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Zombies vs. Wrestlers, Punk Comments More on HHH, WWE Takes Out a Loan

September 17, 2011   ·   0 Comments

– WWE has taken out a $200 million line of credit with JP Morgan Chase Bank. This is being done to finance the WWE Network and help expand the company’s digital digital library.

– Shane Douglas is participating in a new horror movie called Zombies vs. Wrestlers. The filming will take place at the West Newton Gym tomorrow at 4pm in West Newton, PA. The people behind the movie say it will be a serious horror movie and not satire. Once the movie is funded, more filming will take place. Douglas is a producer for the movie and has a lead role.

– As noted yesterday, CM Punk responded to Triple H’s interview on MMA needing to evolve and WWE not needing to on his Twitter yesterday and called the comments ridiculous. Punk also later commented: “Unreal. Out of touch. If you don’t evolve, you die.”


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