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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News (Part 2 of 4) – October 5, 2011

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I’m Doug and we’re back with part 2 of my series, “TNA Stay or Go”, where I’m going over the TNA roster and attempting to decide if they’re TNA 4 Life or should try to move on to the WWE and expand their career opportunities and name recognition. Yeah, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Let’s take a look at who, in my opinion, should stay put exactly where they’re at and who should move on so far…
Stay And Play In TNA: Abyss, Anarquia, Angelina Love, Anthony Nese, Brian Kendrick, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Christy Hemme, Devon, Don West, Douglas WIlliams and Eric Bischoff.
Prove Their Worth By Heading Up North: AJ Styles, Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Brooke Tessmacher, Crimson and “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero.
And now let’s move on to the second part of the TNA Roster. Should they stay in TNA or attempt to make that move to the “Land of Titan” and the good graces of Vince? I would say that “you be the judge”, but it’s not you. It’s me, me and me! Let’s do this!


Eric Young: A couple of years ago, Eric was ready for the trip up north, but is he still? Nah, I don’t think so. Eric was fresh and something different for a while, but the charm has faded and the magic is gone and we’re stuck with a man who’s just going through the motions. Let him stay in TNA and chase Scott Baio around. He’s a Impact player for life and making an impact in the WWE is not in his future. That ship has sailed.
Gunner: Still young enough and still fresh. Gunner could be a good part of the WWE mix. He wouldn’t be a main-eventer, but then again, he never will be in TNA either. He’s a mid-card performer guy at best, but he’s solid and real. He would be a good person for the WWE to look into.
Hector Guerrero: Stay in TNA at the Spanish Announce table. At this point in Hector’s career, where the wrestling is over and the role of managers is few and far between, calling the action at ringside for the spanish-speaking audiences is about as good as it gets. Hector is content and in a good place. So be it. Good for him.
Hernandez: I like Hernanadez, but the WWE probably wouldn’t know how to market and use this guy. He would be given a quick push and when it fails, due to the lack of imagination and good booking by the WWE powers-that-be, he’d be forgotten about quickly and relegated to curtain-jerking with Trent Baretta and Drew McIntyre on house shows. He’s better off in TNA for now.
Hulk Hogan: Hogan is going to be the big man regardless of where he is. His ego won’t allow anything else. And with that in mind, I don’t think that Vince or the WWE would have a place for him. If he wants to come in under a “Legends” contract, where he makes appearances and is an Ambassador of sorts, the WWE might be able to find a spot, but since it’s Hulk Hogan, he wouldn’t settle for that. WWE doesn’t need him and wouldn’t have to kiss his butt the way TNA (wrongly) has. If Hogan wants to remain significant, he needs to stay right where he’s at. Otherwise, he just fades away.
Jackie Moore: One more run in the WWE for Jackie? Damn straight! Make it happen! She still has so much to offer and the WWE Divas division needs someone like Jackie (and Lita, Molly and Ivory) to stir things up and rebuild the divison. I just hope that someone in the WWE management realizes this.
James Storm: He belongs in the WWE, pure and simple. And as far as TNA goes, sorry about their damn luck!
Jeff Hardy: Jeff has had so many chances and I’m wondering if he’s burned his bridges? I don’t think so. If Jeff can pull his life together and prove that he’s serious about staying clean and being a good little Jimmy, I think the WWE would gladly take him back and welcome him with open arms. Matt too. They both got their start in the WWE and are part of the WWE family, regardless of where they’re competing (or rehabbing) now. And if they prove that they’re clean, sober, and wanting to come back, I think Vince would gladly say yes.
Jeff Jarrett: While I think that Jeff and Matt Hardy will always have a home and place in the WWE, I don’t think Jeff Jarrett will ever be welcome there again. Well, not unless there is major money to be made and Vince wants to pull a major shocking surprise, such as he did originally with Eric Bischoff when he brought Eric in as the RAW General Manager all those years ago. But so long as TNA is in business, Jeff will be a part of that company. And that’s how it should be.
