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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News: December 4, 2011

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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News
December 4, 2011
Doug Maynard

Before I start talking about wrestling, I have to send a big shout out and congratulations to Scotland High School and the Scotladn High School Football Team, from here in my home-town of Laurinburg, NC, who last night, defeated Porter Ridge High School to capture the NC 4-A Division State Championship. Final score was 42 – 16. Scotland High is the school I graduated from so very long ago and we’ve always had a good high school football team. But that elusive State Championship has always seemed like just a dream. Well, last night in WInston Salem, NC, that dream came true. After an undefeated season of 15-0, Scotland High School did what they had to do and brought home the gold. Congratulations once more to the stylin’ and profilin’ coaches and players of SHS for doing such a fantastic job and making all of us who have ever worn the mantle “Fighting Scots” extremely proud. And now, let’s talk some professional wrestling…

John Morrison to TNA?

One of the biggest pieces of news making the rounds this week is that former Tough Enough Champion and WWE Superstar John Morrison has been wished well in his future endeavors by Johnny Ace, Vince McMahon and the WWE. This is obviously not a surprise to anyone who’s paid the slightest bit of attention over the past year or so. Morrison has been unhappy since the release of his girlfriend, Melina and WWE hasn’t really been interested in giving Jo-Mo any kind of push for what seems like forever. It’s a mutual parting of the ways and probably the best things for all persons involved.

So what lies ahead for the former “Johnny Nitro”? Well, he’ll obviously have to change his name since both of his former stage names, (John Morrison and Johnny Nitro) are WWE-owned and copyrighted, but that shouldn’t prove a problem for John Hennigan. His real name isn’t that bad. And TNA has already allegedly expressed interest in bringing both Morrison and girlfriend Melina into their Orlando home.

For John, that should probably be a good move. He’s a good wrestler with a unique style and would fit well in the TNA X-Division or even the heavyweight division eventually. John’s main problem has always been that he’s not a good promo guy, but with the WWE dictating every word you speak, it would be hard to find your niche and improve in that area. TNA isn’t quite a scripted in that department and use more of a bullet-point promo approach, so there is opportunity for John to get past that minor deficiency and really break through the main event glass ceiling.

The only problem could be Melina who was allegedly a trouble-maker and headache for the locker-room in WWE. If she comes in with a positive attitude and works hard and minds her P’s & Q’s, she could be a valuable asset to the TNA Knockouts Division. BUT if she comes in with an attitude and behaves as she did in WWE, her presence could be more trouble than she’s worth. I expect though that some of the TNA veterans (Tara, ODB, Gail) will make sure that Melina knows her role and sticks to it if indeed TNA does become the new home for her and her man.

From everything I’ve seen and heard, I feel that TNA could be a major chance for both John Morrison and Melina to make a new and fresh start and really make a huge impact and change for the better. I just hope it works out that way and nothing (or no one) screws it up.

Tyler Reks Next WWE Breakout Star?

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been noticing a lot more of this under-rated WWE superstar as of late and I’m starting to think that maybe his time has finally come. This past week, on the live holiday edition of Smackdown, in the Battle Royal, Reks was among the final six men in the ring along with Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater, Sheamus, Hornswoggle & Hunico. Maybe that’s not a big deal, but considering that he rarely appears on television at all, to be among the final six is pretty impressive.

And the other thing that stands out is that Reks has created an animated series for YouTube called Midcard Mafia, which has characters similar to (but not supposed to be) his WWE character. Reks, along with Tyson Kidd and Curt Hawkins, provide voices for the cartoon characters. It appears that Reks is taking the initiative and attempting to follow the example set by Zack Ryder in reaching out to fans on his own and building a fanbase with hopes that it leads to bigger and better in the WWE.

I hope this works for him. Reks is a big guy who somewhat reminds me, appearance wise, of the late, great Bruiser Brody. He’s got size and presence and he’s not a bad worker by any means. Maybe they could stick him with Vickie Guerrero and he could be used as her “enforcer” who helps protect Ziggler and Swagger? Or maybe even a “monster versus monster” feud with Brodus Clay.

