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WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review – October 14th

October 19, 2011   ·   0 Comments

This week’s “historic” edition of Smackdown (have you noticed how often WWE throws around the term historic?) came to you from Dallas, Texas. It was historic because Smackdown is now the second longest running weekly episodic television show in the United States. According to WWE the top 5 list is:

  1. WWE Monday Night Raw Supershow – 959 episodes
  2. WWE Friday Night Smackdown – 634 episodes
  3. Gunsmoke – 633 episodes
  4. Lassie – 588 episodes
  5. The Simpsons – 488 episodes

I’d have to go back and double check that because I find the Simpsons not being in the top two almost impossible to believe! Before I digress let’s get on to this week’s show.

Smackdown kicked off with new Interim Raw General Manager (and Executive Vice President of Talent Relations didn’t you know) John Laurinaitus and Teddy Long on stage. It’s too early to make an appraisal of the Raw GM’s role but so far he has a decent amount of heat which is amazing considering his total lack of charisma. Notice you don’t hear Michael Cole draw attention to this. Laurinaitus and Long announced a 41 man over the top battle royal with the winner earning a title shot of their chosen that very night. I’m personally not a fan of battle royals because hardly anyone gets over in the match because there’s not a lot to do other than throw people over the top rope. Add in the 41 men in this match there was no time for entrances so everyone came out to the jabronified Raw and Smackdown theme respectively.

This was your basic battle royal so I won’t bore you with all the details so I’ll give you the list of elimination from first to last:

  1. Cody Rhodes
  2. Johnny Curtis
  3. JTG
  4. Michael Mcgillicutty
  5. Derrik Bateman
  6. Titus O’Neil
  7. Yoshi Tatsu
  8. Matt Striker
  9. William Regal
  10. Percy Watson
  11. John Morrison
  12. Dolph Ziggler
  13. Trent Barretta
  14. Jey Uso
  15. Ted Dibiase
  16. Tyson Kidd
  17. Daniel Bryan
  18. Tyler Reks
  19. Curt Hawkins
  20. Drew Mcintyre
  21. Justin Gabriel
  22. Mason Ryan
  23. Primo
  24. Santino Marella
  25. Alex Riley
  26. Kofi Kingston
  27. Zack Ryder
  28. David Ottunga
  29. Jimmy Uso
  30. Ezekiel Jackson
  31. Heath Slater
  32. Sin Cara (black mask)
  33. Christian
  34. R-Truth
  35. CM Punk.

The final five were Sheamus who was eliminated by Christian, Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger and Jinder Mahal who were all squashed immediately by Randy Orton followed by Orton last eliminating The Miz with a gutsy yet botched RKO on the ring apron. Orton challenged Mark Henry for a World Title match later on that night. All this battle royal did is show how bad WWE’s roster is these days. Take a look back over the list of names and determine which of those you could consider a “star” in this modern era. It’s quite frightening really.

The next segment features Teddy Long giving Alberto Del Rio the news he’ll face Sheamus later tonight. Del Rio is mad because he thought he had the night off because “Randy Orton was too scared” to face him.

First official match on the show was Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly. What can I say other than so much for Kelly’s momentum! This was a very short match which didn’t feature much other than a nice hurricanrana counter into a backbreaker by Phoenix and the pin after the Glam Slam. Not that it really matters given the state of the diva’s division but Kelly’s push was she had “snapped” on Phoenix and had now become “more aggressive” in the ring. I didn’t see it here and haven’t in what she’s shown so far. I’m always optimistic so let’s see where it goes but this match was a bust.

Sin Cara (blue mask) is about to come to the ring for a match but as his music hits the other Cara attacks him in the back and removes his mask and then places it onto his own head instead of his black one. Impostor Cara then heads to the ring for a match with Justin Gabriel. This was another short match but miles better than the diva’s one. Wasn’t great or anything but featured a few cool spots and this Cara doesn’t botch half as much as the original does. The announcers did try to explain some of blue Cara’s past as Mistico and how he was a big deal in Mexico. Impostor Cara won the match with a Swanton.

Another backstage segment except with Vickie Guerrero mocking Airboom and demanding a tag team title shot (yes Airboom are the tag champs for those who forgot) for her team of Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Long Island Iced Z Zack Ryder comes in and suggests himself and Kofi team up to face Swagger and Dolph. Teddy Long agrees and the match is set.

Second match on the show is Sheamus vs. WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio. Another short match (isn’t Smackdown supposed to be the wrestling heavy show?) which didn’t feature a whole lot. Alberto did logically work over Sheamus’ arm in preparation for the Cross Arm-breaker though. The match ended with Ricardo Rodriguez distracting Sheamus which allowed the referee to be busy long enough for Christian to come in and shove Sheamus off the top rope. Del Rio followed up with an enziguri for the pin. Can you believe that all the fuss WWE made over making Del Rio WWE Champion so he could return to Mexico the conquering hero next week and they mentioned something which is ACTUALLY historic for a change just ONCE. This company!

Vickie Guerrero is out with huge heat considering how old “excuse me” is getting, to announce Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler’s entrance for the third match on the show against Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder. This was one of the longer matches on the show and was not too bad. I expect more from Smackdown but it was ok for what it was. The finish was kind of odd as Jack Swagger ran in and knocked Kofi to the floor only for Kofi to come in and nail Dolph Ziggler with the Trouble in Paradise behind the referee’s back which enabled Long Island Iced Z to steal a win over the US Champion. So the babyface has to resort to a dastardly move in order to gain the victory? Not the best booking.

Highlights from raw were shown. Someone explain to me how Vince Mcmahon was telling Triple H he was fired when in fact Vince himself was fired! Doesn’t make sense to you either?  I didn’t think so.

The penultimate segment of the show featured a promo by Sheamus. This was a pretty bad promo about some Irish fable involving a troll and a great white bull. To make matters worse Sheamus didn’t even look directly into the camera when threatening Christian. Not good.

Last week’s segment with The Big Show’s return was recapped before the main event as well as Cody Rhodes’ battle royal elimination from earlier on in the show which completely telegraphed the outcome of the match. This was a pretty bad match as you may have expected. Mark Henry is only good at being the dominant monster and not much else. The finish saw Cody Rhodes run in for the DQ. Rhodes and Henry beat down Orton before he was saved by The Big Show. Orton lays out Cody while The Big Show lays out Henry to end the show.

Conclusion: a bad episode of Smackdown. The battle royal took up the bulk of TV time and for what? Just to get as many names out there as possible for the special edition episode? No one benefitted from it and some actually came out WORSE than when they went in. The big Mexico show’s are next week and was barely promoted at all. Vengeance was mentioned in passing here and there but not a lot was actually done to build it. Credit where credit is due, it does look as if Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes will be announced for the pay per view next week. And The Big Show vs. Mark Henry feud is something different (or recycled depends on how long you’ve been watching wrestling really.) Next week’s show in Mexico does feature a Sin Cara vs. Sin Cara mask vs. mask match which being in Mexico, will have an authentic feel to it so next week’s show should be good.

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