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WWE Live in the UK: April 2011 DVD (2 Discs) Review

October 19, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Just after the new year I reviewed the November edition of Live in the UK. All that came out of it was me saying that it would be a nice memento if you were in attendance or if you were an avid collector of WWE DVDs, aside from that its not really worth investing your money in! This DVD, again, is like recording a weeks worth of shows and then going on to re-watch them six months down the line. The set includes the Raw, Smackdown, Superstars and NXT that was filmed that week in the UK.



Raw is probably the best show out of the four. This is because we get the great kick start to the R-Truth heel turn which involved blowing smoke at Morrison to throwing the cigarette at him. Who would of guessed that this turn would give us one of the best characters of 2011. We also have the tribute to Edge who had just retired – this is just awesome. In the Raw main event we have Randy Orton and CM Punk in what is basically the best match on the whole DVD set. One highlight of NXT was the video of the debut of Khamara which just shows you how bad NXT actually was if the highlight is a 15 second clip. Smackdown has a few good matches with Wade Barrett against Kofi Kingston and Cody Rhodes against Rey Mysterio. We also get a surprising tag team match with Kane and Big Show winning the Unified Tag Team Championship against Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater.



The knighting of Michael Cole is just a pointless and annoying segments that should never be seen or heard from again! Heel Cole was fun to listen to for about a month then it just silly. The New Nexus as a whole are a low point of the whole Nexus run and you know it is bad when the only people left are Otunga and McGillicutty from the original line up. NXT as a whole is another lowpoint because everything about it is horrible, from the test of strength to the matches. Also this week featured Hornswoggle in a match and when that ever happens you know you aren’t having a good show. Superstars is usually good for a couple of awesome match ups but even Superstars is below par this week made even worst by the appearance of Maryse and her stupid pose! How quickly times change, Mark Henry versus Ted DiBiase was the main event of this show and now Mark Henry is the current World Champion. I can’t beileve I am saying this but a lowlight was the Edge retirement party segment! It was lackluster and showed that Alberto isn’t always gold on the mic. This along with the rest of the segments on Smackdown were poor including the horrible couples therapy with Michelle McCool and Layla.

The DVD set comes with one extra, and it is appropriate extra, in the form of a Steel Cage Match between Edge and Christian at Rebellion 2001. Is it wrong that the best match on the whole set is a decade old? For me yes it is.


The set as a whole is not great. Again I come away thinking the same as I did before, if you were in the arena then it will be a nice memento of you, or if you’re a avid collector of WWE DVDs you should get it. Otherwise don’t bother! It just feels like WWE are trying to get a bit more money out of people and makes me feel like if they continue releasing this DVD then they should make the UK shows matter! I mean nothing of note happened, the DVD set might have been great if a top title changed hands or something shocking happening but someone smoking is not going to make people want to buy something they could have recorded for free.

Review by Adam Peacock

WWE Live in the UK: April 2011 DVD (2 Discs)


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