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USA Today Writer Reviews the New WWE ’12 Video Game

June 15, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– Brett Molina of USA Today reviewed the new WWE ’12 video game at E3 last week and wrote an early review on it. Here are some quotes from his review:

“The control scheme borrows a bit from the casual wrestling title WWE All-Stars. Attacks and grapples are mapped to the controller’s face buttons, while the right thumbstick is used to position an opponent. So, wrestlers will have different moves when an opponent is facing them vs. when their back is turned.

Overall, it feels much easier to wrestle compared with the complex schemes featured in previous wrestling titles. Although I didn’t spot this in action, WWE 12 will also include fresh mechanics for submissions and match momentum.

Visually, WWE 12 seems to pack a lot more detail, particularly when it comes to modeling wrestlers such as Randy Orton. Arenas themselves look jammed with fans, adding a more lively atmosphere.

Many of the traditional options found in previous wrestling titles will return, such as the story-based Road to Wrestlemania mode.

It’s still too soon to say how drastic a change players can expect from WWE 12, but based on my short demo, prepare for a simpler, sharper sports title.”


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