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Abyss Conference Call Highlights

January 11, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Earlier this week Wrestlezone.co.uk got a chance hear a conference call with former TNA World Champion Abyss. Here are some of the highlights.


Hey Abyss, everyone has enjoyed seeing your character‘s development and where its gone and where its grown over the last few years and right now there is a lot of complexity going on with Bully Ray and Scott Steiner. Since we‘ve got a brand new year where would you like to see or take your character this year?


Ahh you know that is a great question. You know the character has been around forever, the character has been around for ten years since basically the beginning of TNA[Wrestling.] so it has been through a lot of phases and changes and I have been really proud to see the character grow as it has and I think in 2012 I would like to see that continue and see the character maturing. Different aspects of the character coming out that perhaps we haven’t seen so far. Just that the character itself continuing to mature I think would be the goal for 2012.


What are the inspirations for your character as it has evolved over the years? Are there any places that you go or things that you read or watch that you go to to keep your character fresh?


You know I have over the years obviously I have inspiration from Mick Foley and some other folks in the business. As far as people I look up to having Hulk [Hogan] there I have learnt an awful lot from him in the past couple of years. Not so much the wrestling part of it but the mind part of it. He has been someone I have gone too as well as Eric [Bischoff]. There is a good support system there where you can go to people and I have gone to Vince [Russo] and Vince has given me a lot of good insight on different things to keep the character fresh and vibrant.


Monsters Ball has been kind of been a cornerstone of TNA for the big shows, with so much talk these days about guys taking [unprotected] shots to the head and concussions and the more dangerous aspects of pro-wrestling and the knowledge that we know of more then ever of the long term effects of the damage. Does that change the mindset when it comes to performing in such a dangerous environment compared to when you first broke into the business?


It’s an issue that is at the forefront right now and you know with concussions and head injuries so-fourth and that issue wasn’t an issue five years ago when I did Monsters Ball with Sabu or Rhino or Raven you know those issues weren’t at the forefront so you didn’t worry about it as much. You know from a perception stand point it is almost to the point that people are insulted by a chair shot to the head now when they see it but on the other hand when you do a Monsters Ball you are either in or you’re out and that means you have to be all in. As far as the safety issue, yeah man there’s no doubt about it, it influences the way you put things together you can be smart and do very creative and  very impactful things and avoid those risk you can defiantly do that and it has it changed the way hardcore wrestling has evolved, it changed the way the hardcore wrestler puts together matches because of that issue.


With Sundays match against Bully Ray being a Monsters Ball match, the character Abyss is associated with a number of gimmick matches. Which one is your favorite it participate in?


I’ve got to say the Monsters Ball is probably my favorite without a doubt. I have been in some other unique matches over the years but I feel Monsters Ball is my favorite. I am very proud of the Monsters Ball name I think its established by guys like Rhino, Raven, RVD, Sabu and myself. People who have competed in Monsters Ball have really put it over the top as being the signature match of hardcore wrestling. I am really proud of that fact, that we have been able to do that and continue it on this Sunday at Genesis with Bully [Ray].


Whats it like getting into the ring with someone like Bully who we previously associated with tag team wrestling. Has he really sort of broken out as one of the single stars of 2011 and moving into 2012?


Bully Ray his whole attitude and work ethic is unmatched. It has got a great mind for wrestling and he’s a very tough guy. Going back to ECW he always had a reputation of being a tough guy and not to butter him up too much but for the most part it is all legit. Bully Ray is what he says he is and he is a tough guy and he really has broken out  in 2011. A guy who was traditionally a tag team wrestler with Devon for years and years, you know twenty something world titles together to be in the ring with him it is going to be a war and I am very much looking forward to it but I think it is a match fans around the world would want to see and have wanted to see. This is the first time we have done it, we are doing it in the signature match of hardcore wrestling. So yeah I am looking forward to it, it is going to be a war for certain.


Are you looking forward to your match on Sunday with Bully Ray?


I very much am, I really am for a lot of reasons. You know the biggest reason is I think Bully Ray versus Abyss is a match up that the people want to see. You know Bully Ray has been in the business for a long time and he has accomplished a lot and so have I. We have both always had that hardcore edge about us. I am looking forward to that, I am looking forward to being the first Monster Ball in almost  a year and a half that I have competed in so its been a little while. So I am looking forward to getting back to the nitty gritty so to speak.


