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Update on WWE Stars Getting Robbed, Backstage News on Punk’s Promos, More

August 4, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– The WrestleMania 27 special that airs on NBC Saturday, August 13th will be pre-empted by affiliates in New York City, Milwaukee, Minneapolis and Cleveland due to NFL pre-season games. More markets will likely pre-empt the special due to football games as well.

– Regarding the incident where SmackDown wrestlers had their belongings stolen on the recent WWE tour of South Africa, what happened was that people on a flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town targeted wrestler’s suitcases that had locks on them, and stole mostly electronics and watches. The airline came to a deal with WWE as the crew was informed backstage during one of the shows that the airline was going to fully reimburse them for every item that was stolen. WWE talents were told not to talk about the incident again and not to tweet about it from that point on.

– Right now, WWE management is giving CM Punk the basic framework of his promos but he is being allowed to come up with the verbiage, as opposed to the RAW writers scripting the entire promo like they do for most everyone else. Before RAW this past Monday, Punk was practicing his return promo in the back and going over it with friends.


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