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WWE Tribute to The Troops Report 12/13/11

December 15, 2011   ·   0 Comments

It is the time of the year when World Wrestling Entertainment thanks the United States Military for what they do all year and gives us the Tribute to the Troops special. This year’s show comes to us from Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Your announcers are Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler.

The show starts off with comments from President Barack Obama to thank everyone who is serving around the world.

We see highlights from Smackdown when Orton won the Beat the Clock Challenge only to be given a Blackpool Slam by Barrett after the match and what Orton did to Dolph Ziggler.

Match Number One: Randy Orton versus Wade Barrett

They lock up and Barrett tries to punch Orton but Randy blocks it and he punches Barrett. Orton with a European uppercut but Barrett with an Irish whip and Orton comes out of the corner and hits a clothesline. Orton stomps on the hand and then he hits a leaping knee drop and gets a near fall.

Barrett with an elbow to Orton but it does not hit him properly. Orton with a kick and suplex for a near fall. Barrett with a kick to Orton followed by a boot to the head for a near fall. Barrett punches Orton from a mount position until the referee warns Barrett. Barrett puts Orton in the ropes and chokes him.

Barrett with knees to Orton while he is still in the ropes and then Barrett with a running boot that sends Orton to the apron. Barrett pulls Orton into the ring and gets a near fall. Barrett with a reverse chin lock. Orton with a belly-to-back suplex but Barrett with a back heel kick.

Barrett sets for a pump handle power slam and he hits it and gets a near fall. Barrett goes to the turnbuckles but Orton recovers and he punches Barrett. Orton with more punches as he climbs the turnbuckles for a superplex and Orton hits it. Orton rolls Barrett over and gets a near fall.

Orton punches Barrett after blocking punches from Wade. Orton with a kick and two clotheslines. Barrett misses a clothesline and Orton with a power slam. Barrett gets his knees up for a charging Orton. Orton with a back breaker and then he looks to the rafters and then he twists to the mat but Barrett gets to the apron. Orton tries for the IEDDT but Barrett gets to the floor.

Orton decides to give Barrett the IEDDT from the apron but Barrett gets to his feet and sends Orton into the ringside barrier. Both men fight to get back into the ring but the referee gets to ten.


Double Count Out


After the match Orton and Barrett battle around the ring. Barrett sends Orton shoulder first into the ring steps. Barrett gets a table from under the ring and he puts it in the ring. Barrett rolls Orton back into the ring and he kicks Orton. Barrett sets up the table but Orton recovers and hits a drop kick. Orton sees the table on its side and he decides to finish setting it up. Orton sets for a power bomb through the table but David Otunga attacks Randy Orton. Otunga kicks and punches Orton and sees the table. Otunga gets ready for the World’s Most Dangerous spinebuster but Orton recovers and hits an RKO.


The people in the arena want to see Orton put Otunga through the table and he obliges and power bombs Otunga through the table.


We go to commercial with comments from Nicole Kidman.


We are back with comments from Jake Gyllenhaal.


Wade Barrett is walking in the back and Josh Mathews asks Barrett if what happened to David Otunga moments ago is a harbinger of what is going to happen on Sunday. Barrett says that Otunga got what he deserved. Barrett says that Orton has a unique ability to aggravate people. Barrett says that he has a unique ability to aggravate Randy Orton. Barrett talks about the psychological advantage that he has over Orton going into their match on Sunday. At TLC, the only thing that Randy Orton is going to see and feel is a table broken in half.


It is time for Nickelback to perform their theme song for Raw.


We take a look at some of the Superstars who got to jump out of planes. Kofi talks about how it is something that you cannot prepare for. Eve, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, and CM Punk also join in. Cody says that he doesn’t think that Kofi will do the jump. Kofi says that Del Rio is the most nervous. Alberto says that he thinks Cody is the most afraid of the jump. Eve mentions that they are going to jump from 13,000 feet. We have the slow walk montage as they approach the plane.


They all talk about how much they enjoyed the jump and how much it meant to them to have that opportunity.


