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Zack Ryder Interview: His YouTube Show, Character & More

June 14, 2011   ·   0 Comments

Zack Ryder was interviewed by Newsday.com‘s Alfonso Castillo to promote tonight’s WWE RAW from Long Island, NY. Here are some highlights of what Ryder said about:

How His Z! True Long Island Story YouTube Show Came About:

“What happened was that about three months ago I was sick of just not being on TV, sick of just sitting in the background on the sidelines. So I created my opportunity. I created my own Youtube account. My parents got me a Flipcam for Christmas. And I started to make my own shows. And 16 episodes later, more than a million views, its starting to pick up All my days off is basically doing that show. Its thinking of things and messing around with my friends. Theyll help me film stuff, like the Superstars General Managerjust things to create controversy in a funny, light hearted way I think I had no creative output before, so they really didn’t know who I was. I had a couple matches here and there, but I never really had a chance to show who I really was, my personality and show how charismatic I was. Now this show has taken off. Guys like John Cena, The Miz, ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin, Chris Jericho are all praising me on Twitter and stuff like that. I wrote the bonus forward to Chris Jerichos book. Its just unbelievable. I think everyone is starting to notice.”

Whether He’s Gotten Heat From WWE Management For The Show:

At first, I was afraid too. I thought, Am I going to get in trouble? But Im not trying to cause any problems. I just want to get my name out there and create my own opportunity, and make some money for the company and for myself. Now theyre really getting behind it. Like you said, there are signs every single week. My T-Shirts are selling out, and Im not even on television. Its unheard of. So, I think they have to get behind it. As far as I know, I havent been punished. But before I started the Youtube show, I was at the bottom of the cardthe bottom. How much worse of a position could I have dropped to, you know? So it had to go up. That was my mind set. I was just sick of being at the bottom, knowing I could be so much more. It was all or nothing, basically.

Working His Way Up The WWE Ranks:

I guess I am grateful that I have a job in WWE, but that my plan my whole life. So, its kind of expected for me. So Im not satisfied with my spot on the card. I definitely want to move up. And thats what Im going to do. Or at least Im going to try my best and go out swinging. Im not going to just sit back and say, Oh, I should have done that, or I should have done this. When my time comes to an end, I know Ill have no regrets Ive been under contract for five years. Ive been on television for four. So thats a pretty long time. So many people come and go in four years. But I have all the time in the world. Im only 26. Im one of the youngest guys on the roster. Im not going to stop until everyone in this world knows who Zack Ryder is.


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