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Update on Stephanie Running WWE’s Website, Reports of a Power Struggle and More

August 26, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– As noted before, there have been major changes to WWE’s corporate restructuring and the website recently. WWE’s website is now part of a new division called WWE Creative. There will be other changes and restructuring as part of Stephanie McMahon’s concept and vision.

Former WWE Executive VP of Digital Media Brian Kalinowski, who has been released, was responsible for the recent overhaul of WWE’s website with more video content. He was also in charge of restructuring the WWE shop website. A lot of people were critical of Kalinowski because he was a guy recruited outside of wrestling who didn’t understand the unique business. Kalinowski grew to learn the wrestling business and was considered a strong leader by many. His departure surprised a lot of people and the feeling was that his dismissal had nothing to do with job performance and everything to do with Stephanie McMahon taking over the website.

There is said to be a bigger power struggle going on between Stephanie McMahon and WWE production head Kevin Dunn. While Vince McMahon is a fan of Dunn’s, Stephanie is not. It’s noted by sources that Dunn is aware he will lose a power struggle with Stephanie but Dunn is good as long as Vince is around. Dunn is one of the few people Vince listens to and values the opinion of.

WWE’s digital media department was already unhappy when they found out Kalinowski was leaving but morale went down once they got the memo that Stephanie is now running their department and everything from here on out must be coordinated through her office.


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