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Details On Why WWE Didn’t Fly Chris Jericho On A Private Jet To Monday’s Raw, Update on the Jericho-WWE ’12 Reports, New TV Shows for Roddy Piper, More

January 5, 2012   ·   0 Comments

WWE officials ultimately decided not to fly Chris Jericho on a private jet to Memphis, Tennessee—the site of Monday’s Raw SuperShow—because they felt the plan they had devised to keep his return from being spoiled was infallible.

WWE decided to have Jericho fly into Nashville International Airport on Sunday instead of Memphis on Sunday or Monday, have a limousine pick him up and hide him until showtime.

“They didn’t figure somebody would take a photo of him at an airport 220 miles away,” Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer stated on the F4WOnline.com message board.

The photograph was published online Monday morning, which Jericho vehemently refuted.

“Apparently, I’ve been cloned… or somebody has started a great rumour,” he wrote on Twitter.

He then posted several photoshopped images of himself at various places including Egypt, Paris, Gettysburg and Kim Jong-il’s funeral.

WWE producer “Road Dogg” Jesse James has been getting high marks within WWE since returning in late 2011. James has been very helpful with a lot of the younger WWE talents as far as putting matches and other angles together go.

– Sheamus vs. Jinder Mahal will take place on the January 13th episode of Friday Night SmackDown.

– There was talk at RAW of having Chris Jericho do something similar to what he did this week on next week’s RAW Supershow where he didn’t speak. The idea is to get fans to keep watching to see what Jericho will do next. WWE officials are worried that RAW will get killed in the ratings on Monday, January 9th with the big Alabama vs. LSU football game.

– WWE Hall of Famer Roddy Piper wrote the following on Twitter yesterday. It sounds like Piper could be referring to tapings WWE Legends House for the Network but we don’t know for sure.

“How can you put 8 seasoned guys living together…lets hear the name of the guy that’s going to control them week 2.5. Not Vince! No Man! Telling you…things are going to get Very Real. Straight fact,I don’t like it..don’t tease me… don’t play with me…I bite, then bury!!!”

Piper wrote earlier that in 2012 he will be appearing on the World of Hurt wrestling reality show, a special Piper’s Pit with Eli Roth and a few other shows he couldn’t mention yet.

– Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show vs. Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton is being advertised for the March 6th SmackDown tapings at the Mohegan Sun in Connecticut.

– One WWE source says there was never a problem between WWE and Chris Jericho for Jericho not being included in the WWE ’12 video game. Jericho played it up online but the whole thing was part of trying to hide his return. From the start, WWE had planned for Jericho to be the one behind the cryptic videos from the beginning.


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