Jeremy Borash: Look at what I said for Don West in the last column. Ditto for Borash. He’s TNA 4 Life!
Jesse Neal: I like the guy, but down the road, I see him more working high school gyms than Madison Square Garden. He’s good, but he’s not that good. TNA will be, in my opinion, the peak and highlight of his career. He’d better stay exactly where he’s at and be happy about it.
Jesse Sorensen: Another impressive kid with some good moves. I’ve only seen him wrestle a handfull of times, but he stands out a bit and looks like a future star. Please note that I said “future” star. Not a star yet. But he might be one day with the proper work, training and booking. And the best place for him to get that is currently TNA. In WWE, he would be shuffled down to Developmental and forgotten about. He might get better or he might not. But TNA will allow him to learn different styles and work against a better variety of opponents. And that’s what he needs for now. Maybe in five years, WWE will call, but for now, he’s best off making an Impact!
Karen Jarrett: Just hang on to that job with TNA and be happy with it. So long as Jeff’s in TNA, Karen will be in TNA (unless she and Jeff separate and she ends up with Kurt again). I don’t see that happening so no need to even think about it. She’s set.
Kazarian: He tried his hand at the WWE and how did that work out for him? Not too well if I recall. He’s a TNA guy and he’ll stay a TNA guy. And that’s the fact, Jack!
Kid Kash: Kash will never stay in any one company for long. He’s a great performer and a must-see superstar, but he doesn’t play well with others. It’s something about his mouth. It won’t keep quiet for too long. Kash pisses people off. He actually reminds me of CM Punk in some ways. Punk does the same thing, saying what he thinks without regard to who’s feelings might be hurt. Punk is just far more over with the fans and doesn’t get fired quite as often. But if Kash ever decides he wants a place in the WWE (and I would love to see a Kash – Punk matchup), I think it’s there for him. But he’d be fired within a year and back in TNA. I think, for Kash, the options are there, but he’s probably has a better chance of sustaining a push and getting over in TNA than WWE. He’s an enigma in both companies, but TNA will overlook a lot more than WWE ever would. He’s better off in TNA.
Kurt Angle: For the time being, Kurt is happy in TNA, being the top dog. But you know and I know that if Vince was to call him up and offer him a deal, he’d jump at it in a flash. Before Kurt’s career ends, I fully expect to see him head back to the WWE and do “one last run”, complete with an induction to the WWE Hall of Fame. But that will be two or three years down the road. As for now, Kurt is much better off being the go-to guy in TNA. WWE doesn’t need Kurt. They might like to have him, but he’d be just another name in the mix for them. TNA needs Kurt, just to stay alive. Kurt (for now) is staying in TNA.
Madison Rayne: She annoys me. She’s hot, but that’s about it. Leave her where she is as part of TNA. ‘Nuff said!
Magnus: Impressive body and a good look, but what else is there with this man. The ring skills need work and the promo skills are downright lousy. There’s a ton of potential there and with a lot of work, he can get better. But can he get up to what the WWE expects of their superstars? I doubt it. He’s best off on staying in TNA.
Mark Haskins: Another bright young talent with glimpses of what he can be in the future. The young man is impressive. But he’s still relatively green and makes mistakes as often as he gets it right. In five years, he might be ready to move on to greener pastures and the WWE, but for now, he just needs to work hard and learn. And TNA is probably the best place for him to do just that.
And there you go. Another third of the TNA Roster scanned, screened and evaluated. One more column to go looking at the Orlando based stars of TNA Impact Wrestling and then I’ll pull up and name a few names to replace those that I think would be better off in the WWE. So I’m taking away from TNA, but I’m also giving back to help fill the voids. Ain’t I just a nice guy? Don’t answer that!
So comments, thoughts and questions can be sent to Doug28352@yahoo.com. Please let me know what you think. Holla! Holla! Holla!
And on that note, “dat is all de people need to know!”. I’m Doug and I am outta here. See you tomorrow.


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