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CM Punk In Pain After RAW, Marlow’s New WWE Name, Post-SmackDown News, Plans for Brodus Clay from Monday’s RAW, News on The Rock vs. John Cena

January 5, 2012   ·   0 Comments

– Brodus Clay was backstage at Monday’s RAW Supershow from Memphis and was scheduled to debut on TV, squashing a local wrestler. As plans changed through the day, once again Clay was bumped from the script.

WWE will be going with the storyline of Brodus being pissed at being pushed back so many times that he’s even angrier than before. Officials do want to get Clay on TV as soon as possible to establish him as a monster. They wanted him to go into the Royal Rumble as one of the top big guys but it remains to be seen if he will debut before then.

– WWE officials reportedly have two finishes decided on for John Cena and The Rock’s match at WrestleMania 28.

– As noted a few weeks back, WWE Legend Haku’s son Donny Marlow from FCW debuted on WWE Superstars as the bodyguard to Hunico. Marlow is now going by the name Camacho.

– Eric sent word that there was no dark main event after last night’s SmackDown tapings in Little Rock. There was a comedy segment between Mark Henry and Big Show to end the tapings.

– CM Punk was hurting when he returned backstage after the match against Dolph Ziggler at Monday’s RAW Supershow in Memphis. Punk is said to be banged up but there is on talk of him taking time off. Punk was shaken up after taking the bad slam from Ziggler in the match.

Chris Jericho’s WWE return was not penciled in anywhere on the booking sheets that were handed out before Monday’s RAW from Memphis. However, when Jericho did show up before coming out for TV, they made no attempt to hide him backstage.

– The script for this Monday’s RAW Supershow from Memphis was not finalized until around 7pm local time.

The angle with Kane coming from under the ring was written about a week ago but officials didn’t know how they would get to it until the day of the show. The six-man elimination match was put together at the last minute.

Officials wanted John Cena in the closing segment so there would be an “Indiana Jones-like” cliffhanger to end the show. The feeling was that the CM Punk segment wouldn’t be exciting enough and Chris Jericho’s return wouldn’t be a good way to end the show.


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