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Tossing Salt – Worldwide News (Part 3 of 4): October 6, 2011

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Back again with the third part of my TNA “Stay or Go” series where I’m going up and down the roster of TNA Impact Wrestling, looking at all of the men and women listed, and making the determination if they would be better suited to make a phone call to John Laurinaitis up at the WWE or else is TNA the best place for them in the here or now and at this point in their careers. So far, in the first two parts of this series, here’s what I’ve come up with.
Hanging Loose In TNA: Abyss, Anarquia, Angelina Love, Anthony Nese, Brian Kendrick, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Chris Sabin, Christy Hemme, Devon, Don West, Douglas WIlliams, Eric Bischoff, Eric Young, Hector Guerrero, Hernandez, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Jarrett, Jeremy Borash, Jesse Neal, Jesse Sorenson, Karen Jarrett, Kazarian, Kid Kash, Kurt Angle, Madison Rayne, Magnus and Mark Hoskins.
Pack The Bags And Head Up North: AJ Styles, Alex Shelley, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Brooke Tessmacher, Crimson, “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero, Gunner, Jackie Moore, James Storm and Jeff Hardy.

So that’s what we’ve come up with so far. I say “we”, but mean “me”. But I am interested in knowing what you guys and gals think about my thoughts and comments here. Write me and let me know. The address is at the bottom of the column.
And now, let’s finish up with the stars of TNA Impact Wrestling. Who is perfectly fine exactly where they currently are, as part of the # 2 wrestling company in the United States and who would be far better served to make that call, travel up north to Stamford and swin in Vince’s swimming pool while talking contracts and character development. We finish up with the stars of TNA today and then tomorrow, we find a few good names to come to TNA and replace the few good names that I’d have leave and venture to the land of milk and honey. Let’s do this.


