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UFC on Fox Preview

November 12, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Saturday Night 12th of November 2011, will go down in history as one of the biggest nights ever in mixed martial arts history. For the first time ever the biggest MMA promotion in the world is featuring the Heavyweight Championship of the world fight for free on primetime television. Not since the glory days of boxing has such a huge event been held on television and for free no less. Cain Velasquez, the undefeated UFC Heavyweight Champion will take on the number one contender and undefeated in the UFC, dangerous boxer Junior Dos Santos. UFC president Dana White has said it best himself when he said that putting this fight on free television will cost the UFC payday in the millions of dollars. Without question this is the biggest, most realistic fight that the UFC could put together for a prime time audience.

No doubt about it FOX over in the United States is one of the biggest channels that they have. Their sports channel which has featured The World Series, The Super-Bowl, NASCAR and much more. Now they have added The Ultimate Fighting Championship to their broadcasting schedule. Without question this is a smash success for the UFC before the fight even airs. Arguably the fastest growing sport in the world has found its way onto the premier sports channel in the US which will guarantee it a whole new host of viewers who may have never before seen MMA/the UFC. Not since Forrest Griffin taking on Stephen Bonnar at The Ultimate Fighter Finale has such a monumental event been held on television. The UFC is pulling out all the stops for this one. The entire one hour broadcast will feature just one fight. That’s never been done before with the UFC and is already a big change. The Heavyweight Championship fight schedule for five, five-minute rounds will be the only fight to air even if it goes five seconds. Before the fight will feature pre-fight interviews, a red carpet celebrity set-up, footage of the fighters before they make their walk to the Octagon and analysis with UFC president Dana White and mainstream name and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar. This writer believes that adding Lesnar to the show is an ingenuous move by the company as it allows fans to become acquainted with big name Lesnar and for those who don’t to be exposed to him for the very first time. Once the fight is over post fight coverage will be broadcast and a probable interview with Alistair Overeem and Brock Lesnar who square off at UFC 141 for the right to face the winner of the title fight. The format of the television show sounds more big time than anything the UFC has produced and on FOX network, on that night, it damn well should be.

Cain Velasquez is looking to defend his newly won Heavyweight Championship for the first time after a lay – off of nearly a year against an incredibly dangerous striker in Junior Dos Santos. There are many keys to victory in this fight but for the champion it certainly has to be what most insiders have noted in that he needs to use his superior wrestling to keep the seasoned boxer down. Just check out Shane Carwin’s face after his last fight with Dos Santos to see the kind of power he possesses. Cain has often been nicknamed “Cardio Cain” in his fights because he just has a relentless ability to keep moving forward in his fights. Another ability Cain has is unbelievable ability to stay calm. When former NCAA Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar took him down in their title fight back at UFC 121, Cain remained calm and composed and quickly worked his way up to finish Lesnar via TKO in the first round. Cain needs to use all his wrestling ability to keep Dos Santos from pounding away at him because he has incredibly vicious strikes. Dos Santos has only one loss in his MMA career which was back in 2007 to Joaquim Ferreira via submission due to an arm bar. However in MMA years 2007 was a long time ago and Dos Santos has come along a lot since then. Training with the elite in the sport such as Anderson Silva and The Nogeuira brothers, JDS has likely learned how to fight off of his back with multiple jiu jitsu black belts. Since Dos Santos entered the UFC he has piled up wins over the likes of Gabriel Gonzaga, Fabricio Werdum, Mirko Cro Cop, Roy Nelson and Shane Carwin to name a few. And only two of those were via decision. Dos Santos has to use his take-down defence in this fight to keep Cain Velasquez from taking the fight to the ground and smothering him with punches. Dos Santos’ punching power should be able to knock out Velasquez given the right shot as the current UFC Champion was famously rocked by Cheick Kongo a few years ago showing he doesn’t possess a dynamite chin. Both fighters have excellent take down defence and striking ability. This writer would probably go with Cain’s wrestling being the better and Dos Santos’ striking being the better of the two. If this fight is ending quickly it likely is ending in the first round via stoppage from punches from of the two. If it foes the distance then it likely favours the champion. This one is incredibly close to call but if I had absolutely had to pick an opponent to win I’d go with Junior Dos Santos via decision. However anything can happen in MMA and all will be revealed on free view premier sports channel in the UK. Enjoy the fight.

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