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WWE Monday Night RAW Supershow Results 9/26/2011

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– Tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow opens with the normal opening video package. And we’re live from the Sprint Center in Kansas City, Missouri as Michael Cole welcomes us to RAW. Jim Ross hypes tonight’s main event of CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio. JR and Cole are joined by Booker T on commentary tonight as Jerry Lawler is dealing with injuries from Mark Henry’s attack last week. We see the Cell hanging high above the ring.

– We go to the ring and out comes the WWE COO Triple H. We see replays from last week at the end of RAW where Triple H fired The Miz and R-Truth. Triple H says he fired them because they attacked referees. Triple H shows a video package of Truth and Miz’s recent actions. Triple H says they came to him with a weak apology and were full of crap. He says he fined them $250k each and then used them to get one more main event match out of them. Triple H says that’s on both of them. He says there’s another $250k fine floating around for Mark Henry because of his attack on JR and Lawler last week. Triple H tells all the WWE stars in the back that no one man is bigger than WWE. He talks about firing Kevin Nash and says he will always do what’s right for WWE. Vickie Guerrero interrupts and comes out with United States Champion Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph and Vickie enter the ring. Dolph talks about Hugh Jackman sucker punching him last week and fracturing his jaw. Ziggler shows a photo and some media coverage of the punch from Jackman. Ziggler says since all the kids look up to him as their hero, he can still compete but he can’t eat solid food yet. Ziggler asks Triple H what he plans on doing about this. Triple H talks about Jackman being an actor and says if Ziggler wants, he will get him some security for when The Muppets are out next month. Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes comes out and interrupts. Cody talks about how Orton beat him bloody on Friday’s SmackDown. Cody says he received 9 staples in the side of his head. Cody asks Triple H why Orton wasn’t punished.

Triple H talks about how when Orton handcuffed him to the ropes, he didn’t cry. He went and whooped Orton’s ass in his front yard. Triple H tells Cody to man up. Christian comes out next and says what happened to him last week was much worse than what happened to them. Christian talks about Sheamus interrupting his match last week and causing him to lose the World Heavyweight Title. Christian asks Triple H, how is that fair? Triple H tells him it was a Lumberjack Match and calls him an idiot. It was Sheamus’ job as a Lumberjack. Christian says he has had enough, they all have. Christian asks Dolph and Cody to join him in filing the biggest lawsuit WWE has ever seen.

Christian asks for one more match… at Hell in a Cell on Sunday, against Sheamus. This Friday on SmackDown, Christian will face Randy Orton. Tonight, just for pissing Triple H off, he will face WWE Champion John Cena, and it’s not for the title. Christian says this is unacceptable and walks off. Tonight, Ziggler will defend his US Title against Zack Ryder. Triple H can’t believe he’s saying this but hopes Ryder wins. Triple H drops a WWYKI as Ziggler gets pissed and leaves with Vickie. Triple H gives Cody the night off because of his staples but Cody says something smart walking off. Cody puts down Triple H. Triple H says he will defend his title tonight. Cody keeps going on and Triple H makes it a fatal four-way match and that match is up next. Wait. Triple H says he will walk backstage and the first 9 Superstars he meets will face off against Cody in a battle royal for the Intercontinental Title. Triple H walks off as Cody whines.

– Jim Ross plugs Cena vs. Christian as we go back to commercial.

Battle Royal for the WWE Intercontinental Title: Cody Rhodes, Justin Gabriel, Daniel Bryan, Sin Cara, John Morrison, Alex Riley, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Ted DiBiase, Ezekiel Jackson

Back from the break and the competitors are in the ring. Sin Cara’s music hits and out he comes. Out next comes Sheamus to a big pop. The bell rings and everyone goes at it. Cody waits outside of the ring. Drew gets eliminated early on. The other Sin Cara runs down and pulls the other out of the ring. Daniel Bryan takes the impostor Sin Cara and eliminates him. The Caras go at it on the floor now. The first Cara tries to get in the ring and argues with referees as they stop him. Ted goes to the floor and brings Cody back into the match. Sheamus eliminates Riley and Gabriel. Jackson takes out two at once also. It’s down to Zeke, Cody, Ted and Sheamus. Zeke and Sheamus go at it, trading shots. Sheamus beats Zeke down. Ted attacks from behind but Cody knocks him off the top.

It comes down to Sheamus and Cody. Sheamus unloads on Cody. He goes for the Celtic Cross but Christian runs down and distracts him. Cody attacks Sheamus but he fights him off. Sheamus misses a Brogue kick but hangs on to the apron. Cody swings his mask but Sheamus blocks it and headbutts him. Sheamus fights Christian off. Cody takes advantage and knocks Sheamus off the apron for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

– After the match, Christian attacks Sheamus from behind and knocks him into the ring post.

