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Austin & HBK Filming Show, Booker T, WWE T-Shirts, Ted DiBiase Injury Update, Latest Word on Kharma and Sin Cara’s Returns, Vader Returning to the Ring, Extreme Reunion, Melina

March 12, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– Steve Austin confirmed in his latest blog that he and Shawn Michaels will be filming an episode of Shawn’s MacMillan River Adventures show at Austin’s Broken Skull Ranch in Texas soon.

– Ted DiBiase wrote the following on his Twitter about his injury:

“Update: torn ligament and small break, but NO torn tendon which means no surgery! Again, thank you all for your encouragement!!”

Despite that good news, DiBiase has decided to undergo surgery anyways, but no on his ankle. DiBiase tweeted on Friday:

“Well, looks like I’m going under the knife after all. It’s not my ankle, it’s my shoulder. I’ve been working through a lot of pain for the past year. Since I’m down with the ankle, I’m going going to go ahead and fix the shoulder. And I’m coming back #CountryStrong!!

– The latest word on Sin Cara’s return is that WWE officials are hoping he will be back by late June or early July.

– Regarding Kharma’s status, the word going around internally is that there is no timeframe for her full-time return.

– ECW Originals Stevie Richards and Pitbull Gary Wolfe have been added to the April 28th Extreme Reunion event in Philadelphia, PA.

– Former WWE Diva Melina turns 33 years old today while Rick Steiner turns 51, Nikita Koloff turns 53 and former WWE star Tiger Ali Singh turns 39.

– Former World Heavyweight Champion Vader will return to the ring to face Tiger Shark for the Real Japan Pro Wrestling promotion next Friday. Vader is 56.

– WWE’s shop website has released a new Undertaker Stare Down t-shirt, a Triple H Blue Hammer t-shirt, a Rock City t-shirt for The Rock and a pink Show Off shirt for Dolph Ziggler.

– Booker T wrote on Twitter that he’s considering starting a new YouTube show. Booker also mentioned doing a YouTube show for his PWA promotion in Texas.


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