Zack Ryder has something to say before he goes to the ring. He says that Dolph Ziggler is the last person the people in the arena want as the representative of this country. Zack says that will change on Sunday when he fist pumps Dolph’s face. Zack wants everyone to put his fist in the air for the number one GI Broski, Sergeant Slaughter. Slaughter removes his hat to show a Zack Ryder head band.


Match Number Two: Jack Swagger with Dolph Ziggler versus Zack Ryder with Sergeant Slaughter


They lock up and Swagger backs Ryder into the corner and punches Ryder in the back. Ryder with a kick and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a drop kick and gets a near fall. Swagger with boots to the knee and then he hits a clothesline and gets a near fall. Swagger with forearms to the back. Swagger with a running power slam but he can only get a near fall.


Swagger with a key lock and knee to the midsection. Swagger tries for a knee but Ryder with a rollup for a near fall. Zack with punches but Swagger with an Irish whip and he runs into boots from Ryder. Ryder with the running boot into the corner. Ryder tries for the Rough Ryder but Swagger avoids it and hits a flying forearm for a near fall. Swagger throws Ryder over the top rope and Ziggler with a clothesline and then he lies down on the announce table. Slaughter comes over and then he clotheslines Ziggler over the announce table. Swagger argues with Slaughter and then Swagger kicks Slaughter and takes the head band.


Swagger with a boot to Zack’s head while they continue to battle on the floor. Swagger rolls Ryder back into the ring and Swagger tries for the double jump Swagger Bomb but Ryder gets his boots up and then he hits the Rough Ryder for the three count.


Winner: Zack Ryder


After the match, Slaughter puts Swagger in the Cobra Clutch and Swagger goes to sleep.


We go to comments from Hugh Jackman.


We see the Bellas visiting the United States Military Academy at West Point.


We see footage from two years ago when Maria Menounos wrestled on Raw when she was the guest host with Nancy O’Dell.


Match Number Three: Nikki Bella, Brie Bella, Natalya, and Beth Phoenix versus Alicia Fox, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, and Maria Menounos


Eve and Nikki start things off but she wants Maria. Nikki with a waist lock and side head lock take down. Maria stomps on the foot and applies a side head lock and takes Nikki to the mat. Eve tags in and Brie tags in. Eve with a kick and snap mare followed by a kick to the chest. Eve with the booty shake standing moonsault for a near fall. Brie attacks Eve from behind while Beth distracted her. Beth tags in and she kicks Eve.


Eve tries for a kick but Beth blocks it. Eve with an enzuigiri and Kelly tags in and hits a Thesz Press from the top and then she hits the spinning head scissors and Beth goes into the turnbuckles. Kelly with a bulldog but the cover is broken up. Alicia with a clothesline to Nikki but Brie with a drop kick to Alicia. Eve with a kick to Brie and she sends Brie to the floor. Natalya with a kick and she sends Eve to the floor but she pulls Natalya to the floor.


Maria tags in and Beth asks Maria if she knows who she is and if she wants to mess with Beth. Beth sends Maria into the turnbuckles. Beth misses a charge into the corner and Maria with a sunset flip for the three count.


Winners: Maria Menounos, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, and Alicia Fox


We go to commercial with comments from Miss Piggy and Kermit.


We are back with comments from Celine Dion.


It is time for comedy from George Wallace.


It is time for a Triple H/Kevin Nash video package.


Booker T comes out to join Cole and Lawler at the announce table for the next match because Cody Rhodes will be wrestling.


We see footage from Friday night to show why Cody has a black eye.


Match Number Four: Daniel Bryan versus Cody Rhodes


They lock up and Bryan with an arm drag but Rhodes with a punch to the ribs but Bryan with punches. Rhodes with a side head lock but Bryan with a drop kick to Rhodes. Rhodes backs into the corner and the referee stops Bryan. Rhodes sends Bryan onto the top turnbuckle and then he punches Bryan in the lower back. Rhodes with a kick to the head and then Cody stares at Booker. Rhodes with a knee to the midsection and he gets a near fall.