Have you considered what happens if you lose the match?


Well if I lose the match you know as you saw I have to go back to Immortal. So its a gamble that I am willing to put it on the line and gamble it all and I am confident and I am going in with both feet in this thing. Its going to be a brutal match, its going to be a barbaric match, its going to be to be a hardcore match like no one has ever seen in a long time I can tell you that.


You recently went to India as part of that big TNA India project. I was just curious about what the atmosphere was like? And you have been all around the world. Could you just describe to us everything that went on and what you think this promotion will be like?


Well I tell you something, I was privileged to be apart of the beginning of it. We were there December 16th to the 23rd and basically did three months of television in four days. The atmosphere was incredible that’s the one word I can put on it. It was absolutely incredible. I think that TNA is really onto something big. There was three thousand people everyday and the most into-it fans, without insulting anyone they were none ‘smart.’ I am sure that makes sense to you. They believed in everything we were doing. The atmosphere was incredible and Endemol which is the partner of TNA really put there best foot forward via the set looks just fantastic and I really think that TNA are onto something really big over there its gunna be huge and I really believe that with the population over there with the support of Endemol and with the way the whole thing has been laid out by Jeff Jarrett its just going to be a big success. All the way around for everybody.


What is it like working in India, compared to working in Mexico, Porto Rico and other places in Europe?


The fans are wild and you know the fans in the UK are great. Our international fanbase is just incredible, the passion they show for the Impact product is just heads and tails its just great. The fans in India are a lot more behind the times, they don’t understand as much, they’re not as ‘smart’ as you would say in the wrestling business. They’re in a great phase where you want a wrestling fan to be at, they believe truly what we are doing. We compare them to a London crowd they are a very loud bunch and very passionate about what we are doing.


You have been down in Mexico and across in India, any chance that you will be popping up on the upcoming UK tour?


You know, I am not positive. I don’t know for sure, I know the card hasn’t been finalised for the UK tour so I may or maybe not I don’t know at this time. Whether or not I am there I know we are looking forward to it as a company. TNA is excited as we always are about going back to the UK and the great fans throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. I know they have got some big plans for it, it is just going to be a fantastic tour.


You have been managed by a great manager in wrestling James Mitchell and in wrestling these days we don’t have great managers like that do you think thats a shame?


I think managers are a special part of the wrestling business, you mentioned one of the best in the business with Jim Mitchell. So over the years its always been managers come in and come out and unfortunately now they’re not used as often as they were in the past and that is a bit of a shame. I truly feel that there is a place for managers in the wrestling business.


You have talked about the Monsters Ball match being very violent and you are willing to take all these risks what I would like to ask you is how far do you think it can go this Sunday? How much more risk are you willing to take? After you‘ve been thrown in thumbstacks, set on fire through the years, what else can you do?


I guess we will find out on Sunday for sure, I definately have done a lot, I have been through a lot and you know physically I feel as good now as I did ten years ago. I have healed up from the minor injuries that I have had so I feel great. As far as my mindset, I am going into this Monsters Ball more aggressively than I have gone in any monsters ball ever. I feel like I have got a lot more to prove and you know as far as how crazy it is going to get, its gonna get really crazy. I don’t know what is going to happen, I can tell you that but I know it is going to be a brutal match and as far as myself I think it is all in your head and in your heart. I know what I can do physically and what I can’t do and I know one thing I can still bring the fight. It’s exactly what you are gonna see on Sunday.


You have spoken a bit about the India project and its many talents out there not under contract with TNA at the moment. Are there any guys you would like to see from the list? Guys like Chavo Guerrero, Chris Masters and Harry Smith to name a few. Who would you like to see come in and work with Impact Wrestling?


All of them for that matter, I had the privilege of working with Chavo and a few other folks over in India like Chris Masters, like Chavo who I have mentioned, like Harry Smith. There is a few other people that don’t come to mind right now to work with them when I have never had the opportunity to because they haven’t been to TNA so it was a great experience. I really truly enjoyed working with all of them. Chavo Guerrero is very smart and I just love listening to him put stuff together he is very very smart and intelligent and the overall vibe, the overall chemistry I had with all of them was just incredible.


Don’t forget to catch TNA Genesis 2012 on Challenge TV this week!


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