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Booker T To Release Autobiography – “From Prison to Promise”, Mike Tyson News, Dreamer Suffers a Broken Nose, Morrison, John Cena vs. Kane Match, More

January 31, 2012   ·   0 Comments

Booker T will release an autobiography entitled From Prison to Promise. The book will focus on his life before the squared circle.

The synopsis reads: “As a six-time world champion, TV commentator, and holder of over thirty-five major titles in WWE, WCW, and TNA, Booker T. Huffman knows what it means to fight. He learned long before he entered the ring, when daily survival was a fierce battle.

“Booker T: From Prison to Promise details Huffman’s struggles from his youngest years. Losing his father at only ten months and his mother at only thirteen years old, Booker was forced along with his seven siblings to navigate life alone. Wrestling with hunger, poverty, and criminal influences, he struggled to survive in urban Houston and soon spiraled out of control, gravitating toward gang life and ultimately landing in prison.

“Finally confronting himself while incarcerated, Booker made a promise to rise above crime and hopelessness to accomplish greater things and become an agent of change in his community. From anonymity to stardom, from rags to riches, Booker T takes us on his journey From Prison to Promise . . . Now can you dig that, SUCKA?”

Booker T co-wrote the book with Andrew William Wright. It will be released via Medallion Press on September 1, 2012. It is available for order here.

Tommy Dreamer was suffering from back pains after his Street Fight with Kevin Steen at the WrestleReunion convention’s Pro Wrestling Superstars show in Los Angeles this weekend. Dreamer also suffered a broken nose.

– In related news, John Morrison was backstage at the PWS show and agreed to come to the ring to be introduced to the crowd. Morrison changed his mind and didn’t make the appearance.

– Mike Tyson’s 2012 WWE Hall of Fame induction has received some mainstream coverage today, including ESPN.

As noted before, Tyson appeared at the WrestleReunion convention in Los Angeles this weekend. Tyson is a big wrestling fan and was very excited to meet Superstar Billy Graham and see people like Mick Foley. Tyson was set to do an angle where he would have knocked out a heel but the deal was never worked out.

— WWE officials are contemplating holding a Last Man Standing Match between John Cena and Kane at next month’sElimination Chamber pay-per-view event. The two will be competing in the stipulated match at upcoming live events.

— Ring of Honor will hold a show in Toronto at the Ted Reeve Arena on May 12, 2012.

— WWE is scheduled to tour Japan in August.

— WWE’s scheduled pay-per-view event for June 17, 2012 will be held at the Izod Center in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The name of the event has yet to be determined.

The dark match before tonight’s WWE RAW Supershow in Kansas City saw Hunico defeat Alex Riley. Camacho, Hunico’s bodyguard, was with him.

– Matches taped tonight in Kansas City for this week’s WWE Superstars were:

* The Bella Twins vs. Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox

* R-Truth vs. WWE United States Champion Jack Swagger in a non-title match

– It was announced during Monday’s Raw SuperShow that Randy Orton will face Wade Barrett on Friday’s SmackDown.

Orton returned to action for the first time in six weeks, defeating Dolph Ziggler. Wade Barrett watched the match from a skybox.

— Tyler Reks’ match against Brodus Clay on tonight’s Raw SuperShow marked as the California native’s debut match on the program. Reks was drafted to Raw last April in the Supplemental Draft but has been relegated to WWE SuperstarsWWE NXT Redemption and non-televised matches. It also marked as his first singles match on United States television since the March 24, 2011 episode of WWE Superstars.

Reks commented on the bout on Twitter. He wrote, “Wooo got my ticket to planet funk tonight. What the funk happened?”


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