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WWE 12 Game Review By Adam

December 7, 2011   ·   0 Comments

With every next generation console, there comes a wrestling game that defines it. PlayStation had ‘Attitude’, N64 had ‘No Mercy’, PlayStation 2 had ‘Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain’, Xbox had ‘Wrestlemania 21’ and The GameCube had ‘Day of Reckoning’. Now after years of THQ putting games out we have the game that defines the 360/PS3 in WWE ’12. After years of THQ pretty much re-releasing the same game but with a few added changes they have finally released a game that completely breaths life into the wrestling game genre. A genre which was pretty much dying on it ass after the release of TNA’s ill-fated gaming debut as well as the rinse and repeat of the Smackdown vs Raw games. It may have took some time but THQ have released a game that gives you sizzle with your steak.


In the words of Daft Punk it is Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster thanks to the new Predator Technology. This makes the game play more realistic. Rather than getting warped into the centre of the ring for the five knuckle shuffle it will automatically change the move so you can nail it where the opponent is laid. The first thing you notice apart from the sleak new camera angles is the controls. The player is allowed to focus in and chain wrestle with light moves only to move onto more powerful moves and then finally onto the big climax of the pinfall or the brand new Breaking Point submission system. This also sees the return to the classic button bashing of old school wrestling games. The animations between offense and defensive moves are more fluid and blend more into one another rather than the awkward stop starting that you get on the Smackdown vs Raw series. A few problems arise when you try and attack someone with a weapon as it sometimes gets a little jumpy. When you go for a focus attack it can crash and you have to restart the match, and when you are running around it is difficult to nail a running attack or grapple. THQ have announced that they are releasing a patch soon to fix some of the problems I have mentioned above.




The game is jammed pack with over 60 wrestlers from past and present and all are unique! No one has the exact same moveset that has happened in previous games. It is also impressive how up to date the game is with Punk having Cult of Personality as his theme. Especially since last years featured many wrestlers who were gone from the WWE by the time the game was released. The DLC that has been announced for the game is extremely impressive with Batista, Mick Foley, Randy Savage, Kharma and Vickie Guerrero having already been announced, as well as old attire for wrestlers such as Edge and Christian from 2001.

I am currently playing this game on legendary and I am having huge success with it but the AI can be very annoying at times. You can’t get a happy medium and you spend a lot of time getting thrown into the corner on an easier section. But playing it on a harder level makes the game much more enjoyable as you know that one mistake and the computer could put you away for the three count. I had just beaten Cena for the WWE Title only for Del Rio to cash in his MITB contract and beat me within five seconds. Things like that make the game much more realistic and fun! The game is also a bugger when it comes to being reversal happy and relies a lot on reversal damage to beat you.


Along with a whole new control system we also get a new ‘Road to Wrestlemania’ which is a single player experience and is outstanding. Probably the best story mode since ‘Day of Reckoning’ as all three stories roll into one long story. The problems that arise with this mode is that you can only play as three people [Sheamus, Triple H and C.A.W] and you automatically follow each match with the option of pressing triangle to end it. I really hope that ‘WWE ’13’ will feature more of a Heavy Rain influence storymode where your choices and actions determine where the story goes. The writing and storylines are probably better than most of what is currently on WWE television. ‘WWE Universe’ returns from ‘WWE Smackdown vs Raw’ and it is a welcomed return as it gives you the option to go through years upon years of programming, changing shows and even bringing back things like ECW on TNN and maybe even WCW Thunder.

Creating content is a huge deal on this game as even on the opening main menu it shows you what the most downloaded items are on WWE Online. But it doesnt end there, WWE ’12 offers modes like ‘create a superstar’, ‘finisher’, ‘logo’ and ‘arena’. The create arena first came to light on ‘WWF Attitude’ when you could change the lights for the match etc. This returns in ‘WWE ’12’ but on a much bigger style giving you the option of creating old arenas such as Nitro and putting them into the WWE universe! Which opens up loads of options for people who like to create storylines.


In closing ‘WWE ’12’ is the new wrestling game that people will be talking about for ages. It has changed my opinion of WWE games and has completely revamped what we all came to expect from THQ. This game is a must buy and with cheap affordable DLC it has made it so you can have endless fun on WWE Universe. Imagine being able to play some dream matches such as Stone Cold vs CM Punk, Michaels vs Daniel Bryan or even Rock vs Cena months before it happens in real life. ‘WWE Allstars’ may have been released earlier this year but this game is truly an Allstar.



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