Regardless of how the WWE decides to use this man, it’s good to see that he’s decided to take a chance and get his name and presence out there. Even if WWE officials don’t take the bait, it can only increase his name recognition and worth overall. Reks is a good talent and one day, I think he’ll be a major player for the company. At least I hope so.

Old Is New Again? Old Stars Return To WWE?

Did the WWE fall into a Hot Tub Time Machine lately? Look at all the old names and former stars popping up as of late. Booker T worked the house shows this past weekend and is penciled in for a feud with Cody Rhodes. Goldust is petitioning the WWE to work against Cody at Wrestlemania and made an appearance this past week on Smackdown, which incidentially was hosted by “Cactus Jack / Mankind” Mick Foley and featured appearances by Roddy Piper and “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes. And we just had The Rock come back and wrestle, plus there’s a new DVD about “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. And let’s don’t forget about Kane, who is due back soon, as well as the Chris Jericho rumors. And least we forget, Kevin Nash?

I remember when WWE used to trash and bash WCW for their over-reliance of older wrestlers, but now it seems that they’re falling into the exact same pattern. What’s next? Shane Douglas to reunite with Johnny Ace as the new and improved “Dynamic Dudes”? The Red Rooster and the Brooklyn Brawler as the top contenders for the Tag Team Titles? The Shockmaster?

Actually, I’m cool with most of the old-is-new superstars in the WWE since they primarily seem to be used for cameos and not in actual wrestling events. Booker is the exception to this, but I like watching Booker wrestle and if it keeps him away from the announce table, it has to be a good thing. And Kane / Jericho / Goldust are all still talented enough and capable of putting on good matches. Dusty works backstage and Piper / Foley are here for talking and instigating, so no complaints there either. But Kevin Nash? Oh well, they can’t all be winners.

WWE Hall of Fame Predictions…

We’re a mere five months from the induction ceremony for the Class of 2012 WWE Hall of Fame. Just a few quick names as to who I think will or at least should be inducted this upcoming year. Mil Mascaras has already been confirmed. Along with the “Man Of A Thousand Masks”, I’d also include “The Brain Busters” Tully Blancard and Arn Anderson, “Macho Man” Randy Savage & Miss Elizabeth, James Crockett Jr., Bob Backlund, Ivan Koloff, Madusa Miceli, Bob Caudle, and Regis Philbin for the celebrity wing. Those are just my suggestions. As to who the WWE will actually induct, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Hornswoggle Talks…

After six years, thanks to a hug and a wish from Santa Claus, not to mention winning a Battle Royal on Smackdown, the one time “Little Bastard” can finally talk normally. No more grunts and groans. And his first words are calling Vickie Guerrero “Grandma”… Funny stuff. But will someone please answer this question for me. Why is Hornswoggle still employed by the WWE? Midget wrestling was cool in the 70’s and 80’s, but it’s too politicially incorrect for today’s market. And Horny has gotten kind of chunky over the past year as well. So why is he a “WWE Superstar” when talents like Chris Masters, Kenny Doane, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, NC’s hottest tag team BD Productions, etc. all left on the outside looking in? It doesn’t make sense. But then again, neither does Kelly Kelly or Kevin Nash? Maybe Vince just has a thing for little people? Wouldn’t surprise me. But congratulations to Horny for gaining the ability to speak. Maybe he can replace Booker at the announce table and feud with Michael Cole now? Come on now, you know you’d like to see that. Admit it!

Soce The Elemental Wizard – Happy Birthday…

I want to send a big shout out and Happy Birthday to the hip-hop spellcaster, the Jewish White Gay MC, the one and only Soce the Elemental Wizard, who celebrated the anniversary of his day of birth yesterday. There are few people on this planet who are more talented and charming than this amazing young man. And he’s truly a nice person as well (and a sexy beast too!). I did an interview with Soce a few years ago (back in 2006). Here’s the link. Check it out at: http://tsfiction.blogspot.com/2011/02/interview-with-soce-elemental-wizard.html.

I really need to get together with this multi-talented entertainer and see if we can do another interview and play catch-up. Hey Soce, if you’re interested, contact me. And Happy Birthday Magic Man. I hope you have a wonderful day and much continued success. You deserve it!

