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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News: October 14, 2011

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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News
October 14, 2011
Doug Maynard
And here we are, back again. It’s Friday and we’re just a day away from not one, but two big pay per view events. I already spoke about TNA Bound For Glory in a column last week, as well as in yesterday’s edition of “Tossing Salt”. So that’s been taken care of, but now, we get to talk about a newcomer to the pay per view battles, Promoter Marvin Ward’s Awesome Wrestling Entertainment, who will be holding their first ever PPV, Night of Legends, this up coming Saturday night. The card looks entertaining and will either be a fun night of nostalgia or a total train wreck. I’m hoping for the first, but expecting the latter. We’ll talk about that.
Also for today’s column, I’m bringing back an old favorite of days gone by called “One On One” where I take a look at fantasy matches, consisting of stars from yesterday against the stars of today. I look at the wrestlers, analyze and evaluate how I think they’d do in a match against each other, and pick who I think I would win in such an event. It’s pure speculation on my part, but what the hell. It’s fun.
So we know what’s on the agenda. I guess there’s nothing else left but to get to it, so let’s do exactly that. I’m Doug and I’m the man who put “Baby” in the corner. This is “Tossing Salt – Worldwide News”. Let’s do it.
AWE Night Of Legends PPV (Thoughts & Predictions)…
Coming up on Saturday night is a new addition to the pay per view battles that take place monthly between the WWE, TNA and (despite what Vince McMahon claims), UFC. It’s Awesome Wrestling Entertainment, known as AWE and with a name like that, you know it has to be good, right? The AWE has put together a card with a good mixture of nostalgia and a few younger talents to add steak while the older names provide the sizzle and we all get entertainined. It’s the AWE “Night of Legends”.
And what can we expect from the AWE? The Rock & Roll Express, one of the greatest tag teams in wrestling history, taking on “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash (although I’m still waiting for the WWE to cite that “Legends” contract and pull him from the show) and a mystery partner, originally scheduled to be promoter Marvin Ward, who wisely decided to pull out of the match after a (kayfabe) broken arm suffered at the hands of the violable Ricky Morton. The partner is rumored to be Diamond Dallas Page, but could be someone else just as easily.
Plus other stars like ECW Original CW Anderson taking on Perry Saturn, who hasn’t wrestled a match since 2002. A clash of Hardcore titans as Tommy Dreamer takes on Terry Funk in their first ever one-on-one match. Plus the PPV debuts of The Mulkey Brothers, talking on the legendary Midnight Express. And so many other names like Tammy Sytch, Amy (Lita) Dumas, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Dave “Fit” Finlay, George South, Tully Blancard and Baby Doll, and so many others, plus former WCW Announcers Chris Cruise, “The Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko and Dutch Mantell handling the announce duties. It’s gonna be a hoot! A hoot, I tell ya! Yeah, a definite hoot! Let’s look at the top four matches…
The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) versus Kevin Nash and a mystery partner (rumored to be Diamond Dallas Page)
For some reason, I don’t think this match will happen. I’m thinking that sometime late this afternoon (Friday), someone at the WWE is going to realize that Kevin Nash, one of their talents under a contract, albeit a “Legends Deal”, is wrestling on a pay-per-view broadcast, which means he’s performing for a company that is competing against the WWE for that mighty PPV dollar, and Nash will be pulled from the show. BUT let’s pretend it will happen.
The Rock & Roll Express are one of the greatest teams in wrestling history. Nash is huge and can work with an opponent who can sell for him and nobody sells better than Ricky Morton. And DDP is probably, at this point in his career, the best in-ring worker of the group. I expect they’ll keep the match simple and by the book where Nash uses the size, Ricky and Robert use the double-team moves and Page uses his Diamond Cutter. And in the end, Robert Gibson gets pinned when he feels the “BANG!”
Winners: Kevin Nash and DDP
Tommy Dreamer versus Terry Funk
This is being billed as the first ever one-on-one match between these two hardcore Icons and I expect it’s going to be bowling shoe ugly, but in a fascinating sort of way. Look for crazy moves, lots of blood and Dreamer taking some extremely insane bumps. And in the end, even if Dreamer has to pull Funk’s limp body on top of him to end the match, it’s all about The Funker.
