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WWE ’12 News: Superstars Talk To ESPN About Their In-Game Ratings

August 26, 2011   ·   0 Comments

If you ever wondered whether WWE superstars care about how they are rated in video games – they do.

The official ESPN website is featuring an article looking at the upcoming WWE ’12 video game – with quotes from several stars talking about their in-game stats/ratings.

To read the full article, check out ESPN.com.

Here’s an excerpt of what Randy Orton said about superstars and their video game ratings:

“Wade Barrett is already an 87. He’s 6-5 and the kid can cut one h— of a promo. He’s got a lot of potential. It’s funny because I’ve heard some guys talk about their ratings in the game before. Miz used to always say how they made him lower than some of the divas a few years ago, but it shows how far he’s come now that he’s a 90 in the game.”

Orton continued, “I even heard Punk joke the other day how he wanted to be in the 90s this year, so yeah, we do pay attention to the numbers. How can you not? It’s someone rating you. Of course, you want to see what they think.”


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