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WWE Very Determined To Re-Sign Rey Mysterio

July 7, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Several key WWE sources have informed us that the new priority for talent executive John Laurinaitis is to re-sign Rey Mysterio, whose contract expires early in 2012.

“Laurinaitis has a lot of egg on his face right now,” we were told, “think about all the talent that has refused to re-sign. Jericho wouldn’t re-sign. MVP wouldn’t re-sign. Punk won’t re-sign. Even undercard wrestlers like Chavo (Guerrero) won’t re-sign right now. Laurinaitis needs a key re-signing to keep his corporate credibility alive right now!”

With the serious fallout from CM Punk’s homophobic remarks in Australia, Laurinaitis has targeted keeping Rey Mysterio in the fold as a demonstration to WWE Chairman Vince McMahon he still has the talent under control. “Laurinaitis always had big shoes to fill since he took over from Jim Ross,” we were told, “now he has to produce results. This is going to be very interesting to watch!”


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