Austin Aries versus Kid Kash (TNA’s Hottest Feud)

Both men are accomplished veterans of the squared circle. Both men are both great talkers and great in-ring performers. And both men know how to generate heat with the crowds and get the fans riled up with just a word or gesture. This upcoming feud between Aries, the current TNA X-Division Champion and former ECW / WWE star Kid Kash is going to be good. If I was Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, etc, I’d be very, very worried. Those names may be the “stars” of TNA, but Aries & Kash have the talent and skills to steal the show and become THE TNA feud to watch. It’s going to be good. Mark my words!

No More Jackie Moore In TNA?

According to recent reports, TNA has decided not to renew the contract of TNA Knockout / wrestling Icon Jackie Moore aka “Jacquiline”. This sucks big time. Even though she admittingly is getting older, Jackie is still one hot mama and more importantly, she knows how to take care of business in that ring. But then again, that might be the problem. Jackie just might be too tough for the other “Knockouts” to handle. Or for most of the male TNA stars to handle either. I guess it would be intimidating to see this tiny woman running around backstage and knowing that she could easily kick your ass.

But regardless of the reasons why, I think this is a big loss for the TNA Knockouts Division and for TNA in general. Maybe WWE will take advantage of TNA’s error and allow this buxom bombshell back into their ranks, if not as an active WWE Diva, then perhaps as a trainer or agent. She could really work wonders with the WWE Divas and teach them how to actually wrestle and perform more than three moves. Hell, use her in the Terri Runnels role from a few years ago and work as a backstage interviewer. Even as a referee would be okay since she’s done that in the past as well. Jackie has so much to offer a wrestling company and if TNA doesn’t want her, then WWE should snap her up. Hell, let Jackie feud with Michael Cole… lol. Nah, she’d really kick his ass and probably hurt him badly. Oops!

Good luck to Jackie Moore in the future. I just hope that we get to see her back on television soon. She deserves it!

Chris Benoit: Movie Star?

From what I understand, a movie is scheduled to begin production in February 2012 about the Chris Benoit murder / suicide. It’s called “Crossface” and will be about Benoit and his wrestling career and the descent into madness that led to the murders of Nancy and Daniel Benoit and then suicide by the former WCW / WWE Superstar. Man, we don’t need to see this. The whole Benoit incident was probably the worst thing to ever happen to professional wrestling in so many ways. That was the day that the world’s greatest sport lost it’s innocence and became all to real, at least in my eyes.

Benoit was one of the most talented wrestlers of all time and an icon to so many of us and in one weekend, he snapped and destroyed his legacy, ruined the wrestling business for so many people and more importantly (most importantly), murdered his wife, Nancy Benoit, an icon in her own right, and their son, Daniel. I’ve only recently gotten to where I can watch Benoit matches again and clips with him in them. And now they want to drag it all up again and rip the scabs off of those old wounds and make us (the wrestling fans) all go through this mess again.

I understand why. It’s a fascinating story and pretty compelling. But I don’t want to hear about it or see it again. I hope that no one cooperates with the film’s producers and this film never gets made. Some things are better left dead and buried and this whole story is one of those things. If the movie does get made, I don’t want to see it and I hope that no one else does. The producers are scavengers picking at the bones and hearts of the wrestling fans. Let the wounds heal and please, just let it go.

I guess that’s going to do it for me. I had a few more things that I was going to add here, including predictions for what matches we’ll probably see at Wrestlemania 28, but I took longer with my rambling than I anticipated and unlike the Rolling Stones, time is not on my side. I’ve got to go get ready to head out and go see the Laurinburg Christmas Parade with some friends. So I’ll close here and tackle Wrestlemania 28 in a future column.

Questions and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. Go visit my blogsite for all things Dougie, including wrestling columns, editorials, surveys and fan fiction athttp://www.tsfiction.blogspot.com. And I’m on Facebook too at http://www.facebook.com/saltpalace. Find me. Add me. You know you want to.

I’m Doug and I’m out of here. Until the next time, have a great week and always stay a fan. SCOTLAND HIGH SCHOOL FIGHTING SCOTS – 2011 4A NC STATE FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS… and dat is all de’ people need to know.



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