– Still to come tonight, CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see Mark Henry’s attack on Jerry Lawler last week. Cole announces that Lawler has bruised ribs and anal bleeding. Ross just looks away and shakes his head.

– David Otunga is backstage talking with John Laurinaitis. They talk about how Otunga is a lawyer and it sounds like Laurinaitis is going to help him out.

– Beth Phoenix and Natalya are shown walking backstage as we go to a video package for Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly and Eve Torres vs. Natalya and Beth Phoenix

We go to the ring and out comes WWE Divas Champion Kelly Kelly with her partner Eve Torres for a rematch from last week. To commercial we go.

Back from commercial and out comes Beth Phoenix and Natalya. Beth and Eve start things out with Beth taking control. Eve kicks her in the face but gets into it with Natalya on the apron. She comes in on a tag and they double team Eve. Natalya works Eve over and puts her in a submission on her neck. Natalya turns it into a 2 count and kicks Eve around. Natalya slaps her and tags back in Beth.

Beth continues the attack until she misses a splash on the ropes. Kelly comes in with a Thesz press off the top and then spanks Beth. Kelly with a headscissors takedown and a face plant for a 2 count as Natalya breaks it up. Eve comes in for the save but ends up on the floor. Natalya and Beth double team Kelly until she tosses Natalya out. Beth hits the Glam Slam on Kelly for the win.

Winners: Natalya and Beth Phoenix

Mark Henry vs. The Great Khali

World Heavyweight Champion Mark Henry comes out for the next match and looks up at the Cell. Henry marches to the ring and poses with his title as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and out comes The Great Khali as Henry waits in the ring. Henry attacks Khali as he poses. Henry kicks Khali around and hits him with a World’s Strongest Slam. Henry yells that he’s not scared of Khali. Henry yells that if he gets fined, everyone is going to pay. Henry leaves the ring without pinning Khali, still yelling about how everyone is going to pay.

– We see WWE Champion John Cena headed to the ring as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get hype for Ryder vs. Ziggler tonight.

– We go to the ring where the Cell is being lowered down right above the ring. John Cena’s music hits and out comes the WWE Champion.

Cena hits the ring and a spotlight shines as the crowd goes crazy with a mixed reaction. Cena says this Sunday, he will go to hell. Cena shows the Hell in a Cell poster with his face on it and talks about the first-ever triple threat Hell in a Cell. Cena says the WWE Title is surrounded by controversy and talks about CM Punk walking out of Money in the Bank with it, Alberto Del Rio cashing in and then him becoming a ten-time WWE Champion. Cena says after Sunday the controversy is over.

Cena goes on and says there’s no way in hell he loses the WWE Title at Hell in a Cell. Alberto Del Rio’s music hits and out he comes with no car and no Ricardo Rodriguez.

Christian vs. John Cena

Out next comes CM Punk. He’s wearing his announcer’s jacket that he wore months ago. Punk and Del Rio join us for commentary as Christian makes his way out.’

They go right at it and Cena hits Christian with a big backdrop. Christian turns it around for a quick pin attempt. Christian stands on Cena in the corner now and hits him with an uppercut. Cena blocks with a kick and hits a suplex. Christian fights his way back from the apron as Del Rio and Punk argue on commentary. Christian with a dropkick from the top and a 2 count. Christian mounts Cena with right hands and puts the boot to his face. Christian goes back to the top but misses a big splash. Cena ducks a clothesline and hits shoulder blocks. Christian avoids the back drop and kicks Cena in the face.

Cena counters Killswitch and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena sends Christian into the announcer’s table and Del Rio and Punk get in the mix. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment on Christian in the ring but Del Rio runs in and kicks him in the head. Punk runs in the ring after Del Rio but he flees to the stage. Del Rio says it is his destiny to become WWE Champion again and beat the hell out of John Cena on Sunday. Del Rio says after that, everyone can go to hell. Del Rio’s music hits as he stares down at Punk and Cena in the ring.

– Still to come tonight, Punk vs. Del Rio. We go to commercial.

WWE United States Title Match: Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler

We go to the ring and out comes Zack Ryder with his camera in hand. Out next comes the WWE United States Champion Dolph Ziggler with Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero right behind him. They air a video package with highlights from Hugh Jackman’s appearance last week.

The bell rings and Ziggler attacks strong. He takes Ryder to the corner and nails him with a big splash. Ziggler with a dropkick. Ryder ducks out of the corner and Ziggler lands on the turnbuckles. Ryder makes a comeback and hits the big running boot in the corner. Vickie gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Ziggler blocks the Ruff Ryder. Swagger gets on the apron and hits Ryder, allowing Ziggler to hit his finisher for the win.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

– After the match, Swagger and Ziggler shake hands before stomping away on Ryder. WWE Tag Team Champions Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston run down to make the save. Teddy Long comes out and announces we will have a six-man match after the commercial and Vickie must find a partner and if she can’t, it will be 2 on 3. We go to commercial with Vickie running to the back to look for a partner.

Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Back from the break and there is no partner yet. Kofi and Swagger start things out. Kofi comes back and hits a big dropkick for a 1 count. Kofi tags in Bourne for a stomp. Bourne fires away on Swagger with kicks and takes him to the corner for another big kick. Swagger overpowers Bourne and slams him into the opposite corner. Ziggler is tagged in to continue the assault on Bourne in the corner.

Swagger comes back in and they keep Bourne on the mat. Swagger applies a submission and holds it until Bourne fights out of it. Swagger drops Bourne over his knee. Bourne runs the ropes and takes Swagger down with knees. Kofi comes in with a big shot and forearms on Swagger. Kofi with a dropkick. Kofi leaps up on Swagger in the corner and hits a series of right hands. Kofi with a big uppercut. Vickie Guerrero comes walking out with Mason Ryan as Kofi gets a 2 count.

Bourne comes back in and works over Swagger before tagging Kofi back in for some double teaming. Kofi with another 2 count on Swagger. Swagger drops Kofi with a right hand and hits him with forearm shots. Ryder finally gets atag and unloads on Swagger. Swagger stops him with a huge clothesline and makes the tag to Mason Ryan. Ryan comes in but clotheslines Swagger and throws him out of the ring. Mason pulls Ziggler in the ring, lifts him high in the air and spikes the US Champion hard to the mat as Vickie screams at ringside. Ryder hits the Ruff Ryder on Ziggler for the win as Mason smiles walking up the ramp.

Winners: Zack Ryder and Air Boom

– Still to come tonight, Punk vs. Del Rio in the main event. Back to commercial.

– Backstage, David Otunga is talking to Vickie Guerrero, Cody Rhodes, Christian and Dolph Ziggler about unsafe working conditions in WWE. He says Laurinaitis, a man of his word, will do something about this but they need to protect themselves. Otunga isn’t sure a lawsuit is the way to go but if it is, they need to be together. Everyone agrees and are all in.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

We go to the ring where Ricardo Rodriguez begins the introductions for Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio enters the arena driving a Lamborghini and makes his way to the ring. Back to commercial we go.

Back from commercial and WWE Champion John Cena is joining the announcers for commentary. Out next comes CM Punk as Del Rio waits in the ring. The bell rings and they go at it. Punk goes to work on Del Rio’s arm and puts him in a headlock. Punk fires away with forearm shots. Punk dumps Del Rio out to the floor and comes crashing down. Punk throws Del Rio towards Cena and he hits the fan barrier. Cena stands up and Punk salutes him, then goes back to work on Del Rio, throwing him in the ring. Punk comes back in the ring but Del Rio lays him out and goes to work.

Del Rio beats Punk down in the corner but misses when he charges. Punk turns things around and the referee has to pull him away from the corner. Punk hits Del Rio with knees to the head. Del Rio counters and dumps Punk to the apron, then kicks him in the head. Punk falls to the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Punk goes at it with Del Rio. Punk goes for GTS but Del Rio slides out and drops him with a DDT. 2 count for Del Rio. Del Rio runs and kicks Punk in the head, getting another 2 count. Del Rio works on Punk’s arm now. Punk fights free and charges in the corner. Del Rio moves and Punk hits the ring post. Del Rio drops Punk with a kick to the head for another 2 count.

Punk comes back with kicks but Del Rio clotheslines him for another 2 count. Del Rio charges on the ropes but Punk moves and he lands out on the floor. Del Rio gets on the apron and drops Punk’s neck over the top rope. Del Rio comes in the ring but Punk big boots him for another pin attempt. Del Rio turns it around again and goes back to work on Punk’s arm. Punk turns things around again coming out of the submission for another 2 count. Punk with kicks and right hands. Del Rio comes right back with a shot to the jaw. Punk catches him in the corner with the high knee. Del Rio blocks the bulldog and hits an armbreaker but Punk kicks out at 2.

Del Rio stomps on Punk and goes for the armbreaker again. Punk breaks free and takes Del Rio down with kicks to the head for the pin and the win.

Winner: CM Punk

– After the match, the Cell begins to lower over the ring. Ricardo Rogriguez runs in and attacks Punk from behind. He flees the ring but is stopped by John Cena. The Cell lowers over Cena, Ricardo, Del Rio and Punk. Ricardo tries to get out as Del Rio looks on. Cena throws Ricardo in the ring and Punk hits him with a GTS. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Ricardo. Punk goes for the GTS on Cena but he counters. The AA is also blocked. Del Rio runs in and hits Cena with a chair and then nails Punk with it. Del Rio hits them both with the chair again and kicks them around. Del Rio throws Punk into the chair that’s propped up in the corner. Del Rio smacks Cena in the back with the chair again, then Punk again. Del Rio’s music hits and RAW goes off the air with him staring at Cena and Punk, who are trying to recover in the ring.


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