Rhodes with a bow and arrow as he works on the ribs. Bryan with European uppercuts but Rhodes with forearms and then he kicks Bryan in the solar plexus while on the ropes and Rhodes gets a near fall. Rhodes with an Irish whip and then he kicks and punches Bryan until the referee warns him. Rhodes with an Irish whip but Bryan flips over Rhodes and then he hits a flying clothesline.


Bryan gets a second wind and he connects with a European uppercut followed by an Irish whip and running drop kick into the corner and gets a near fall. Rhodes with the Rhodes family drop down uppercut but Bryan with a clothesline that sends Rhodes to the floor. Bryan tries for a pescado but Rhodes backs up and kicks Bryan in the ribs.


Rhodes sends Bryan into the announce table and then Cody with a biel on the floor. Cody returns to the ring and Booker gets up from the announce table. Booker checks on Bryan and Cody wants the referee to get Booker out of the way. The referee listens to Cody and he sends Booker away. Cody removes the tape from the ribs and then Cody says something to Booker and Booker sucker punches Rhodes in the face and Bryan gets a rollup for the three count.


Winner: Daniel Bryan


After the match, Cody yells at Booker from the ring and Booker removes his jacket and he comes into the ring. Booker blocks a punch and he connects with punches. Cody with a kick and punches. Booker with a back body drop and Cody goes to the floor.


Cody comes back into the ring and Booker punches Cody in the face and Cody decides to go up the ramp. Are you ready for a spinaroonie?


Carson Daly provides some comments.


It is time for a performance by Mary J. Blige.


Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne are walking in the back and they see Miss USA and they talk in the back as we go to commercial with comments from Robin Williams.


We are back with Eve Torres interviewing J.A. Martinez, a war veteran who won Dancing With the Stars. He comments on the dance moves of the superstars and Michael Cole.


We have a guest ring announcer and it is Hornswoggle.


Match Number Five: Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston versus Epico and Primo with Rosa Mendes


Kofi with a side head lock and monkey flip and Kofi gets a near fall. Kofi with a European uppercut after a tag to Bourne and then Bourne with a double stomp to the chest while Primo is hanging from the ropes. Bourne gets a near fall but Primo with what appeared to be a punch but they cut to Rosa instead. Epico tags in and Bourne tries for a cross body but he is caught by Epico and Primo. Bourne with an arm drag to Primo and he gives Epico a leg lariat and gets a near fall. Bourne with a leg sweep followed by a standing moonsault for a near fall.


Kofi tags in and Bourne with a kick to the back followed by a double bulldog for a near fall. Epico with an Irish whip but Kofi with an elbow. Kofi goes to the turnbuckles and Primo pulls Kofi off the apron to the mat and he gets a near fall. Epico with a back breaker to Kofi but Kofi with a knee.


Kofi avoids a belly-to-back suplex and he tags in Bourne. Bourne with a head scissors from the apron followed by a few leaping kicks and a back heel kick for a near fall. Bourne with a knee to the head but Primo interferes. Kofi sends Primo to the apron but Primo sends Kofi to the floor. Bourne sends Primo to the floor but Epico with a lungblower for the three count.


Winners: Epico and Primo


Matthew McConaughey provides his comments.


Nickelback is out to perform another song.


Christina Aguilera provides her comments about the troops.


Christian comes out and he only has one crutch tonight. He says that he is still suffering from a neck injury sustained at the hands of Big Show and an ankle injury sustained at the hands of Sheamus. He says that he is also dealing with the emotional trauma sustained due to the lack of caring by the WWE Universe. Christian says that he is here to provide his support for the greatest fighting force in the world . . . the Canadian Army. Christian tells all of the Canadians to stand up.


Sheamus’ music plays and he comes out to show his support of all things Canada. Christian goes to the back for the Canadian Army reception.


