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What Happened After RAW, Storm Says He’ll Quit Watching RAW, John Cena’s Biggest Fear, More

October 26, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– The dark main event after last night’s WWE RAW Supershow in Austin, Texas saw WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio beat John Cena with the help of The Miz and R-Truth, in a steel cage match. Truth and Miz interfered when Cena was going to leave the cage door, allowing Del Rio to escape the cage. After the match, Cena took out Awesome Truth to send the fans home.

– Former WWE star Lance Storm says he will stop watching RAW for a while if next week’s show from Atlanta is another embarrassment to Jim Ross. He wrote:

“If RAW next week is another “Lets embarass @JRsBBQ ” episode I’m going to stop watching for a while.”

— Wrestling legend Ric Flair is featured in a new rap song by artist Pusha T. Pusha T’s new single, “What Dreams Are Made Of” features features samples from an old school Ric Flair wrestling promo. You can hear the song here.

The Flair interview that’s sampled includes Flair bragging about his wealth, limousine-riding, and jet-flying lifestyle.

Pusha T, who hails from Flair country (North Carolina) will be releasing his new album, “Fear of God 2: Let Us Pray” on November 8.

— John Cena was interviewed by the WWE website this week about his new movie, “The Reunion,” which has been getting very poor reviews from critics (it got a 9% on Rotten Tomatoes).

During the interview, Cena revealed an interesting note on his biggest fear: heights. Cena, who did his own stunts, had to sprint and jump off a 60-foot cliff during an action scene for the movie.

“I didn’t want to do it,” Cena said. “I’m deathly afraid of heights. There’s a scene involving heights and helicopters. I hated it. I did it. Absolutely, I did it, but hated it.”

— TMZ.com cameras caught up with former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson this week – who claims she had no idea that Stacy Keibler is dating actor George Clooney. To see video of the brief interview, visit TMZ.com.




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