Winner: Terry Funk
Perry Saturn versus C.W. Anderson
When you talk about under-rated superstars, C.W. Anderson definitely fits the bill. He wrestled in ECW and the WWE’s version of ECW and has definitely paid his dues, but he always seems to be overlooked when naming the top stars of that period. He’s like his namesake, Arn Anderson, in that C.W. is not flashy or fancy. He doesn’t do a song and dance and act like an idiot – he just gets in there and wrestles and does it very well.
As for Saturn, he worked in ECW as one half of the Eliminators tag team and then moved on to WCW and later the WWE as one of the Radicalz until leaving the sport and vanishing from sight in 2002. And finally, he’s emerged from hiding and is ready to step back into the ring. This is going to be fascinating just because we have no idea how Saturn will perform now or what to expect. He was tough as a two-dollar steak back in 2002, but now? I doubt it’s going to be pretty.
Look for a by-the-numbers style match with some major brawling mixed in for good measure. And although logic has Anderson winning, I’m thinking that Perry Saturn didn’t return to wrestling just to lose. So look for shenanigans and I’d expect a little outside interference (maybe from Moppy?) and for Anderson to end up taking a fall after experiencing the “Rings of Saturn”.
Winner: Perry Saturn
The Midnight Express versus Bill & Randy Mulkey
This is the PPV debut of Bill and Randy, the Mulkey Brothers, who were fan favorite jobbers to the stars in the old NWA and WCW. Remember Mulkey-Mania? It was running wild on Saturday nights on WTBS for so many years. They never won many matches, but they had a following and cult-like status in the professional wrestling world. And it’s the Mulkeys taking on one of the most legendary, iconic teams in wrestling history, The Midnight Express. Stan Lane doesn’t wrestle much anymore. He works for ESPN as an announcer, so most likely, we’ll be seeing “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton and “Loverboy” Dennis Condrey in action representing the Midnight franchise.
I saw the two men wrestle not long ago on a local Indy TV show and the years have not been kind to Eaton and Condrey. Them boys look rough! As for the Mulkey’s, there are a few more wrinkles, but they don’t, based on what I’ve seen on Facebook, look much different than they did twenty years ago. They’re older and probably wiser now, but it looks like Mulkey-Mania is still going strong.
I’m thinking this might be the surprise dark-horse match of the night. No one will be expecting Bobby and Dennis to be able to perform and go all-out like they used to, but I think (hope) they still have it in them to surprise,entertain and show up to not only have a great match, but win. The Mulkey’s might be able to pull an upset, but I think the big pay off for them is being part of the show and facing The Midnighters. Look for Mulkeymania to dominate the match, but for Bobby, Dennis and a well placed Alabama Jam to take that trip to the pay window.
Winners: The Midnight Express
Several other matches are advertised and expected as well. I just stuck with the matches concerning wrestlers I’m familiar with for the predictions because for the others, I’d just flip a coin. But there are more matches, involving Sonjay Dutt, Dave Finlay, Alex Silva, Short Sleeve Samson and many others. It’s a packed show. For more information on this show, go check out the official website atwww.AwesomeWrestlingEntertainment.com. My plans (for now) are to watch the show and do a recap, so unless plans change, expect to see a recap of this epic event sometime on Sunday. Look for it.
And now, it’s time for something I used to do fairly often in a segment I call “One On One”, where I do some fantasy match-making and attempt to determine how stars of yesterday would match up against the top stars of today. This time, it’s the men ranked as the Top Ten stars of the National Wrestling Alliance (NWA), as determined and ranked by the editors of The Wrestler magazine, cover-dated November 1980 against the Top Ten stars ranked by PWIOnline.com (the website for Pro Wrestling Illustrated) for the period ending October 7, 2011.