Match Number Six: Sheamus versus Drew McIntyre


They lock up and Sheamus with a clean break. Drew with forearms to Sheamus but Sheamus with punches followed by an Irish whip and a clothesline. Sheamus with head butts to Drew in the corner and Drew is uncertain of where he is. Sheamus with a short arm clothesline. Sheamus tries for the Celtic Cross but Drew gets to the apron.


Drew with a shot to the eye and he connects with forearms to the back. Drew chokes Sheamus in the ropes. Sheamus with a double leg take down and he punches Drew in the head. Sheamus with knees to the head and the referee warns Sheamus. Sheamus with the Brogue kick for the three count.


Winner: Sheamus


We go to commercial with comments from Jimmy Fallon and Sheamus attacks Fallon for a bad Irish accent.


We are back with comments from Regis Philbin.


We have another song by Mary J. Blige.


Bradley Cooper provides some comments for the troops.


We see footage of Mark Henry and AJ Lee visiting the Amry National Guard in Fayettesville.


We see footage from the return of Kane on last night’s Raw.


Match Number Seven: Big Show, CM Punk, and John Cena versus Miz, Alberto Del Rio, and Mark Henry


Punk and Miz start things off and they lock up. Miz with a side head lock and shoulder tackle but Punk with a hip toss and side head lock take down. Miz gets to his feet but Punk works on the arm and he snap mares Miz followed by a kick to the back and a leg drop for a near fall. Punk with an arm bar and Punk tags in Cena. Punk with a drop kick and a double cover after a double leap frog. Cena with a monkey flip and drop kick. Cena with a chop across the chest and then he decides to tag in Big Show.


Show with the shhhh chop and Miz tags in Del Rio and Del Rio is reluctant to enter the ring. Del Rio with kicks but Show with a forearm and chop across the chest. Del Rio quickly tags in Mark Henry and Show wants a piece of his opponent on Sunday.


Henry pie faces Show but Show with punches but Henry with a shoulder tackle. Henry punches Show but Show punches back. Henry with a head butt and he slams Show. Henry gets a near fall. Henry tags in Del Rio but Del Rio takes a little longer than he should have but he is able to kick Show and keep him on the mat. Del Rio with a cover but Show almost sends Del Rio over the referee when he kicks out. Miz is tagged in and they double team Show until Miz takes over and kicks Show.


Del Rio and Henry work over Show while Miz is talking to the referee. Henry tags back in and he punches Show in the head and follows it with a head butt. Henry with a bear hug on Show. Show with head butts to escape the bear hug followed by a back heel kick. Show and Henry with clotheslines and they both go down.


Punk and Miz tag in and Punk with a springboard clothesline followed by a swinging neck breaker. Punk with the running knee into the corner followed by a bulldog. Punk with a slam and then he goes to Show’s shoulders for a super duper elbow drop and he puts Miz in the Anaconda Vice but Del Rio kicks Punk in the head.


Henry tags in and he kicks Punk. Henry with a head butt as he sends a woozy Punk to the mat. Henry with a punch to Punk and he goes down again. Henry with an Irish whip and Henry tries for the World’s Strongest Slam but he takes too long yelling at Show so Punk is able to get out of the hold and he kicks Henry in the head with a round kick.


Cena tags in and he hits a flying shoulder tackle followed by a belly-to-back suplex and then he hits the five knuckle shuffle on Henry but Miz and Del Rio attack Cena. Show grabs Del Rio and gives him a choke slam. Punk gives Miz the Go To Sleep and then Show punches Henry and Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment for the three count.


Winners: Big Show, John Cena, and CM Punk


After the match, John Cena thanks everyone for showing up as the wrestlers make their way to the stage. John thanks everyone serving in the military. He says that it is the season for giving and says that the season of giving for the military is every single day. This event means the world to them because it a way to give back to everything the military gives. Cena says that WWE Superstars and celebrities showed up, but the heart and soul is the people who defend the United States. It is their night and their time and Cena wants everyone to hear the spirit of Fort Bragg.


The wrestlers come from the stage and go around the ring to shake hands with the people in the crowd.


We go to credits.

Full Credit: PWInsider.com


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