Who else will join them? We’ll find out in Part II.
And that’s it for me, for now I guess. I’ll get to Part II of the WWE Raw roster in just a few hours, so look for it later today.
Comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated, so give me a holla at Doug28352@yahoo.com.
I’m Doug and in the words of the legendary Baron Von Raschke, “dat is all ‘de people need to know”. Until the next time, let’s keep on keeping on.


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