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WWE Hell In A Cell 2010 DVD Review

January 3, 2011   ·   0 Comments

WWE Hell In A Cell 2010HellInACell2010
DVD review


World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Kane vs. The Undertaker

WWE Unified Divas Championship
Michelle McCool vs. Natalya

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett

Edge vs. Jack Swagger

WWE Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Randy Orton vs. Sheamus

U.S. Championship Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere Match
Daniel Bryan vs. John Morrison vs. The Miz

Special Features
Home Video Exclusive
Aftermath of the Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho Match
Monday Night RAW September 27, 2010

Home Video Exclusive
Josh Mathews interviews John Cena after his match
Hell In A Cell October 3, 2010

As far as Pay Per View’s go, Hell In A Cell wasn’t half bad! (Even the ‘Divas’ Championship match wasn’t a complete waste of time; although I do HATE that title!) Taking place on October 3rd 2010 from The American Airlines Arena in Texas, this was the second pay per view under this title and featured 2 matches in the dreaded cell!

It kicks off with the triple threat between Daniel Bryan and former tag partners; John Morrison and The Miz in a match that sets the tone and gets the crowd really into the event perfectly! Miz starts off cutting a promo saying he was both of his opponents mentors and neither of them would have gotten anywhere if it wasn’t for him! He also promises he will be walking out of the American Airlines Arena with Daniel Bryan’s United States Championship! As the match starts it seems Bryan and Morrison are determined to take Miz out of the equation first before fighting each other in a minute of excellent mat-wrestling cut short when Miz comes ’round and attacks both of them, slamming Bryan into the security rail and rolling his former partner into the ring for a beat down. The action continues back and forth with all three men giving it their best shot to gain the gold in this thrilling opening match!

From this we move straight into the first Hell In A Cell match of the night, Orton vs Sheamus and we see a montage of the history between them.
It’s an ‘OK’ match, full of the spots you would come to expect from a Cell match, lots of use of the cage (which I always think looks a little flimsey.. but it doesn’t mean I’d want to get hurled into it!), multiple use of steel steps and ring posts… and all this with the threat of blood hanging over their heads? Brave men! Ah gone are the good old days when Flair would be pink haired and blinded by the stream of warfarin infused O-neg or Triple H would open up one of the B-roads on the old road map on his forehead….

Backstage Josh Matthews is joined by the Nexus where Wade Barrett tells him he is more than capable of beating John Cena on his own and he promises John Cena will be a member of Nexus by the end of the night!

Ricardo Rodriguez is in the ring ready to introduce Alberto Del Rio, how cool are these guys? I’ve heard Del Rio compared to JBL but as far a I’m concerned the only comparisson is that he drives a fancy car into the arena! (I couldn’t STAND JBL!) Del Rio is coming to the ring to say it’s his WWE PPV debut and he wants to make it special. He’s taken out Rey Mysterio and Christian so who’s going to be next?
Edge’s music hits much to the delight of the crowd (and me obviously!) and he says he’s in a fight against stupidity and cuts a promo on Del Rio. They’re about to scrap when Swagger’s music hits and he comes out to say it’s ridiculous that they’re scrapping and he hasn’t even got a match! Del Rio gets a few punches in and then the All Aermican American goes to work on Edge on his own. The lights flash and Michael Cole ‘quotes’ from the GM that Edge must issue a live in-ring appologiy on the next night’s Raw, for trashing the GM’s lap top; but for now he must face Swagger in an official cross-brand match. A pretty good match from these two big guys, lots of action and plenty of classic wrestling with an ‘agreeable’ outcome; not match of the night but definately worth watching.

The next match see’s WWE fan favourite John Cena fighting for his integrity because if he loses he must join the dispicable ‘NEXUS’! Love him or hate him you have to agree (ok not HAVE to but maybe… a little!) that Cena gives his all every day to this company and to his fans. Personally I adore the guy but I’m a chick so I guess I’m in that majority! I think it’s a man thing.. maybe men are a little intimidated by the mighty Cena! Maybe they’re jealous of all the female attention he gets? Oh yes I am provoking sex-war emails!
But I digress, as the match kicks off the place is electric, the guys are booing their asses off and the girls and kids and cheering their hero Cena (Little hint guys, I’m sure he doesn’t give much of a flying you know what anyways! But alas I must save these rants for my Cena Experience DVD review.. coming soon!)
Barrett is very impressive, I’ve liked him since I first saw some FCW footage, maybe it’s the Brit in me aswell.. I have visions of him going out for a pint with Regal after the shows! (humour me I get bored easily!) Nexus appear at ringside and Barrett chastises them telling them they should stay in the back but still they hang around like the preverbial bad smell; it looks like Barrett wants to do this one on his own!
The back and forth is great – no, Cena isn’t the best technical wrestler by a long shot but he makes his matches exciting and watchable!
As he goes for the ‘You Can’t See Me’ Nexus surround the ring, but the rest of the lockerroom have had enough, loads of Superstars, and Chris masters, come out to attack Nexus and stop them for interfering in the match at hand. Cena’s loving it! As the match gets back under way a couple of near-falls have the crowd whipped up into a frenzy and the ‘Let’s Go Cena/Let’s Go Barrett’ chants start up in force! Even though I’ve seen it before I’m still marking out at the counters and near-falls! I would have to say after seeing this again it’s the match of the night! It’s just too edge-of-the-seat not to be.

Josh Matthews has a weird encounter with Paul Bearer in a purple-lit corridor…

Divas match isn’t as painful as normal, probably because Natalya can actually wrestle!

Kane vs The Undertaker, Hell In A Cell is a very much anticipated match for a lot of WWE fans, unfortunately not for me. I’m not a fan of Undertaker however blasphemus that may be in the wrestling world, I just think now may be the time he needs to considder calling it a day before he can’t even walk to the ring. I am but a mere wrestling fan I guess I have no right to say that, I just hate to see a legend tarnished because he crippled himself trying to keep up with younger guys.
It’s also great to see Paul Bearer back, no matter how short-lived that may have been, although I htought it was pretty obvious who’s side he’d end up on by the end of the match!
Of course being Kane and Undertaker the match pretty much CAN’T fail, and it doesn’t. The crowd are into it from start to finish and they do manage to pull of a match worthy of two legends main-eventing! I didn’t particularly want to watch it all the way through again, but that’s just me. I’m sure there a million people out there who DO!

All in all a very good show. The extra is an interview with Cena that hasn’t been aired before so that is definately a bonus that we need to see more of on these pay per view releases.



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