Matt Morgan: So much size and so much talent, he’s being wasted in TNA. I’m not saying that he’s not important to their plans and booking, but the guy is a walking “Blueprint” for big time matches and success. WWE dropped the ball with Morgan once, but I seriously doubt that they’d make the same mistake twice. TNA is a good place to Morgan to build his name and establish himself, but he is a WWE star waiting to happen. And I think it will, sooner rather than later.
Mickie James: Mickie left the WWE because they didn’t care for her on-the-side projects like her country music album. That was wrong on their part. She’s a talented wrestler and she’s hot. Let her have her side projects and put the power of the WWE machine behind her and it would benefit both Mickie and the WWE greatly. TNA is trying, but they don’t have the resources or power to really help her very much. Mickie needs to head back up north and talk to Vince and work out a deal.
Mike Tenay: “The Professor” is a walking encylopedia of wrestling knowledge, but I doubt he’d be very welcome in the land of “sports entertainment”. He’s the face and voice of TNA and that’s exactly where he needs to remain.
Mr. Anderson: Mr. Kennedy has burned some bridges up north. Would they welcome him back? Maybe, but he’d be buried almost immediately upon his return. He’s far better off exactly where he’s at, doing exactly what he’s doing. In TNA, he’s a star. In WWE, he’d just be a victim.
Murphy: Who? Have no idea, so he can stay in TNA and in oblivion.
ODB: What is the deal where she keeps slapping herself in the boobs? We see them! Who can’t see them? Cover those nasty things up and quit slapping them. If it wasn’t for that annoying little quality, I’d say give ODB a try in the WWE, but she (ODB) just makes me cringe. Leave her in TNA and off my TV set. Bleh!
Okada: Who? See “Murphy” – the same applies to this person.
Ric Flair: What can I say about “The Naitch”? He shouldn’t be wrestling at all at this point in his career, but he needs the money. TNA pays him well and the workload is minimal compared to what he’s used to. But he doesn’t need to be in the ring, as a wrestler, for ANY reason. A manager would be fine. Being an announer might work. But keep Ric out of the ring. I think WWE would take RIc back if he was to throw out some of those crocodile tears and ask, but Ric would be kept on a much tighter leash in WWE, which he needs, than he is in TNA where the rules and attitudes are much more relaxed. So what would be best for Ric? Ric could be an asset to the WWE, but he has so much baggage that comes with the package. But still, he’s RIc Flair. Hell, send him to the WWE, let them sign him to a Legend’s deal and use him as a “Goodwill Ambassador”. But as part of the deal, he gets therapy to settle his butt down and grow up. The WWE can afford it and Ric needs it. It’s either get help with his habits and lifestyle or end up boke and dead in just a few more years. Hell, he’s halfway there already. And it’s very, very sad.
Rob Terry: Stay at TNA. He’s got talent and skills, but nothing to make him really stand out from the crowd.
Rob Van Dam: RVD is an interesting enigma. He could go back to the WWE easily with just one phone call, but I don’t think he has the heart and passion anymore for a place like WWE with their heavy schedule. Five years ago, it was okay, but he’s a little older and the body isn’t quite as resiliant as it once was. I think Rob is happy with the lighter schedule of TNA. He doesn’t need the money and he doesn’t need the WWE. RVD is TNA.
Robbie E: He annoys me, almost as much as the real “Jersey Shore” people do. The ring skills are okay, but he’s not really anything overly special at this point in his career. TNA is the right place for him at this point and time.
Rosita: She looks like some hoochie who walked in off the streets and asked for a job. Nothing special or distinctive about this chica to make her stand out from the crowd. Hard to understand why she even has a job in TNA, much less anywhere else. Let her stay where she’s currently at and be thankful for it.
Samoa Joe: Joe would do well in the WWE enviroment. It would take a little adjustment on both sides to get used to each other, but Joe, when he’s booked correctly, has proven he can be a major draw and put butts in the seat. He doesn’t look like the usual WWE superstar and that has held him back in earlier meetings with that company, but Joe is Joe and he can’t be repackaged into a generic, cookie cutter image like most guys at WWE are. He’s unique and if Vince and Co. would just open their eye, they would see what a valuable asset he could be. But to be honest, I don’t think they’re that smart. They look at Joe and see a big, fat guy. Joe is probably stuck with TNA for the duration which is actually kind of sad because he is capable of so much more.
Sangriento: Who? See “Murphy” and “Okada”. Same answer still applies.
Sarita: I like her, but she’s not a major star. Never has been and never will be. She’s lucky for the job she has and there is no place for her in the big leagues. Simple as that.
Scott Steiner: Scotty is a major player on the downslide. He’s still in great shape and can still pull the occasional good match out, but it’s getting harder and harder for “Big Poppa Pump” to keep that intensity where it needs to be. Scotty needs to enjoy this last run in TNA because, for the “Big Bad Booty Daddy”, that’s about as good as its going to get.
Shannon Moore: Shannon is happy doing what he’s doing exactly where he’s at. That’s where he belongs unless he wants to go back to being a full time jobber. He should get a big “TNA Impact Wrestling” logo tattooed on his chest because that’s where he’s going to stay and be.
SoCal Val: Why does she even have a job? She can’t wrestle. She’s not all that much to look at. She’s not a good announcer. She’s TNA forever because WWE wouldn’t have her.
Sting: “The Insane Icon” could go to WWE anytime he wants and like most fans, I would love to see him there, even if it’s just for a short time. But that’s all it would be. Sting is on the downside of his career now and he’s not in the condition needed for a major WWE run. If he was to go up there, it would end up being a major letdown, much like the runs of Goldberg and Monty Brown (to name two examples) were. It’d be a lot of hype and sizzle at first and then a foul taste in the end. After he’s done with TNA, Sting can do a Legend’s Deal and get an induction into the Hall of Fame, but so long as he’s continuing to wrestle, he’s much better off in TNA.
Suicide: Which one? Christoper Daniels? Kazarian? Bozo the Clown? Snoopy? Let him stay in TNA. Last thing we need in the WWE is two or more masked guys fighting over the same character.
Tara: She left the WWE under her own terms and is finishing out her career in TNA. That sounds about how it should be. I’d love to see Tara (Victoria) head back to the WWE, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. They didn’t treat her right when they had her and WWE’s mistake is TNA’s gain. Let her stay in TNA and be the dominating piece of awesomeness we know she can be.
Taz: TNA needs a good play-by-play guy. If he ever wants to go back to WWE, we all know he’d have a place (maybe next to Jim Ross on RAW?). But he seems content where he is and they needs him more than the WWE does. So he stays put.
Velvet Sky: What an ass on this chick. And I don’t even like women, so that really tells you something. She’s a good worker and has a great body and a great look. She would do very well with the WWE machine behind her. If she was WWE, there would be no need for a petition to get her on the Dancing With The Stars. She’d already be there. TNA has a valuable prize in their hands and they’d best hold on as tight as they can because sooner or later, when that contract is up, WWE will come calling for this lady.
Willie Urbina: Haven’t seen enough of him to really say anything, but since he’s a rookie and relatively unproven, the best place for him is probably TNA so he can gain some experience and learn.
Winter: WWE made a mistake in letting the former “Katie Lea” go and would be well advised to snatch her back up at the first available opportunity. She’s got skils and a unique character that would really add some life and zing to the WWE Divas division. I’d like to see her head back up that way and show all of the naysayers who doubted her and ler her go in the first place exactly how boneheaded that decision was. Katie aka Winter, is a WWE Diva to the extreme.
Zema Ion: I like this kid. Something about him says “future superstar”. And with that in mind, I’m kind of contradicting myself a bit, but I don’t really know if TNA is the place for him. True, he can grow and develop there and really improve his character and ringwork, but I’m looking at him and for some reason, I think he’d be better off in Florida in the WWE Developmental program. Most of the other rookies in TNA, to be honest, are not going anywhere. TNA is probably the best that they will ever see in their careers. But Ion? I just see him as bigger and better than TNA and what they have to offer. He’s a long ways off from being ready to being featured on RAW or Smackdown, but he’s got that “It” quality that needs to be developed and shaped. And WWE would be the best place, even if it is just in FCW, to do that.
And that’s it. My evaluations of the stars that are TNA is complete. So am I on the right track as to who would be better off staying with Imapct Wrestling and who would be better off heading up Hwy. 95 to the bright lights and big city that is WWE? Or am I just being silly? What do you think? Let me know with your questions and comments at Doug28352@yahoo.com.
And I guess that’s the end of this column too. But not the series. Be here tomorrow when I name a few names to replace the names that I feel would be better off leaving the Impact Stadium. Yeppers, it’s TNA Replacement time. Can your heart stand it?
I’m Doug and I’m down and I’m gone. See you tomorrow.


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