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WWE Considering a Cooking Show with Big Show and His Wife

September 24, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– WWE sent out a survey yesterday to seek fans interest on a potential cooking show with The Big Show and his wife Bess. The description of the show reads like this:

“How do you handle a hungry man? Just ask Bess Wight. Her husband is Paul The Big Show Wight, WWE Superstar and the worlds largest athlete! Show is seven feet tall and 425 pounds

Bess is bodacious, beautiful, and one big time cook! And if you think The Big Show is tough, you havent met his wife! Bess and Show are about to give viewers an all-access pass into the controlled chaos that is their kitchen.

Youll meet their friends, their families, and even some of Big Shows fellow WWE Superstars you never know who will stop by their house to whip up something delicious! Once you see this larger than life couple in the kitchen, we know youll be hungry for more!”


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