It’s the stars of yesterday versus the stars of tomorrow. This should be fun. Who’s better? Who’s worse? Who would win if the icons and legends of days gone by took on the superstars of today and tomorrow? Let’s find out…
One On One (November 1980 versus October 2011)
Harley Race versus Mark Henry
This period of time, for Race, was during his either fifth or sixth reign as the NWA World Champion. He was in his prime and traveling the world, facing and defeating every top superstar around on a nightly basis. Henry, right now, is as strong and impressive as anyone in the business. He’s finally found his niche and place in the upper levels of the WWE. Henry is monsterously strong, but Race body-slammed Andre the Giant a good ten years before Hulk Hogan ever dreamed of it and defeated “strong men”, like Ken Patera, Bruiser, Tony Atlas, Bruiser Brody, The Von Erich’s, etc., nightly. Henry would give Harley a few hair-raising moments, but Harley Race is legitimately one of the toughest and most dangerous men ever to step foot inside a wrestling ring. Harley would let Henry get in his shots, feel him out, and then when he’s tired of playing around, take Henry out, quickly and easily. This one isn’t even close in the end.
Winner: Harley Race
Dusty Rhodes versus Kurt Angle
This match is little harder to determine. You have the ultimate showman, in Dusty, who also happened to be able to wrestle against the ultimate wrestler, Angle, who also knows how to put on a show. People have long under-estimated Dusty’s ability in the ring. He was far better than most people expected or realized. People would look at Dusty and see a fat guy with a big mouth and while they were laughing at him, he’d come in and clean their clock. And against most people, that was all it took fro Dusty to take home the win. Also being one of the bookers in most of the areas where he worked didn’t hurt either. But against Angle, who’s a wrestling machine, I don’t think it’d be enough. Dusty would rally and get in his shots, but Kurt would break him down with suplexes and amatuer moves before wearing him down and getting the pin.
Winner: Kurt Angle
Ric Flair versus Alberto Del Rio
The 1980 Ric Flair was just really starting to get into his prime. This was roughly a year before his first NWA World Championship reign and the talent and ring magic was just starting to really show. At the time, Flair was coming off a feud with Blackjack Mulligan and wrestling Rick Steamboat every other night. Flair hadn’t even peaked yet, but he was already a ring general in every way, shape and form.
Del Rio is very good. If he wasn’t hampered by being forced to work the WWE style and could incorporate more of the moves he used in Mexico as Dos Caras Jr., he would be even better and practically unbeatable. This would be a fun match to see with probably a hundred two-counts from both men and dozens of moves and counter-moves. If the match was set for sixty-minutes, it would go for fifty-eight minutes before finally coming to an end with the “Nature Boy” using a handful of tights or a foot on the ropes to get the pin.
Winner: Ric Flair
Baron Von Raschke versus Robert Roode
In 1980, Baron Von Raschke was starting to hit the downside of his career. Although he didn’t retire from active competition for almost twelve more years and won several titles after this period of time, he was beginning to see the end. Robert Roode, right now, is just starting to really hit his stride in his matches. His very best is definitely yet to come. Raschke was a great amatuer wrestler and always dangerous, able to end any match if he’s able to clamp on his trademark clawhold. But Roode is multi-dimensional and far better than most of the people that the Baron was fighting in these days. It’d be an interesting clash of styles and probably a far better match than it has a right to be, but in the end, it’d be Roode taking home the victory.
Winner: Robert Roode
Ted DiBiase versus John Cena
This would be an interesting match-up. Ted is a better wrestler than Cena, but at that point in his career, he was really just beginning to break into main event matches and hit his stride. He wasn’t quite yet the “Million Dollar Man” and was still learning. Cena, at this point in his career, is really polished. He overly relies on his “five moves of doom”, but he’s capable of much more. He’s a smart wrestler and extremely strong. If this was the DiBiase of the WWF years or even the Georgia years, the results for this match might be different, but Teddy was still learning here. Cena would dominate and hit three of the five and take home the win.
Winner: John Cena
Ken Patera versus Randy Orton
Patera was a strong beast of a wrestler in those days. This was roughly about the same time that Patera simultaneously held not only the NWA Missouri State Championship and the WWF Intercontinental Championship. He was never a great talker, but the guy was tough and dangerous.
