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WWE Superstars at Comic Con, JR Comments on Knock from ‘Obama’, Tajiri

June 21, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– Rey Mysterio will be appearing at Mattel’s booth at the San Diego Comic Con on July 21st at 1pm in San Diego, California at the San Diego Convention Center.

Kane and Kelly Kelly will be appearing the next day, July 22nd, from 11am until 12pm. Cody Rhodes and Alicia Fox will be appearing at the Mattel booth on July 23rd from 11am until 12pm.

It sounds like Bret Hart will also be joining Mattel at the San Diego Comic Con also as he mentioned it on Twitter. Bret’s dates and times have not been announced yet.

– The Wrestling Observer reports that former WWE star Tajiri’s SMASH promotion in Japan had a match on June 9th with two women wrestlers, Kana and Lin Byron, where the loser would have to show the crowd their bare breasts. Byron lost the match but when she took her top off, kept her bra on and would not flash the crowd. The stipulation did help as they drew 100-200 more fans than usual.

– Jim Ross wrote the following on Twitter in response to the President Obama impersonator calling him fat at last night’s WWE Capitol Punishment pay-per-view: “‘Fat Bastard’?? WTH? No sauce as u ‘Obama.’ Really witty dialog. :)”


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