As for Randy Orton, what can you say about “The Viper” except that he’s a helluva tough and dangerous competitor in his own right. This would be an interesting match to see. I don’t think Patera ever fought a wrestler quite like Orton, but Orton has fought the modern equivalent of Patera many times in Mark Henry and looked quite good in those matches. I think Orton would win any match against Patera as well.
Winner: Randy Orton
Hussein Arab (The Iron Sheik) versus CM Punk
Now this would be one helluva match. The Iron Sheik is an old-school shooter who can out-wrestle ninety percent of the wrestling world and if he can’t beat someone fairly, he was never shy about using weapons or loaded boots in his attempts to “humble” his opponents. CM Punk is a definite shooter in his own way, but can he match the technical skills of the crazy man from Iran? Or was it Iraq? I can’t remember.
Both of these guys have massive skills and you know it’d be a helluva match from bell to bell, with no quarter given or taken. Who would win? I think there would be count-outs or DQ’s on both sides more often than not with neither man able to gain a conclusive win. But I think Punk would be able to sneak out a pin in the end easier than the Sheik would. It’d be very, very close, but I think Punk would take this one.
Winner: CM Punk
Mr. Wrestling II versus Davey Richards
Say what you will about Mr. Wrestling II, but the man was a shooter, pure and simple and knew his way around the inside of a wrestling ring. He’d be hard for any man to beat. But then you have Davey Richards, who is currently the Ring of Honor Champion. He’s younger than II was, stronger than II was, and is quite the talent in his own right.
Wrestling II was a legend in Georgia, but at this point in his career, he was starting to wind down a bit and step back a bit so new stars like Tommy Rich could have their moment in the sun. Richards is strong and just starting to really hit his stride. He isn’t even close to peaking yet. So we have youth, energy and heart versus experience. Wrestling II would give Richards a lesson and education during any match, but in the end, the student would be the one to come out on top.
Winner: Davey Richards
Mil Mascaras versus Adam Pearce
Mil Mascaras is, by all accounts a prima-donna who was protected by the promoters. He looked pretty and did the fancy moves, but when it came to getting down and dirty with the nitty-gritty, that just wasn’t his thing. Pearce is a rising star on the Indy scene and the current NWA Champion. He’s tough as nails and a throwback in many ways to the old-school where he can wrestle if you’d like or he can just go all smash-mouth and OINGO BOINGO on someone’s ass. Mascaras could fly for a while, but once Pearce got ahold of him, he’d ground the masked legend rather quickly and take home the win.
Winner: Adam Pearce
Tommy Rich versus Hector Garza
And finally, we have the mega-star of Georgia wrestling, “Wildfire” Tommy Rich up against the current CMLL Champion, Hector Garza. Rich is a fighter. No one will ever doubt that. And he regularly took on and defeated superstars, like Buzz Sawyer, Ole Anderson, Ted DiBiase, etc., that he had no right to be able to beat. He even managed to defeat Harley Race and capture the NWA World Championship, albeit only for four days.
Garza has wrestled all over the world, in Mexico, Japan, WCW, WWE and now CMLL. He’s a high-flyer, but in recent years, he’s perfected the mat-game as well and has really come into his own as one of the top Rudos in Mexico. This would be an interesting match to see and there’d be a lot of great action and back and forth, but in the end, I think Garza is just the better overall wrestler and he’d end up taking home the win.
Winner: Hector Garza
So there you go. With ten match-ups, the stars of days gone by won only two matches (Ric Flair and Harley Race not surprisingly), while the stars of today won the other eight match-ups. The wrestlers today are generally bigger, faster and stronger than the old-school talents and I guess, at least in these match-up’s, they really are better. Interesting.
Well, that was fun. I’ll have to do it again sometime.
And I guess that’s it for today. Questions and comments can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. And if you’re interested in reading old “Tossing Salt” columns, as well as short stories, surveys, the occasional rant and many other things I’ve written, you can go visit my blogsite at www.tsfiction.blogspot.com. Go check it out. It’s full of all sorts of stuff.
And with that, I’m Doug and I’m out of here. Until the next time, thanks for reading and always be a fan. Take it light!


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